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The Injustice System in America toward Black & Brown men

The current judicial system in America is supposed to be justice for all. However, over the years we have seen injustice to the brown and black men.  Recently, I watched the horrific Netflix series about the young boys from Cental Park. Last night, I watched Oprah Winfrey interview the cast and the exonerated five men who lost years off their childhood for a crime they didn’t commit. Their story was very hard to watch I must admit because I have brothers, nephews, and male cousins. What these young men experienced as a child by a system that was supposed to protect them violated them and their rights in so many ways unimaginable. I agree with Ava Duvernay that it’s not about holding the persons responsible like the prosecution and police officers accountable , its a judicial system that failed these five kids at the time. It’s truly heart breaking story and my heart goes out to these men and their families. What they had to endure and what they loss can not be replaced by any amount of

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Keeping quiet and keeping Secrets about their abuser, who is that helping?

I decided to write a series talking about abusive relationship in hopes to inspire someone that I know and any woman who is reading this blog article to get help getting out of an abusive relationship.  I want women to understand that you don't have to keep a secret nor do they have to stay quiet.  Most importantly, I want them to know that they are not alone.  From personal experience, I personally know family, friends, and associates who are keeping secrets about the abusive relationship.  Keeping quiet and keeping secrets about abuse, who is that helping?  How many women are living a lie right now?  How many women have a secret that no family or friends know anything about?  There are so many women who are living in fear and keeping a secret by staying quiet in an abusive relationship. According to statistic, 85 percent of domestic abuse is to women while only 15 percent is to men.  Women are more prone to living with their abuser because they live in fear, low self-worth, and

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Simone Carter stepping out on Faith

Photo: Courtesy of Simone Carter Simone Carter has stepped out on faith and is trusting in God to guide and order her steps at the age of 25 years old.  I love to see young, talented, and educated black women launching their own business.  The birth of Simone's Digital World was birthed in January 2017.  The owner is a Loyola University Chicago graduate with her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations & Advertising.  In today's world, young entrepreneur's like Simone Carter are given the title talented millennial is truly making a name for her business brand. She has worked for one of the largest non-profit organization in the country handling their social media and analytics. That experience allowed her to utilize and build upon the skills, education, exposure that Loyola University helped her to hone into as she discovered her passion and her purpose.  Creations by: Sistah's Creative Media Meanwhile, Simone's experienced in the digital

I Celebrate Black History Month

I celebrate Black History month not just in February, but all year around. We honor and celebrate the usual men and women noted in our history.  Meanwhile, Black history has evolved over the years because the accomplishments and historical events continue to build up our Black American History.  The men and women who are apart of our Black History are truly inspiring and empowering.  They give you hope for your dreams and life goals.  They didn't just open doors for African American children or adults, but their journey and story allowed many of us to celebrate their accomplishments.  For instance, the new faces in the picture collage below is our 44th President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with mogul icon Oprah Winfrey.  Our children and grandchildren will get to read about them in addition to the great historical men and women in the portrait.  The sacrifices the men and women in this picture have made so that we may even have the knowledge and ability to belie