Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sistah's Book List Recommendations for the weekend

I have the pleasure to sit down with some awesome authors from my Entertainment Blog platform Sistah's Place Entertainment Author Showcase to talk with national and indie authors.  There are some amazing authors that share their beautiful talents and gifts through storytelling. The stories take you on this amazing journey of laughter, encouragement, love, excitement, and suspense.  There are so many book genre's one can choose to read from but why choose just one?  Try something from all of the genres as you may discover a few that you love, hate, and enjoy. Welcome to my weekly list of books to read. 

 I find that it's amazing when you discover an indie author or national best selling author who writes about something that you enjoy reading and can relate to.  You might like hot romance novels, christian fiction, horror fiction, thriller novels, inspiration,empowerment, or self-help novels.  Reading is stimulating and fun way to pass time yet can be informative, empowering, and entertaining.  What's your favorite book gener?  You can never go wrong picking up a great book.

Check out these indie and national best-selling authors that made Sistah's Book list this week:
  1. The Wait- Devon Franklin and Megan Good
  2. A Man Loves a Woman -A Season of Change by Tumika Cain
  3. Allowing God to Be the I in My Life by Minister Jeanie Sharrock
  4. A Date with Destiny- By Lutisha Lovely
  5. Captured by Terri Haynes
  6. Somebody Has to Pay- by Pat Tucker
  7. The Truth about Awiti by Christine Patrick
  8. Her Last Chance at Love by Nikki Night
  9. A Sister's Journey by Cezanne Poetess
  10. Mama B by Michelle Stimpson
  11. Playing for Keeps by Deborah Mello
  12. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Carl Weber
  13. Dr. Feelgood by Christian Keyes
  14. Abundance Now by Nicole Nichols
  15. Scarlette Sinner by Brenda Barrett
  16. Pink Lips and Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey
  17. The Perfect Affair by Lutisha Lovely
  18. Jezebel by Jacqueline Thomas
  19. Jezebel's Daughter by Jacqueline
  20. Secret Places by Vivan Kay
The list comes out each week as we will be building our very own Sistah's Library. How did I choose the author's list?  Many are authors that I have interviewed from Sistah's Place Entertainment, some are my favorite authors that I love reading, while others were recommended by friend or suggested by authors that I follow.  I will definitely be sharing more of my favorite author's list in the coming weeks.  Are you ready to build a great book list with me?  Can you tell I am building my own library?   

Monday, February 1, 2016

Recap from the Celebration of Gospel

The BET Celebration of Gospel this year was hosted by the very talented Golden Globe award winner Taraji P. Henson.  It was an amazing and truly blessed show to watch Sunday night.  What a way to start the week and to go into the first day of our Black History month with the Celebration of Gospel.  I truly enjoyed the collaborations with gospel artists and R&B singers as well as with hip hop artist.  Those were definitley great performances. 
Photo Credits:  BET Gospel Facebook

Here are a few performance highlights from the show that I truly enjoyed.
  • Tamela Mann was amazing with both performances
  • Le'Andria Johnson
  • Yolonda Adams & Tank
  • Kurt Franklin
  • Shirley Ceasar
  • Tribute to Andrea Crouch was awesome
  • Chaka Kahn & Donnie McClurkin
  • Joy Jerkin Era stole the show... this baby was amazing and truly a blessing to watch her perfom.
The entire show was a blessing with many performances that will have you rocking, crying, and clapping.  If you missed the Celebration of Gospel, I am sure it will be an encore show.  It was an amazing show to sit and watch with family.  We got our praise party on to kick off a new week and a new month. 

Welcome to February and Black History month.