Friday, December 2, 2016

December's Editor's Book List Choices

December is a great month to find new literature to read whether it's romantic, mystical, dramatic, or action filled.  There are some great authors telling some amazing stories that have made my top 20 book list.  My list is a combined list for two months and what better way to wrap up December than with some best kept secrets from some great writers who inspire stories within. 

With the Christmas holiday 23 days away, have you given someone a good book as a gift?  Cuddling up reading a great mystery, drama, romance, or even science fiction novel in your favorite blanket and a hot cup of tea. 

Book cover from Amazon

  1. She's No Angel by E.N. Joy
  2. Assumptions Abound by Sage
  3. He Calls Her Blue by Sheryl Grace
  4. The Liberian Agenda by L.J. Taylor
  5. Anybody's Daughter's by Pamela Samuel Young
  6. Forgotten by C.J. Carmichael
  7. The Dog Catcher by Lloyd Johnson
  8. Never Trust A Stranger (March 2017)
  9. The Sisterhood by Nicole Bradford
  10. The Million Dollar Destiny by RM Johnson
  11. Down Home Blues by Phyllis Dixon
  12. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  13. Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile
  14. The Rancher Returns by Brenda Jackson
  15. Secret Service by Brenda L. Thomas
  16. To Find Me by Cerece Rennie Murphy
  17. And Then There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson
  18. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  19. The Doctor is in by Carl Weber & Brenda Hamilton
  20. Phantasm: A Paranormal Romance by JL Campbell
Do you see a couple books above that you like to read?  Give the gift of literature this holiday.

What am I reading?  Over the next three weeks I will be reading two new author's that I was introduced by EDC Creations/Black Pearls Magazine Seducing the Pen Book tour. Honored to have advance copy of these novels.  
Book Cover Credits: From  Amazon

  1. Cerece Rennie Murphy- To Find You
  2. Kimberly Lawson Roby- Copycat  (released January 31, 2017)
  3. Sadeqa Johnson -And Then There was me. (release April 2017)

Book Cover: From Amazon

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