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Special interview-Baby Coopers Law with Chris Wilkerson

3/10/15 Special Interview with Chris Wilkerson on Baby Cooper’s Law
We sat down with Chris Wilkerson to discuss his movement and push for a federal law to be passed called Baby Cooper’s Law.  This was a close and personal case that motivated Chris to create a movement to raise awareness, to educate, and push to create a law that will protect the innocent.   

Photo Credits: Picture courtesy of Chris Wilkerson

Tell us about Baby Coopers Law
Baby Coopers Law is a push for a Federal initiative to do several things. First, to make it a felony for leaving a child, a animal, or other incapacitated person such as elderly persons, or mentally challenged in a vehicle hotter than 70 degrees outside in summer months or colder than 35 degrees outside during the winter months.  Secondly, for Baby Cooper's Law to provide those who break a window to save a life from criminal, civil liability, and prosecution.  It’s only legal in three states to save a life by breaking a window without penalty.  Otherwise, you can be charged.  The third aspect is to push the Federal government for a mandatory car seat alarm system.  Or some kind of alarm system that would alert the public that a living being has been left in the car.  The technology does exists, but car manufactures are not required by the government to do so.  The other thing that we are trying to do with Baby Coopers Law is to educate the public by putting pamphlets in the hospital's, pediatrician’s offices, and veterinary's offices.   

What motivated you to launch Baby Cooper’s Law?
I knew the dad in the case that is up-coming in Georgia.  I can’t speak on the case and I believe in a fair trial for everyone.  What motivated me further, once I got into looking at how many kids a year died; it’s 37 kids on average in United States alone. That does not count worldwide because it’s a problem in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Israel. 

How can our audience support Baby Coopers Law?
Well, there is one of three ways your audience can help us.  One, we have a Facebook page that everyone can go to and our website at Two, we are looking for volunteers to distribute the educational material to the hospitals and pediatrician offices.  Three, we are looking for folks who are willing to help out in their area and be ambassadors to speak and talk in the public. We have several things that we are doing.  We have been lucky enough to have Lindsie Chrisley Campbell of  Chrisley Knows Best reality show help us with the gala that we are going to have.  We will be looking for volunteers in the Atlanta area to help with that.  Finally, if they don’t have money or the time they can hit the share button on our Facebook page. 

What is the vision/mission for Baby Cooper’s Law that you have for 2015?
Ideally, what we would like to do is have the Celebrity Gala in the Atlanta area hopefully in June to commemorate the time of Cooper’s Death.  The law is named after little Baby Cooper Harris.  We hope to raise enough money at that point so that we can generate our educational materials for the hospital nurseries, Veterinarians, and pediatrician’s offices.  Our goal is to get the law that I have written into its final form so that we get it to a United States Congressman or Senator to look at in its final form before going to United States Congressional resolution.  Last year, there were only 30 kids and I would like to see this number cut to half by 2016 with our awareness and push of Baby Cooper’s Law.

You can learn more about Chris Wilkerson’s movement for Baby Cooper’s Law by visiting their Facebook page and website.  He has shared several media stories to help bring the awareness to all communities regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spoken Word-Choose Me

Here is a little spoken word for Monday.  This was inspired by a dream of a man choosing his queen called Choose Me.  
Choose Me
Choose me because I am beautiful inside and out.
Choose me because I am genuine. 
Choose me because I make you smile.
Choose me because you cannot stop thinking about me.
Choose me because you cannot stop smiling about me because I am in always in your thoughts.
Choose me not for the shape or size of my hips, my waist, or my breast size. 
Choose me for my intellectual conversation.
Choose me for my ability to stand independently.
Choose me because you trust me wholeheartedly with your heart.
Choose me because you love me unconditionally.
Choose me because you understand me.
Choose me because of your desire to spend the rest of your days getting to know me.
Choose me because you want to give me your name.
Choose me because you know deep down within your heart and soul I am yours.
Choose me because God told you so.
Choose me because I want to be your wife, your partner, and your missing rib.  
Choose me just because I love you unconditionally. 
Choose me because I am a once in a life time kind of woman.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mind Blowing Seson Finale- Empire

Did you watch the season finale last night?  It was definitely the most watch show on television and the most talked about yesterday and today.  Week after week, the writers of Empire keep us on our toes, locks us in with their jaw dropping scenes and drama to talk about for days.  This is one of the best nights on TV and this show continues to break records and set records for the most watch show on prime time. 

Last night's two hour finale was mind blowing.  The acting is phenomenal and the singing is awesome from the talented cast line up to the guest artists.  The dynamic story lines last night ranged from love, drama, deceit, and battle for power.  We will try not to spoil the finale for those who did the DVR thing last night (smile).  Congratulations to Empire's creators, cast, and writers on  such a dynamic and Epic show.  We love  Empire.  We will have to wait for Season 2.  What will we do until the next season starts? 

What was your favorite scene from the finale?  One of our favorite scenes was the fight between Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Anika (Grace Gealey). The questions remain what is going to happen with Lucious (Terrence Howard) and will there be a hostile take over? 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Small Business Showcase-Exclusive interview with Tiffany Lewis owner ofBaby Cakes by Tiffany

Photo: Images by Marc/Courtesy of Tiffany Lewis

Tell us about your business Baby Cakes by Tiffany.
Baby Cakes by Tiffany is my new business and it's sweet treats in small bites.  When you have an events or girl’s party, bridal shower, baby shower, or whatever the case may be. You want to have some treats, some sweets and some desserts. I specialize in that, but only in small bites. When you go to the store and have a big huge cake. That’s great and fine, but you will most likely have left overs.   What I do, is have small bites that way the temptation is not to eat the whole cake and you have just enough to take with you and satisfy your taste buds.

What inspired you to launch Baby Cakes by Tiffany?      
I am a culinary chief and I do have my pastry degree that I received in 2011.   I was making desserts and foods for family members for fun showing off my culinary skills.  My mom said, "Hey you know you have this degree and you’re not doing anything with it, why don’t you start doing something?"  I did and I said, What I can do?  Sweet treat bites is what inspired me. My mom gave me the push to start Baby Cakes by Tiffany.

How does your service differ from that of your competitor?
My services differ from my competitors because I am able to listen and adhere to your needs for your events.  I am able to tailor your theme with my desserts.  So whether you have a sports them party like a Black Hawk’s party, Chicago Bulls party, or even a Bears party.  I am able to get cute colors to go along with the theme.  In addition to the edible images that I incorporate with my desserts, I put them on all of my desserts that allow it and you are able to eat them. Not only are they cute, they are edible as well.
What are three goals you like to accomplish in 2015 for Baby Cakes by Tiffany?
Well you know, every year is a year of progression.  So with this year being my first year in April that means bigger and better things in 2015.  I am launching my brand new website and I have that you can follow.  I am investing more in my business, by getting professional pictures taken, I am getting a fresher look for my website, building my brand bigger than what it is now.  So, the three things I want is more exposure, building a greater brand, and getting out there to learn more. To learn more by networking with other small business women to gather ideas and inspirations. 

 How can customers find you?
Customers can reach me by phone or find me on the following social media platform.  Go ahead and like my Facebook page, share my Facebook page, tweet me on Twitter, and follow me on Instagram.





Phone:  630-473-5180

Baby Cakes by Tiffany will be celebrating one year anniversary on April 26, 2015 with a theme "Sweet Treat Bling Party that she has partnered with Premier Designs Jewelry.  Follow her on social media for more information about this event.  You can visit her website at  

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Is it time to burn that relationship checklist?

About two months ago, I read an article published by one of my favorite group of ladies (Six Brown Chicks) that I follow and read their blog articles.  The article "Your Dating Checklist is Keeping You Single " sparked my attention as they all do.  However, this one really got me to thinking because we all have our checklist of what we require of  that prospective man to meet before we will even give him a first look.   You can read that article in the below link . This article prompt my response and inspired this article topic.

"No one is perfect and we all have flaws. What about the persons character, his heart or his potential to grow with you. Better yet, to see you for who you are and not someone you are not. That unrealistic checklist needs to be burned."

As women, we have standards and prerequisites for the man that we desire to be apart our lives.  However, sometimes those standards grow into a lists that can get out of control which leads to our status of "single" to be much longer than we desired to be single. A good example of an unrealistic relationship checklist is the must haves: six pack, big feet, big hands, make six figures, no kids, drive a nice car, must be 6'5, and great in bed. Now does this list seem realistic at all?  Don't get me wrong, I like some of the things on that lists too, we all do.  Are those the only qualities that we define a man you would like to be with?  What happened to real qualities that add value to the relationship? What about his spiritual walk with God?  What about his morals and values that will be nurtured to raise a family? 

The checklist described above is one of those unrealistic lists that should be burned because it's not realistic nor is it genuine qualities of a real man. Your dream guy may not possess all of those checklist  qualities like being 6'5, he might be on the short side of height.  He might not have big hands and big feet, but he may have a big heart that will cherish the beautiful woman you are for all of his days. 
Photo Credits: Courtesy of Facebook group Relationship Advice for Black Women

A unrealistic list like the one above will keep you single because no man wants a woman that will become or will be a liability to him. A real man wants a woman who will be his compliment and n asset to him.   It's okay to have a checklist that has reasonable qualities that is realistic.  For example, handsome,spiritually grounded, ambitious, driven, and knows who he is and where he is going. Now that is a realistic checklist because it can be two fold not one way.  Whatever is on your checklist you need to make sure you possess those same qualities. 

Is your checklist keeping you single? Are you ready to burn that unrealistic checklist?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Up Close and Personal with Sistah's Place2

Someone asked me during an interview, how did you come up with the name "Sistah's Place2"? I responded that, growing up it was always a thrill to go over to Sistah's place to get advice about relationships, neighborhood gossip, family facts, and learn about our history as black people. She  always had pearls of wisdom and knowledge to give you that one day you find yourself telling to your children.  Sistah was the house everyone wanted to go to because she always had something sweet waiting for you as she baked apple pie, sweet potato pie, and chocolate cake. Sistah is a southern nickname given to some women that grew up in the south, like myself.  I even had the nickname Sistah growing up. 

As I was thinking about a name for my business and blog, I thought about the journey we always took over to "Sistah's Place" every month.  It helped me to form the vision in my head of having brothers and sisters coming over to my place to share their stories and talk about their journey.  A vision that was a dream to have talented men and women come over to "Sistah's Place2" to talk about their projects and inspirations in television and film.  I imagined 'Sistah's Place2" to be a place where dreams are shared, advice is given, encouragement is present in their story, and relationships are built on truth,trust, and respect.  A place where aspiration meets inspiration.  With the vision in mind, that Celebrity Spotlight will encourage and inspire someone to chase their dreams in the television and film.   Hint, the name "Sistah's Place2" was born July 1, 2014.  The birth of our Author Showcase came about in November 2014. So we cannot forget the journey as an author.  For some that journey was a long time before they would give birth to their first novel.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sistah's Place2

The purpose for Sistah's Place2 is to be a new voice in the community that will bring forth two platforms one Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner and the Sistah's Place2 Entertainment Showcase.  The Blog Corner platform purpose is to discuss real issues that affect the community, but also has a grown folks conversation about relationships, inspirational messages, self- empowering, current events, and self-motivation.  While Sistah's Place2 Entertainment Showcase is the second platform. It's purpose is to entertain, inspire, and encourage a dreamer to pursue their dreams and goals by interviewing and featuring  talented men and women who have traveled that journey.  Their struggle and experience can be a lesson and motivation for others aspiring to have a career in television,film, and publishing.

I am passionate about Sistah's Place2 position and platform of showcasing talented Black men and women in television, film, and publishing.  Sistah's Place2 is here to provide a service to the community of Inspiration, Empowerment, Hope, Support, and Love.

With the re-branding of Sistah's Place2 in February, separating the Entertainment showcase from the Blog Corner has made a big difference with expanding and growing our audience.  We are truly appreciative to all of our subscribers and new readers that have read our blog and visited our Sistah's Place2 Entertainment showcase at to read the interviews on our Celebrity Spotlight and Author's Showcase. We thank you for your continued support. Our goal is to continue to grow and excel by bringing you real stories and real interviews for our Celebrity Spotlight, Author's showcase, and Blog Corner.
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