Friday, March 13, 2015

Small Business Showcase-Exclusive interview with Tiffany Lewis owner ofBaby Cakes by Tiffany

Photo: Images by Marc/Courtesy of Tiffany Lewis

Tell us about your business Baby Cakes by Tiffany.
Baby Cakes by Tiffany is my new business and it's sweet treats in small bites.  When you have an events or girl’s party, bridal shower, baby shower, or whatever the case may be. You want to have some treats, some sweets and some desserts. I specialize in that, but only in small bites. When you go to the store and have a big huge cake. That’s great and fine, but you will most likely have left overs.   What I do, is have small bites that way the temptation is not to eat the whole cake and you have just enough to take with you and satisfy your taste buds.

What inspired you to launch Baby Cakes by Tiffany?      
I am a culinary chief and I do have my pastry degree that I received in 2011.   I was making desserts and foods for family members for fun showing off my culinary skills.  My mom said, "Hey you know you have this degree and you’re not doing anything with it, why don’t you start doing something?"  I did and I said, What I can do?  Sweet treat bites is what inspired me. My mom gave me the push to start Baby Cakes by Tiffany.

How does your service differ from that of your competitor?
My services differ from my competitors because I am able to listen and adhere to your needs for your events.  I am able to tailor your theme with my desserts.  So whether you have a sports them party like a Black Hawk’s party, Chicago Bulls party, or even a Bears party.  I am able to get cute colors to go along with the theme.  In addition to the edible images that I incorporate with my desserts, I put them on all of my desserts that allow it and you are able to eat them. Not only are they cute, they are edible as well.
What are three goals you like to accomplish in 2015 for Baby Cakes by Tiffany?
Well you know, every year is a year of progression.  So with this year being my first year in April that means bigger and better things in 2015.  I am launching my brand new website and I have that you can follow.  I am investing more in my business, by getting professional pictures taken, I am getting a fresher look for my website, building my brand bigger than what it is now.  So, the three things I want is more exposure, building a greater brand, and getting out there to learn more. To learn more by networking with other small business women to gather ideas and inspirations. 

 How can customers find you?
Customers can reach me by phone or find me on the following social media platform.  Go ahead and like my Facebook page, share my Facebook page, tweet me on Twitter, and follow me on Instagram.





Phone:  630-473-5180

Baby Cakes by Tiffany will be celebrating one year anniversary on April 26, 2015 with a theme "Sweet Treat Bling Party that she has partnered with Premier Designs Jewelry.  Follow her on social media for more information about this event.  You can visit her website at  

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