Sunday, March 26, 2017

Simone Carter stepping out on Faith

Photo: Courtesy of Simone Carter

Simone Carter has stepped out on faith and is trusting in God to guide and order her steps at the age of 25 years old.  I love to see young, talented, and educated black women launching their own business.  The birth of Simone's Digital World was birthed in January 2017.  The owner is a Loyola University Chicago graduate with her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations & Advertising. 

In today's world, young entrepreneur's like Simone Carter are given the title talented millennial is truly making a name for her business brand. She has worked for one of the largest non-profit organization in the country handling their social media and analytics. That experience allowed her to utilize and build upon the skills, education, exposure that Loyola University helped her to hone into as she discovered her passion and her purpose. 

Creations by: Sistah's Creative Media

Meanwhile, Simone's experienced in the digital world has open doors with opportunities to build, code, and design websites whether they are customize from scratch using CSM platform or building a Word Press website.  Simone's experience has allowed her to be more than just familiar with social media, but how to engage with her audience, build subscription lists, analyze data that allows her to come up with strategies that are beneficial to company and her clients.

Simone's Digital World was inspired because I took a look around and realized it was easy to graduate with a degree and help enhance or build someone else's dream, but smarter being a young black woman stepping out on faith to make my dreams real.  Her vision for Simone's Digital World is to help promote other black business in a creative way.  Whether it be by building a customize website utilizing her coding skills, building a website via Word Press, or managing social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Simone's Digital World is different than that of other freelancers because we believe in taking creative risk, search outside the social norm to grasp our audience attention. The creative approach is just creatively  unique. 
Courtesy of Simone Carter

Recently, partnered with Sistah's Creative Media mission and purpose is in alignment with Simone's Digital World.  The collaboration between two freelancers is absolutely amazing that will open doors for both business women. 

To learn more about her services and follow her on social media be sure to visit her website and social media channels.

Visit my website at  and Facebook  and Instagram is @Simone_Digital_World