Saturday, May 30, 2015

Update from SP2 CEO

Thank you for your patience for the month of May. This has been an extraordinary month as we build a brand new website and rebranded our Entertainment Showcase with a new host. The brand new responsive online magazine template is just what we needed to go to the next level.  The transition is just about complete. We are tweaking and finalizing a few components on our new website that will be live 6/1/15.

I am extremely excited about the new look and the bigger platform. My dreams and goals are coming true. With that being said, thank you for your patience this month as we transitioned. 

A special newsletter announcement will be going out with the NEW website address on Sunday evening. We look forward to you visiting the new website and a back link will be added to our blog navigation tab. 

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Aligning your personality with your purpose is a powerful tool. We are building a platform to inspire, uplift, encourage, and share stories of real people who share their gifts and journey. 

My personality is aligned with my purpose. 

We have started booking interviews for June and July. Details on our new platform, new business, and who will be interviewed in June will be announced in our June Newsletter that comes out in June 5th. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Small Business Showcase Feature-Exclusive interview with Tiffany Boyle CEO Emerge The Magazine

We had the pleasure to sit down with new and vibrant business woman.  Tiffany Boyle is our May Small Business Showcase featured business owner.  She launched Emerge The Magazine early this year.  A magazine that is truly beneficial to entrepreneur and the small business owners.  Tiffany created more than a magazine, but a community of business owners and entrepreneurs.
Photo Credits:  Photo courtesy of Tiffany Boyle
Tell Us about Emerge The Magazine and the inspiration behind it.
Emerge The Magazine is a company.  It’s more than just a magazine, we are a community of business owners and entrepreneurs.  We work hard to promote them, to tell their story, to encourage them, to inspire them, to educate them, to bring forth communication and networking.
What's your vision for Emerge The Magazine?
I see a lot of different things and hopefully they all come to fruition.  Definitely right now, we started networking events. We do a different type of networking where we encourage engagement and we teach the right way of how to network. 
We will start workshops in the future, coming up this year. Hopefully, will be a certification for you and more than just coming learning something that it actually does something for you when you put in on your resume.  Or you have it as part of your portfolio that you have gone to an Emerge workshop.  We are also planning on doing business conferences.  Again, we are always looking for it to be different than the norm of what’s happening.  We want people to walk away with some substance and something that helps them in the future.  
When will Emerge The Magazine be available on the market and will it be digital and print?
Emerge is available right now. It came out digitally in January 2015 and print in March 2015.  You can get it both ways by going to our website at .  You can either order to print and it comes straight to your home.  Or you can order it digitally and have it everywhere you go.  The next issue will be out in July. 
What is it that makes Emerge The Magazine different than your competitors?
Our main difference is that we provide the contact information.  Everybody in the magazine has provided their contact information so that the readers can contact them directly themselves.  They don’t have to go through their publicist, or look up on their website to look for contact page.  We provide emails, phone numbers, and websites.  This is more than just your typical business magazine where they to tell you how to be a leader.  We do that as well, but we feature a business owner whether it be a small business owner of a small local company, or a huge celebrity. 
 We tell everything from a business aspect.  So how did you get started, why did you get started, what were your hurdles, what were your failures, how did you overcome that?  We always ask them what advice they can give somebody else.  So that way, for whatever you are coming to read this for you will get something out of it. 
What are three goals you like to accomplish with the launching of Emerge The Magazine?
Actually coming out on deadlines, that would be great.  No grammatical errors that would be amazing.  To actually have people say that they connected with someone in the magazine and it turned out to be a successful afterwards.  
What Tiffany has launched is truly an asset to small business owners, authors, celebrities, and the aspiring entrepreneur following their dream.  Emerge is more than a resource of information, but they connect you to a community that will encourage you, inspire you, educate you, and share your story.  To learn more about Emerge The Magazine, connect with Tiffany Boyle on Social media. 

Special Feature Author Showcase - Exclusive intervie with Queen Sabriena Williams

Exclusive interview with Queen Sabriena Williams discuss her latest novel Royal Word of Encouragement: Volume I and Are you a D.I.V.A?

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Queen Sabriena Williams to discuss her latest novel Royal Word of Encouragement: Volume I and her upcoming novel Are You a D.I.V.A?  The wonderful words of encouragement started out as Facebook posts of encouragement to women.  Queen Sabriena Williams is an excellent example of a woman doing God’s work through her ministry.  She gives hope, encouragement, and motivation to women by using her gifts as a writer.
Photo Credits: Picture Courtesy of Queen Sabriena Williams

Tell us about Royal Word of Encouragement: Volume I.
A Royal Word of Encouragement is a book that is a collection of encouragement.  It started out as Facebook posts.  Every day I would give different women royal words of encouragement.  One particular day, one of the ladies that I was encouraging asked me “When is this going to become a book?”  I was like, oh wow.  I am not really sure if God wants this to be a book.  This was just my way of encouraging my royal listeners and royal readers. She said, I really feel like this should be a book.  So, I just started collecting the different royal words of encouragements that I had did for about a year or so before publishing the book.  It’s just a collection of words of encouragement that I was given to my royal readers on a daily basis.

What inspired you to write the novel and how did you choose the title?
The title came from my ministry of Queen Vision Ministry.  My blogging was like a royal word of encouragement.  Every day, I would reach out to about 50-100 women via Facebook to their inbox words of encouragement.  That was the inspiration behind it and it was basically to encourage women.  To give hope into the lives of women.  I know we as women are facing many issues that we don’t have a chance to talk about or get off our chest.  I was basically encouraging them on things that I knew was dear to my heart and dear to the heat of other women that I was connected to.

What is it that you hope your readers will take away from A Royal Word of Encouragement: Volume I?
I want them to be inspired.  First of all, I want them to know whatever situation that they are in or whatever phase in their life to know that there is hope.  To know that there is life outside of their circumstances.  I like for them to take away from that, If God allowed me to operate in my gift and my gift is writing.  If God allowed me to do it, then they can walk in their gift as well.  Even though they may be going through different seasons or maybe experiencing different things. For them to know, God can still use them.   God can still walk with them through the valley that they are in.  I think what we need sometimes is somebody to help lift us up and encourage us.  To be our sister’s keeper. 
What's on your horizon for the rest of the year 2015?
I am releasing my 6th book in about two weeks.  It’s called Are you a D.I.V.A? The acronym stands for are you a devoted inspired vessel anointed to serve God.  When we look at the word diva, we automatically think about the secular definition of a diva.  Someone who is well versed in music in either in music, or someone with a specific image.  What does God say about us being a D.I.V.A?  What I am going to be doing is launching that book and going out doing book talks, book signing, and taking a different platform with "diva-ism" is what I call it.  There is much on my plate and it’s all for the kingdom.
Book Cover Credits: Courtesy of Queen Sabriena Williams
What words of encouragement do you have for women today struggling with finding their place, self-identity, and purpose?
What I would say to women who are struggling?  First, get a relationship with Christ and know who you are.  When you have a relationship with Christ, it makes all the difference in the world to help you understand who you are, what your purpose is, and what you were created to do?  When we can answer these key questions: do you have a relationship with God, Do you know what your purpose is, and do you know who you are as a person? If you can check off those three things and wrap your world around Christ in purpose. 
 Then you will find that everything else around you will become clearer (Family, jobs, relationships).  It’s very difficult when you don’t know who you are, why you were created, and when you don’t have a relationship with Christ.  I would encourage my queens to develop your relationship with Christ. Cultivate it, nourish it, and develop it so that you can walk in the other areas of your life with fulfillment.   
 You can be inspired to follow your dreams and tap into your gift.  Pick up Royal Words of Encouragement Volume I and Are you a D.I.V.A?  You can read more about Queen Sabriena Williams by connecting with her on Social media at:



Monday, May 4, 2015

What Would you say to a Younger version of You?

This week's article is apart of a Self-Love/Self-Awareness series with a goal to get you thinking about what's best for you. 

This question have been asked of many celebrities and authors.  It's a good question to ask yourself as you reflect on who you are, how far you have come, and most important when you can give a youth, niece, god-child the same advice you would want to give a younger version of yourself.   If you were given the chance to talk to a younger version of you, what would you say?  What age would you want to talk to and why?

Photo Credits:  Courtesy of Pinterest via Shavar Ross Photography

Well, I would talk to a 12 year old pre-teen middle school version of myself.  Why?  This is the age where self-esteem and confidence in ones self is start.  It's a struggle due to peer pressure and trying to fit in with the in-crowd.  It was at this age that I didn't feel beautiful or that I fit in with the girls I was hanging around with at school.  This was the age where "Mean Girls" in middle school surfaced.  What would I tell her? 

I would tell her four things.  First, She is beautiful and that her beauty starts from within.  I would tell her to look in the mirror every day and tell herself she is beautiful and to tell herself "She loves herself.  Second, I would let her know that what other people think of her does not matter.  They do not define who she is nor who she will become in the future.  Third, I would tell her that her life has purpose and she was born to do great things.  She is a epic creation that is uniquely designed by the most high. It's okay for her to have curves and hips because she is special and she is not meant to look like all the girls walking around middle school or high school.   Finally and most importantly,  I would let her know that God loves her and he will never leave her side. 

In todays society, children can be cruel to one another to the point that mean girls just don't lurk the hallways at elementary, middle, or high school.  They are on social media being mean girls and bully's.  Looking back, if I had another woman to tell me the things I would have told a pre-teen version of me,  then maybe I would not have spent so many years trying re-building my self-esteem and confidence.

So, what would you say to a younger version of you?