Monday, May 4, 2015

What Would you say to a Younger version of You?

This week's article is apart of a Self-Love/Self-Awareness series with a goal to get you thinking about what's best for you. 

This question have been asked of many celebrities and authors.  It's a good question to ask yourself as you reflect on who you are, how far you have come, and most important when you can give a youth, niece, god-child the same advice you would want to give a younger version of yourself.   If you were given the chance to talk to a younger version of you, what would you say?  What age would you want to talk to and why?

Photo Credits:  Courtesy of Pinterest via Shavar Ross Photography

Well, I would talk to a 12 year old pre-teen middle school version of myself.  Why?  This is the age where self-esteem and confidence in ones self is start.  It's a struggle due to peer pressure and trying to fit in with the in-crowd.  It was at this age that I didn't feel beautiful or that I fit in with the girls I was hanging around with at school.  This was the age where "Mean Girls" in middle school surfaced.  What would I tell her? 

I would tell her four things.  First, She is beautiful and that her beauty starts from within.  I would tell her to look in the mirror every day and tell herself she is beautiful and to tell herself "She loves herself.  Second, I would let her know that what other people think of her does not matter.  They do not define who she is nor who she will become in the future.  Third, I would tell her that her life has purpose and she was born to do great things.  She is a epic creation that is uniquely designed by the most high. It's okay for her to have curves and hips because she is special and she is not meant to look like all the girls walking around middle school or high school.   Finally and most importantly,  I would let her know that God loves her and he will never leave her side. 

In todays society, children can be cruel to one another to the point that mean girls just don't lurk the hallways at elementary, middle, or high school.  They are on social media being mean girls and bully's.  Looking back, if I had another woman to tell me the things I would have told a pre-teen version of me,  then maybe I would not have spent so many years trying re-building my self-esteem and confidence.

So, what would you say to a younger version of you?