Friday, October 31, 2014

Have You every acted on a Crush?

Do you have a crush on someone that you are attracted to?  How many times have you contemplated revealing your feelings or admiration to that person? Was he or she the epitome of sexy, gorgeous, and just down right fine wrapped in one package? 

We all have come across men and women that we yearn for at times, yet it takes a brave soul to reveal their true feelings toward someone of interest.  When you have a crush on someone is it physical, emotional, or truly genuine interest in that person? One must worry whether or not that person will reject them or be flattered by the admiration/interest. Have you ever asked yourself how you would react if someone walked up to you and said, “I have the biggest crush on you and I would love to get to know more about you.”  What would you say or do? 

It’s normal to have a crush on someone as it’s the law of attraction.  We are all human and you attract like-minded people of interest.  Perfect example, some women are attracted to men that have similar characteristics of their father’s and may even have similar physical features that remind them of their fathers. 

If you decide to reveal yourself to your crush, here are a few tips to consider:

1.      Make sure he/she is single.

2.      Ask yourself is this physical or genuine interest in him/her.

3.      Are you prepared for rejection if the attraction is not mutual?

4.      Are you friends with this person and are you willing to risk crossing the boundaries to reveal your crush on him/her?

Have you ever acted on a crush?  Did you tell him or her? 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teach Me how to Love

Falling in love is an amazing and beautiful journey with that special and unique person. We all strive to fall in love with our perfect soul mate.  Every little girl has sat and planned her wedding day with her prince charming.   Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong one that does not mean us any good physically or emotionally. Which distorts what love should be based on past pain.  Meanwhile, for some the journey to healing and lessons learned they discover what true love really is because someone took the time to teach what love represents. 

There is a song by Fantasia with the words:
"Teach me how to love you cause I am ready to learn.
Show me your willing to learn. Teach me what you need.
I will follow your guide and Happy to grow with you."
Those are beautiful words revolved around someone teaching you how to love them.  The journey begins when that special person can show you how to love them through their love languages.  Are you ready to learn how to love me? Before you can be taught how to love someone, you must love yourself first to be able to identify love. 
 Show me that you are willing to learn says I am in a state of mind that is prepared with open arms and open heart ready to accept you for who you are and what you have to offered to me.  Is your emotional state of mind ready to be loved?  Love is beautiful and love is a journey of growing together.
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Teach me what you need and I will follow your guide.  What does this statement say?  Teach me what I need to know about you that makes you happy, inspires you, and motivates you. Let me know what I am doing wrong.   It's a journey of discovery.  It's a journey that will become an investment into a person that will give back a great return called unconditional love.  It's a journey to walk down the isle and take his last name to build a future together and leave a legacy together.

Are you allowing someone special to teach you how to love? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Tips for Healthy & Happy Relationship

All couples desire to have the perfect healthy and happy relationship.  Some of our elders who have been married for 50 plus years have given us some great advice on what makes a healthy and happy relationship that seems to slip through the cracks in some of today's relationships.

Here are 10 tips from our wise elders for a healthy and happy relationship that has longevity:

  1. Build a Friendship- friendship is essential key to any relationship that will grow together over time.
  2. Learn to Compromise-learn to choose your battles for you don't always have to be right and you don't always have to get your way. 
  3. Be Honesty with one another and yourself- it's better to tell the truth than to tell a lie or even a little white lie.  Express how you feel in a non-confrontational voice
  4. Trust one another- Trust is earned and you start out by stepping out on faith and trusting him/her because you desire to be in a long-term relationship.
  5. Forgive each other-When disagreements arise learn to let it go and move on without holding grudges. 
  6. Love unconditionally-Love that person for who they are and accept them for who they are not for any materialistic or monetary.  Love does not have a price and when you love a person for who they are it's a great reward. 
  7. Communicate-Keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner. Talk to one another.  Never assume something without asking, no one is a mind reader.  Speak up and keep your single friends and family members out of your business.
  8. Respect one another- as the adults that he/she is and don't talk down to the person as if he/she is a child.  Show respect and you get respect. 
  9. Prayer- praying together as a couple is a powerful tool in a relationship.
  10. Appreciate one another-appreciate each other's time together, appreciate his gifts/talents, and appreciate the little things that he/she does. 
Support the dream & career-Be encouraging and inspiring towards him/her.
Picture credits: Facebook
Today, we seem to cut out a few of these tips to make and create our own version of love and happiness.  There is a tendency to struggle as we see some calling it quits after one or two years of marriage and committed relationships.  To have a healthy, productive, and happy relationship it takes work, commitment, and consistency.  Get back to courtship to enjoy an amazing journey of a healthy and happy relationship.  No relationship is perfect and you will have obstacles to face throughout the course of the relationship, but keeping these tips from our elders and you will sail through. 
Do you have any tips for Healthy & Happy Relationship?  Share with us today.

Friday, October 17, 2014

How do you react to being rejected by someone you are attracted to?

Have you ever been rejected by someone you had taken an interest in?  We all had that one, two, or three people that we found ourselves interesting in getting to know more about them on a more personal level past the plutonic friendship.   How did you deal with being rejection? Did you smile and walk away or did you stand there an cry?  Did you result to violence toward that person because you were rejected?    

Rejection is a hard pill to swallow when you truly have a genuine interest in that man or woman.  One has to learn to deal with it and accept the fact that not everyone is compatible.  Most important thing to remember is that people have the right to their own preference for their type of person that he or she is attracted to or interested in dating. 

Just two weeks ago, a young lady was killed because she refused to give her phone number to a man that approached her off the street as she was leaving a funeral.  The result of her no was two shots to the head because he didn't accept her response or her status.  When a woman or man says, "No, I can't give you my number or I am in a relationship"; then you should respect that person's response and relationship.  Even if the person you ask is not in a relationship, and they say no their not interested then you still need to respect his/her response to you. 

 Rejection can be hurtful, but there is someone out there for everyone. Deal with the rejection and let it go by pressing forward in the dating arena.  It's not meant to kill you, but it will help you to re-evaluate and recognize the type of person you desire to have in your life.  Be fair and don't get mad when someone turns you down.  Remember, there will be a yes when the attractions are mutual and you share some common interest.

Have you ever been rejected?  If so, how did you handle it?  Did you find yourself  evaluating yourself, your attributes, and your physical appearance justifying his or her no?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have you ever been Addicted to someone ?

By now many have seen the movie, Addicted based on the novel by Zane a best selling author.  In the movie, Zoe is addicted to sex and because of her addiction she puts at risks her business, her family, and her marriage.  It was truly an erotic thriller with various twists that kept your attention through out the movie.  So it raises the question, have you ever been addicted to someone?

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An addiction can be overwhelming and over powering to a person especially a woman given the fact women are emotional creatures of habit.  We love hard and give our all to that special person who has won our hearts.  However, when you become addicted to that person's smell, his smile, his swag, and his physical body sculpture.  You find yourself daydreaming about that person all the time, loosing track of time, and not being able to complete tasks that are put before you.  You find yourself yearning for his simple touch of your elbow.  You have gotten completely lost in this person and it's out of control when it begins to affect your daily life tasks and chores.

In the movie, Zoe has a handsome husband, beautiful children, and her own business; but she was not satisfied or fulfilled.  How does one know she or he is not fulfilled when your better half has giving you sex on a regular basis three to four times a week?  Is the addiction to sex over powering to the point you feel completely out of control?  Sex addiction and porn addiction is real and how a person comes to terms with their addiction is another topic. 

Have you ever been addicted to someone?  If so, how did you handle your addiction?  What was the craziest thing you done for the person you were or still addicted to?  Did you find yourself seeking help?  Would you say you are addicted to your husband or significant other?

Did you see the movie?  Check it out with your girlfriends or husband; however, I strongly advise not to take your children for this is an adult movie.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivational Monday-Believe in the Greatness within You

We hear this all the time from our pastors, parents, and mentors about believing in ourselves to be of greatness that rises above all obstacles that life has placed within our paths.  When you believe in yourself the possibilities greatness of you dreams are endless.  Many times we run into people that distract us from being great because they are not walking in their purpose.  Sometimes we accept the position of complacent and contentment based on our surroundings and  the company we keep.  We have to rise above the fears and remove the distractions that cross our paths so that we become our greatest self.  Your journey's triumphs  will override life's obstacles with much greatness because of your faith, dedication, trust, hard work, and belief in God's promise for your life. 

3 motivational tips to Believe in Greatness that is within You
  1. Believe in Greatness- simply means start believing that you are already great.  One must think it and allow the greatness in you to manifest itself in your mind, heart, and spirit.  Do no accept anything less that greatness. One of royalty does not accept mediocrity.
  2. Walk in Greatness-means you must walk with those doing great works, great projects, and a great service to man.  You were created in God's eyes with greatness already inside you. 
  3. Do great service-means that you are not selfish with your blessings for you share experience, knowledge, wisdom, and advice.  The great services is beneficial to the next dream chaser to motivate, aspire, and encourage him or her to do great service in their craft. 
Believing in greatness for yourself means also aspiring greatness from those around you. You are the author of your story and how you decide to write that story is up to you.  A man with big dreams and a vision dedicated to his purpose aspires to greatness not just within himself but in others around him.

Are you believing in greatness today?  Are you inspiring others? 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thank You-September Recap & October Update

Thank you all for your continued support for yet another great month. We have surpassed our August traffic numbers tremendously with the launching of our new website  As we learn our audience, we see the majority love the relationship, inspiration, movie spotlight showcase, and motivational tip blogs.  We appreciate the feedback that we have been getting on our blog articles. Thank you for sharing our blogs with your friends, co-workers, and family. 

Here September's recap:
Top Blogs for Month:
1. Are you Inspiring Black Woman or Tearing her down?
2. Domestic Abuse Pt. 2-You can leave your Abuser.
3. #Inspirational Thursday's-Learning How to Love again

Top Blogs YTD (Since launch July)
1.  Should A Woman ask a Man out?
2.  Why are you the other woman?
3.  How do you get out of the Friend Zone?

What's in store for October?  We are collaborating and scheduling interviews with some of our local and favorite celebrities that we anticipate publishing late October throughout December due to scheduling conflicts with the many talented and busy entertainers these have been pushed to last quarter.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness of which we will pay special tribute to the survivors and those still fighting Breast Cancer.  We want to encourage, inspire, inform, and motivate our readers.  We want to touch your hearts, challenge your minds, and dare you to chase your dreams and step into your purpose.  Subscribe to our blogs here on blogger!

Letrise Carter- CEO
   We appreciate you! 

Finding Time for You!

How many times have you said, "I will make time for me today? How many times have you rescheduled or cancelled your special time/quiet time.  It's easy to get caught up with life events,  family duties, and work.  Taking "me time" can be beneficial to you, your family, your friends, and your job/your business.

How does one find time to recharge oneself? Here are a ten  tips taking from some of our favorite resources that are truly helpful to finding "me time":
  1. Create a me time calendar and schedule 30-60 minutes a day just for you. 
  2. Plan time for just you to wind down with no interruptions to read your favorite book, take a bubble bath, or have a glass of wine.
  3. Take a walk to clear your head and breathe in fresh air-time to reflect
  4. Schedule a pamper me day once a month (massage, manicure/pedicure, or facial).
  5. Learn to say No it's okay because you are one person. 
  6. Accept that you are one person and whatever task it is will get done.
  7. Love you each day.
  8. Have a girls night out or afternoon out to your favorite movie or dinner. Make it something fun with the girls.
  9. Take a social media break for a few hours or even a day. 
  10.  Make weekly goals to do something for you and it does not have to cost you anything. 

Picture credits on picture

We are no good to anyone if we don't take care of ourselves. Though we are always there for everyone else; how about being there for yourself?  We are much more productive when our recharge button has been pushed. Make time for yourself and don't feel guilty about it.  When was the last time you had me time?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Feature Friday-Great Movies Showcase

Over the last couple weeks, there have been some great movies hitting the box office.  Looks like October will be another great movie month just as September had two of our favorite movies hit the box office and debut opening weekend at #1.  Yes, we are talking about "No Good Deed" starring Tarija P. Henson and Idris Elba and "The Equalizer" starring Denzel Washington.  These were suspense driven and action packed movies that thrilled us all.  We won't give it away just yet since both movies are still playing strong at the box office.  If you have not seen either of these movie then your are in for a treat.

Opening this weekend, we will be going out to see "Gone Girl" with Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry and talented cast line up. October is going to be an interesting movie month  with "Addicted" debut on October 10th and "The Book of Life"  and "Dear White People opening on October 17th.  We will be checking out some great movies this month of October.

Let us know some of your favorite movies that playing in theaters.  Have you seen our two favorite movies for September? 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 3 things you don't tell your friend about her man.

Have you ever been in a situation with a friend where you knew something about her man?  Are you taking that information to your grave?  We took a small survey of women regarding things you cannot tell your friend about her man. The results were somewhat shocking given 3 of the 10 can rock or destroy your friendship.  When we asked why not tell her, the overall response was to spare her feelings and to spare the friendship. 

The top 3 things you would not tell your friend about her man:

1. He's cheating on her:
The thought process is that she will never believe me if I tell her that I saw her man out with another woman.  It may come off as you are being nosey, over-reacting, and confused.   Is it your place to tell your friend that you have seen her husband or significant other with another woman?  Would you be over stepping your boundaries of minding your own business?  The possibilities are endless because she may turn on you for bringing it to her attention something that she has suspected.  Some not all like to keep the blind eye to certain situations in fear of starting over.   

2. He made a pass at you:
When your friend's husband or significant other makes a pass at you that is inappropriate.  The friend might justify it with an excuse that your not his type or that you are over re-acting. Her defenses may even go up and she may insult your physical appearance with a comment like " your not his type" and laugh it off. 

3. You slept with him:
A real friend will not even consider sleeping with her best friend's husband or significant other.  The mere fact that you slept with him shows that your are not her friend.  Regardless of when it happened no woman wants to be friends with a woman who has slept with her man.  It lacks integrity, respect, and trust.

We all have different values of what a friendship is and what boundaries are laid spoken and unspoken before one another. It comes down to the trust, respect, value, and love for your friendship.  What would you do in these top 3 situations?  Are you holding something back from your friend that you will take to your grave?