Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 3 things you don't tell your friend about her man.

Have you ever been in a situation with a friend where you knew something about her man?  Are you taking that information to your grave?  We took a small survey of women regarding things you cannot tell your friend about her man. The results were somewhat shocking given 3 of the 10 can rock or destroy your friendship.  When we asked why not tell her, the overall response was to spare her feelings and to spare the friendship. 

The top 3 things you would not tell your friend about her man:

1. He's cheating on her:
The thought process is that she will never believe me if I tell her that I saw her man out with another woman.  It may come off as you are being nosey, over-reacting, and confused.   Is it your place to tell your friend that you have seen her husband or significant other with another woman?  Would you be over stepping your boundaries of minding your own business?  The possibilities are endless because she may turn on you for bringing it to her attention something that she has suspected.  Some not all like to keep the blind eye to certain situations in fear of starting over.   

2. He made a pass at you:
When your friend's husband or significant other makes a pass at you that is inappropriate.  The friend might justify it with an excuse that your not his type or that you are over re-acting. Her defenses may even go up and she may insult your physical appearance with a comment like " your not his type" and laugh it off. 

3. You slept with him:
A real friend will not even consider sleeping with her best friend's husband or significant other.  The mere fact that you slept with him shows that your are not her friend.  Regardless of when it happened no woman wants to be friends with a woman who has slept with her man.  It lacks integrity, respect, and trust.

We all have different values of what a friendship is and what boundaries are laid spoken and unspoken before one another. It comes down to the trust, respect, value, and love for your friendship.  What would you do in these top 3 situations?  Are you holding something back from your friend that you will take to your grave?