Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Tips for Healthy & Happy Relationship

All couples desire to have the perfect healthy and happy relationship.  Some of our elders who have been married for 50 plus years have given us some great advice on what makes a healthy and happy relationship that seems to slip through the cracks in some of today's relationships.

Here are 10 tips from our wise elders for a healthy and happy relationship that has longevity:

  1. Build a Friendship- friendship is essential key to any relationship that will grow together over time.
  2. Learn to Compromise-learn to choose your battles for you don't always have to be right and you don't always have to get your way. 
  3. Be Honesty with one another and yourself- it's better to tell the truth than to tell a lie or even a little white lie.  Express how you feel in a non-confrontational voice
  4. Trust one another- Trust is earned and you start out by stepping out on faith and trusting him/her because you desire to be in a long-term relationship.
  5. Forgive each other-When disagreements arise learn to let it go and move on without holding grudges. 
  6. Love unconditionally-Love that person for who they are and accept them for who they are not for any materialistic or monetary.  Love does not have a price and when you love a person for who they are it's a great reward. 
  7. Communicate-Keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner. Talk to one another.  Never assume something without asking, no one is a mind reader.  Speak up and keep your single friends and family members out of your business.
  8. Respect one another- as the adults that he/she is and don't talk down to the person as if he/she is a child.  Show respect and you get respect. 
  9. Prayer- praying together as a couple is a powerful tool in a relationship.
  10. Appreciate one another-appreciate each other's time together, appreciate his gifts/talents, and appreciate the little things that he/she does. 
Support the dream & career-Be encouraging and inspiring towards him/her.
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Today, we seem to cut out a few of these tips to make and create our own version of love and happiness.  There is a tendency to struggle as we see some calling it quits after one or two years of marriage and committed relationships.  To have a healthy, productive, and happy relationship it takes work, commitment, and consistency.  Get back to courtship to enjoy an amazing journey of a healthy and happy relationship.  No relationship is perfect and you will have obstacles to face throughout the course of the relationship, but keeping these tips from our elders and you will sail through. 
Do you have any tips for Healthy & Happy Relationship?  Share with us today.