Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teach Me how to Love

Falling in love is an amazing and beautiful journey with that special and unique person. We all strive to fall in love with our perfect soul mate.  Every little girl has sat and planned her wedding day with her prince charming.   Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong one that does not mean us any good physically or emotionally. Which distorts what love should be based on past pain.  Meanwhile, for some the journey to healing and lessons learned they discover what true love really is because someone took the time to teach what love represents. 

There is a song by Fantasia with the words:
"Teach me how to love you cause I am ready to learn.
Show me your willing to learn. Teach me what you need.
I will follow your guide and Happy to grow with you."
Those are beautiful words revolved around someone teaching you how to love them.  The journey begins when that special person can show you how to love them through their love languages.  Are you ready to learn how to love me? Before you can be taught how to love someone, you must love yourself first to be able to identify love. 
 Show me that you are willing to learn says I am in a state of mind that is prepared with open arms and open heart ready to accept you for who you are and what you have to offered to me.  Is your emotional state of mind ready to be loved?  Love is beautiful and love is a journey of growing together.
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Teach me what you need and I will follow your guide.  What does this statement say?  Teach me what I need to know about you that makes you happy, inspires you, and motivates you. Let me know what I am doing wrong.   It's a journey of discovery.  It's a journey that will become an investment into a person that will give back a great return called unconditional love.  It's a journey to walk down the isle and take his last name to build a future together and leave a legacy together.

Are you allowing someone special to teach you how to love?