Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thank You-September Recap & October Update

Thank you all for your continued support for yet another great month. We have surpassed our August traffic numbers tremendously with the launching of our new website www.sistahsplace2.com.  As we learn our audience, we see the majority love the relationship, inspiration, movie spotlight showcase, and motivational tip blogs.  We appreciate the feedback that we have been getting on our blog articles. Thank you for sharing our blogs with your friends, co-workers, and family. 

Here September's recap:
Top Blogs for Month:
1. Are you Inspiring Black Woman or Tearing her down?
2. Domestic Abuse Pt. 2-You can leave your Abuser.
3. #Inspirational Thursday's-Learning How to Love again

Top Blogs YTD (Since launch July)
1.  Should A Woman ask a Man out?
2.  Why are you the other woman?
3.  How do you get out of the Friend Zone?

What's in store for October?  We are collaborating and scheduling interviews with some of our local and favorite celebrities that we anticipate publishing late October throughout December due to scheduling conflicts with the many talented and busy entertainers these have been pushed to last quarter.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness of which we will pay special tribute to the survivors and those still fighting Breast Cancer.  We want to encourage, inspire, inform, and motivate our readers.  We want to touch your hearts, challenge your minds, and dare you to chase your dreams and step into your purpose.  Subscribe to our blogs here on blogger!

Letrise Carter- CEO
   We appreciate you!