Sunday, July 19, 2015

What's on my travel bucket list?

As we get older sometimes we sit and reflect about our life, our dreams, our journey, and where we are now and where we want to go.  The month of July has been a month of reflection for me.  I have made up my mind that my life will have more than sweet memories and great accomplishments in my career and my business.  I want to see more and do more. With that being said, I come up with a bucket travel list.

Meanwhile, I am looking back over places I have visited and where I would like to visit.  You only get one life so why not see the world.  What places have you dreamed of visiting?  I always said, I want to see the world and write about places I have been and people I meet along the journey.  Being a mom that list became limited until now. Yes, the joy of having a college student enabled me to start thinking more about me and my dreams.  Don't get me wrong I still think of my daughter who plans to travel the world. 

When you become a mom at 21 years of age, your priorities are taking care of your new family instead of traveling. I would not change having her for the world because she changed how I saw life as an adult. 

It's time to live those dreams and put the writer in me to work and share my stories  and accomplish more off my travel bucket list.  

So, how do you get started with a travel bucket list? I like to research many of the best places to visit reports that come out each year.  Then like any other goal, I make a list of my top 10  for U.S.A places to visit and  then I make my international list of places to visit. 
Below are my top five on each list. 

Places to visit in U.S.
1. Washington DC
2. New York
3. California, Los Angeles
4. Miami, Florida
5. San Francisco, California 

photo source: Pinterest 

Places to visit outside the U.S.:
1. Germany
2. Switzerland 
3. Italy
4. France
5. Spain 
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Now the journey begins as I research each place and hot spots to visits for tourists. Then I request information from each place so that I may plan and budget my trips over the next five years. This is good therapy for one to plan, research, and execute a travel bucket list.  It's fun to create a list of places to visit and make goals to make the journey real. I want to write about my journey and share stories and experiences  for generations to come. Your life is a gift and a treasure to be shared with others.

Do you have a travel bucket list? 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Why are adults encouraging bullying?

The question that I have for everyone is why are adults encouraging bullying? Yesterday someone posted a video on Facebook with an 8 year old girl brutally beating a 5 year old little girl. The adults edged on the 8 year old girl who was bigger than the 5 year old.

This video was very disturbing not because I am a parent, but that grown adults edge this child to beat on this baby! She was so little that it brought tears to my eyes and the adults  standing around watching this fight take place need more than to be ashamed, but arrested because to me this was a crime.  A 5 year old is what in kindergarten and an 8 year is what 2nd or 3rd grade? 

My heart goes out to the parents of the little 5 year old. I pray that the video get the attention of the authorities and charges are brought against every adult in that backyard. People don't understand the affects that bullying has on a child and this little girl is only 5. I am sure she is traumatized. This is not right at all.

As for the 8 year old, yes she needs to be taught that you don't pick on anyone smaller than you. If the little one did something to her then she should have gone to her parents so they discipline or talk to her. It was not her place to put her hands on the 5 year old.  Yes, the mother in me want to whoop the 8 year old too, but, she did what she was taught so one must blame the parent or the adults pushing her to punch this baby.  She is old enough to know right from wrong and should have some form of punishment  for her actions. 

Children that are bullied grow up angry and some even distant or anti-social. The psychological damage is done so now how does one help her to heal and get beyond that experience?  Why was this 8 year old encouraged to bear on this baby? Bullying should not be entertainment. It's not a gift nor is it a talent. 

What does bullying prove? Being a bully does not make you a "bad ass". It makes  you out to be an insecure person that has to belittling others to make yourself feel good. This type of behavior will lead one down a path of destruction  that will result in incarceration. 

What do you think should happen to the adults and the 8 year old?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's our one Year Anniversary at Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner (July 7, 2014)

It's been a year since the launching of Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner.  Happy 1 year anniversary and thank you all for checking in every day around the world to read some amazing articles.  This blog has undergone some re-branding and restructuring that has seen tremendous growth.   The nice part about this journey is the evolving of the writing and topics that have taken place along this journey. 

Viewed around the world ranked in order:
United States #1 
Germany  #2
France  #3
Ukraine  #4
United Kingdom #5
Russia  #6
Switzerland #7
India #8
Poland #9
Greece #10

 Since the inception of  Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner, we had a guest writer postings and touched basis on current news on police misconduct, domestic abuse, self awareness, and self-love.  Below are 12 out of the 89 posted since July 7, 2014.  Like an eagle, we are flying high the sky is the limit. 

Photo Source: Pinterest

Some favorites articles of mine:
  1. Should A woman ask a man Out?
  2. Exclusive interview with Timon Kyle Durrett
  3. Exclusive interview with Thea Camera
  4. Book review of Christian Keyes new novel "Ladies Night"
  5. Why Do Black Women Compete?-
  6. What would you say to a younger version of You? which is featured in Beautifully Said Magazine and published on Sistah's Entertainment Showcase
  7. My Black is Beautiful- A Sister's Journey which is featured in Caution Magazine in July and published on Sistah's Place Entertainment Showcase.
  8. Up Close & Personal with Sistah's Place a special moment to share with my audience how the birth of my blog got it's inspiration and name.
  9. Baby Cooper's Law interview with Chris Wilkerson was truly an eye opener and great movement-
  10. Spoken Word-Choose Me which was featured in Beautifully Said Magazine
  11. Would you marry yourself?
  12. Are You your sister's keeper?
These are just a few of my favorite articles that I enjoyed writing.  I also enjoyed the author showcase and small business tributes.  I love writing and I am looking forward to more years as this platform continues to grow and evolve.   

Are any of your favorites above?  Don't forget to like the

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do you have a vision board?

Are you a dreamer? Do you envision yourself doing something that you always dreamed to do but never seem to find the time? You find yourself conflicted with   how to get started and how to go about making your vision real?  Well today, I watched a interview on you tube by Oprah Winfrey talking with Steve Harvey about his vision board. To my surprise, I never would have thought men did a vision boards.  Steve told Oprah that you have to keep your goals in front of you.  So how can you get started? Create a vision board with the things you want to do and put a plan of action into place to execute that plan.  Check out his interview on you tube, it will inspire you to start your vision board today.

There are many tutorials on you tube that can give you sample ideals  and motivation on how to get started. Put your vision in front of you and make realistic goals to make each item on your vision board come true.  Put your vision board where you can see it and review it weekly and tweak it if necessary.  Here is a quick tutorial with Dr. Rose Moten

I took a picture of my vision board so I could have it on my phone  then made a smaller version of it for my bedroom so that I see it every morning when I wake up heading into my bathroom. I agree with Steve Harvey that keeping it in front of you will make you see the vision bs dream, and help you to stay focused on what you need to do to complete the tasks that gets you closer to your vision real.  Execute the vision and make your dreams come true.  Below is a sample layout of a vision board. 

  Have you started your vision board? It's not to late to create a vision board and goals to make it happen. It's time to live your life with vision. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Reflection of Me

Today is my birthday and I am feeling blessed and loved! I have reached a beautiful milestone in my life where this last year I tapped into not just my passion, but I awakened my purpose. For the last year, I have been and I still am on this journey to discovering me and my gifts, my talent, and my passion that has lead me into my purpose.

Some people never discover their purpose or even who they are, but I feel blessed at the gorgeous age of 45. I have found me and she will never be lost again. I thank God for the trials that have lead me to where I am now.  I am grateful for the tests and they have prepared me for what's ahead. I am still learning and growing. I accept that I am not perfect and I forgive myself for all of my mistakes that I have made from my past to my present.  I am honored  and loved that God has never left my side even when I abandoned him.  I thankful for my days and nights that God has held me even when their was no one else present to understand my tears, my sorrows, my joy, and my journey. 

I am so happy for the journey that I am on at this beautiful age of maturity.  I am looking forward to what is ahead of me. I am excited about the business venture journey that I am stepping out on faith as God continues to show me my path. The dreams are real and my blessings are abundant for I put my trust and faith in the father. 

2015 and 2016 is going to see birthed the entrepreneur, writer, and published author of not one novel but three.  A collaboration with some talented and purpose driven women. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Welcome to our anniversary month

Welcome to our anniversary month. Wow, I have not written a blog article in a couple weeks.  It's been a great year with many new beginnings to great opportunities that allowed me to discover my own light and shine.  Tapping into your hidden gifts and talents will bless  you to spread your wings and soar like an eagle.

photo source: Pinterest famous quotes

It's been busy launching my new showcase called Maya's Showcase Blog. Maya's Showcase is a collaboration with 7 women talking about education, beauty  & you,  Black Wall Street, inner wealth, love & relationships, women in Film & television, fit over 40, deep thought, and inspiration.  Visit the website at

 SISTAH'S Place Entertainment is building a bigger platform in publishing, film, theater, and television. Shining the light on small business owned by minority entrepreneurs, and broadening the author showcase to include Jr. authors starting in July. Then adding to the entertainment showcase producers and writers on popular shows sharing their dreams and journey. The online blog has a poetry showcase with guest writers and SISTAH'S Inspiration which also features guest bloggers.  Visit the website at

July is the anniversary month to launching this blog and it's been an amazing journey to see how far I have come with this platform. I am truly humble with the subscribers and readers across the country. I thank you for staying along this beautiful journey. As I examine how to make this platform better to bring you my commentary thoughts on current event news, tips on finding your passion and purpose, inspiration and empowerment, and relationships. 

For the entire month of July, I will be sharing some highlights from some of my favorite interviews to launching new platforms.  It's time to see the world and spread my wings.  It's time to go visit the coast of some awesome cities, islands, and meet new people that I can talk with and share with you all. It's time for SISTAH'S PLACE2 blog corner to make a bucket list of places to visit and people to see and write a about.  Are you all ready?  I am also celebrating  my birthday this Friday. Great time for beautiful journey and make dreams real.  Thank you and welcome to July. Are you ready to go on this amazing journey with SISTAH'S Place2 Blog Corner?

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