Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Welcome to our anniversary month

Welcome to our anniversary month. Wow, I have not written a blog article in a couple weeks.  It's been a great year with many new beginnings to great opportunities that allowed me to discover my own light and shine.  Tapping into your hidden gifts and talents will bless  you to spread your wings and soar like an eagle.

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It's been busy launching my new showcase called Maya's Showcase Blog. Maya's Showcase is a collaboration with 7 women talking about education, beauty  & you,  Black Wall Street, inner wealth, love & relationships, women in Film & television, fit over 40, deep thought, and inspiration.  Visit the website at

 SISTAH'S Place Entertainment is building a bigger platform in publishing, film, theater, and television. Shining the light on small business owned by minority entrepreneurs, and broadening the author showcase to include Jr. authors starting in July. Then adding to the entertainment showcase producers and writers on popular shows sharing their dreams and journey. The online blog has a poetry showcase with guest writers and SISTAH'S Inspiration which also features guest bloggers.  Visit the website at

July is the anniversary month to launching this blog and it's been an amazing journey to see how far I have come with this platform. I am truly humble with the subscribers and readers across the country. I thank you for staying along this beautiful journey. As I examine how to make this platform better to bring you my commentary thoughts on current event news, tips on finding your passion and purpose, inspiration and empowerment, and relationships. 

For the entire month of July, I will be sharing some highlights from some of my favorite interviews to launching new platforms.  It's time to see the world and spread my wings.  It's time to go visit the coast of some awesome cities, islands, and meet new people that I can talk with and share with you all. It's time for SISTAH'S PLACE2 blog corner to make a bucket list of places to visit and people to see and write a about.  Are you all ready?  I am also celebrating  my birthday this Friday. Great time for beautiful journey and make dreams real.  Thank you and welcome to July. Are you ready to go on this amazing journey with SISTAH'S Place2 Blog Corner?

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