Friday, July 17, 2015

Why are adults encouraging bullying?

The question that I have for everyone is why are adults encouraging bullying? Yesterday someone posted a video on Facebook with an 8 year old girl brutally beating a 5 year old little girl. The adults edged on the 8 year old girl who was bigger than the 5 year old.

This video was very disturbing not because I am a parent, but that grown adults edge this child to beat on this baby! She was so little that it brought tears to my eyes and the adults  standing around watching this fight take place need more than to be ashamed, but arrested because to me this was a crime.  A 5 year old is what in kindergarten and an 8 year is what 2nd or 3rd grade? 

My heart goes out to the parents of the little 5 year old. I pray that the video get the attention of the authorities and charges are brought against every adult in that backyard. People don't understand the affects that bullying has on a child and this little girl is only 5. I am sure she is traumatized. This is not right at all.

As for the 8 year old, yes she needs to be taught that you don't pick on anyone smaller than you. If the little one did something to her then she should have gone to her parents so they discipline or talk to her. It was not her place to put her hands on the 5 year old.  Yes, the mother in me want to whoop the 8 year old too, but, she did what she was taught so one must blame the parent or the adults pushing her to punch this baby.  She is old enough to know right from wrong and should have some form of punishment  for her actions. 

Children that are bullied grow up angry and some even distant or anti-social. The psychological damage is done so now how does one help her to heal and get beyond that experience?  Why was this 8 year old encouraged to bear on this baby? Bullying should not be entertainment. It's not a gift nor is it a talent. 

What does bullying prove? Being a bully does not make you a "bad ass". It makes  you out to be an insecure person that has to belittling others to make yourself feel good. This type of behavior will lead one down a path of destruction  that will result in incarceration. 

What do you think should happen to the adults and the 8 year old?