Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's our one Year Anniversary at Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner (July 7, 2014)

It's been a year since the launching of Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner.  Happy 1 year anniversary and thank you all for checking in every day around the world to read some amazing articles.  This blog has undergone some re-branding and restructuring that has seen tremendous growth.   The nice part about this journey is the evolving of the writing and topics that have taken place along this journey. 

Viewed around the world ranked in order:
United States #1 
Germany  #2
France  #3
Ukraine  #4
United Kingdom #5
Russia  #6
Switzerland #7
India #8
Poland #9
Greece #10

 Since the inception of  Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner, we had a guest writer postings and touched basis on current news on police misconduct, domestic abuse, self awareness, and self-love.  Below are 12 out of the 89 posted since July 7, 2014.  Like an eagle, we are flying high the sky is the limit. 

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Some favorites articles of mine:
  1. Should A woman ask a man Out?
  2. Exclusive interview with Timon Kyle Durrett
  3. Exclusive interview with Thea Camera
  4. Book review of Christian Keyes new novel "Ladies Night"
  5. Why Do Black Women Compete?-
  6. What would you say to a younger version of You? which is featured in Beautifully Said Magazine and published on Sistah's Entertainment Showcase
  7. My Black is Beautiful- A Sister's Journey which is featured in Caution Magazine in July and published on Sistah's Place Entertainment Showcase.
  8. Up Close & Personal with Sistah's Place a special moment to share with my audience how the birth of my blog got it's inspiration and name.
  9. Baby Cooper's Law interview with Chris Wilkerson was truly an eye opener and great movement-
  10. Spoken Word-Choose Me which was featured in Beautifully Said Magazine
  11. Would you marry yourself?
  12. Are You your sister's keeper?
These are just a few of my favorite articles that I enjoyed writing.  I also enjoyed the author showcase and small business tributes.  I love writing and I am looking forward to more years as this platform continues to grow and evolve.   

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