Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/13/14-Exclusive Interview with Thea Camara Following her Passion

Sistah’s Place2 caught up with Thea Camara to discuss her current projects and inspirations.  It was truly an honor to speak with Thea about her passion and dreams.  She truly is an inspiration to all the dreamers discovering their passion and following their dreams.

Photo credits: Justin Harris
What are your current projects that you are working on? 
Thea: I am always working on my craft whether it’s taking classes, auditioning, or working on booked gigs.  I do whatever possible to keep my tools sharpened.  I have a new love for writing and I'm becoming more confident with my writing.  I still have a ways to go. Recently, I was asked by Zondra Hughes of the Six Brown Chick's to conduct an interview with Terrence Howard.  Howard is one of the lead actors in the new TV Show "Empire" on Fox.  I blogged about the experience.  You can find it here:  it’s called “Moment in Time....Priceless". Blogging has become another creative outlet for me

Do you have any release dates for 2015 on the projects you have completed?
Thea: This past summer I had the honor and pleasure of working with one of Chicago's finest Directors Christopher Nolen on his movie "72 Hours". I am excited about this project.   Following Christopher's work and hearing nothing but great things about him.  I knew he was the one I needed to work with.  I played the mother to the main character (Timon Kyle Durrett) and was one of the only female actresses to work alongside Harry J. Lennix in this movie.  The entire ensemble of cast was amazing.  Mr. Nolen took extremely good care of all that was involved.  He truly set the bar.   The release date is scheduled for Spring 2015.

I completed another movie written and directed by Kimberly Connor. She is an awesome female filmmaker and one to watch out for. I worked in her last film called "Jump In" which starred Karen Malina White. You may remember her from A Different World and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and many others.  Kimberly’s newest movie is titled "Before I Do". Working with Kimberly has been remarkable. She is such a passionate person and wants the very best for you as an actor and everyone involved in the project. She's an inspiration to women filmmakers everywhere.  The movie had an ensemble a great actors including Jenson Attwood and Omar Gooding.  Chicago natives were present as well like Lamar Barnes, Drea Kelly, Harold Dennis, and Michelle D. Ivy. This movie is also set to be released in spring 2015.
What inspired you to get into acting?

Thea: I have to go back to the beginning, being on my parents’ front porch performing for my friends and family. Watching people performed on television and immediately connecting to the performing arts. Performing is truly a calling. Not having the luxury to pursue my desire to become an actress early in life I buried it. It took me a while to reconnect with it, but it never left me. 

 In 2009, I made the decision to follow my passion for acting. I recently left Corporate America, to pursue acting vigorously. Although this is very different for me I have not looked back. I feel more of myself today then I have ever in life.  I just hope that this inspires one person to just lean in and follow your dreams and don't be buried with them.

If you could work with any legendary actor, who would it be and why?

Thea: Well, I have already worked with a legendary actor, Mr. Harry J. Lennix. He is a Chicago native, super smart, and consummate professional at his craft. To have had the opportunity to work in a scene with dialogue alongside him was "Priceless". I have studied him over the years and this was it for me.  There are many others I would love to work with, like Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, Melissa McCarthy etc.  But right now, I feel like I have worked with one of "The best".

What advice do you have for our young people and black women about following their dreams?
Thea: God has given us many gifts and it's up to us to find out what our passion are.  Ironically, I was speaking with Pastor Darius Brooks about it last night at an event about "Gifts & Passions" he said, 'If you could do what you love for free...that's your passion. He also gave me a scripture to ponder 2 Peter 1-10. This thing right here... performing, commercials, acting, theater, film, and television I could do for free. However, it’s nice getting paid!!! LOL.

My hope is to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams. There's a reason they're still alive.  #LeanIn

 Thea’s Camara’s advice” It is so important to do the work and not focus on the fame.  If this is your passion then do the work, take time do the character development, background work, and take classes.  The person that needs you will find you.” 

You can learn more about Thea Camara and stay informed on her upcoming projects by following her on social media links below as well as her websites and blogs.