Friday, December 2, 2016

December's Editor's Book List Choices

December is a great month to find new literature to read whether it's romantic, mystical, dramatic, or action filled.  There are some great authors telling some amazing stories that have made my top 20 book list.  My list is a combined list for two months and what better way to wrap up December than with some best kept secrets from some great writers who inspire stories within. 

With the Christmas holiday 23 days away, have you given someone a good book as a gift?  Cuddling up reading a great mystery, drama, romance, or even science fiction novel in your favorite blanket and a hot cup of tea. 

Book cover from Amazon

  1. She's No Angel by E.N. Joy
  2. Assumptions Abound by Sage
  3. He Calls Her Blue by Sheryl Grace
  4. The Liberian Agenda by L.J. Taylor
  5. Anybody's Daughter's by Pamela Samuel Young
  6. Forgotten by C.J. Carmichael
  7. The Dog Catcher by Lloyd Johnson
  8. Never Trust A Stranger (March 2017)
  9. The Sisterhood by Nicole Bradford
  10. The Million Dollar Destiny by RM Johnson
  11. Down Home Blues by Phyllis Dixon
  12. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  13. Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile
  14. The Rancher Returns by Brenda Jackson
  15. Secret Service by Brenda L. Thomas
  16. To Find Me by Cerece Rennie Murphy
  17. And Then There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson
  18. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  19. The Doctor is in by Carl Weber & Brenda Hamilton
  20. Phantasm: A Paranormal Romance by JL Campbell
Do you see a couple books above that you like to read?  Give the gift of literature this holiday.

What am I reading?  Over the next three weeks I will be reading two new author's that I was introduced by EDC Creations/Black Pearls Magazine Seducing the Pen Book tour. Honored to have advance copy of these novels.  
Book Cover Credits: From  Amazon

  1. Cerece Rennie Murphy- To Find You
  2. Kimberly Lawson Roby- Copycat  (released January 31, 2017)
  3. Sadeqa Johnson -And Then There was me. (release April 2017)

Book Cover: From Amazon

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Author spotlight with Cerece Rennie Murphy- Ellis and the Hidden Cave

The next author spotlight for the storytellers on the Seducing The Pen Book Tour with Cerece Rennie Murphy children's novel Ellis and the Hidden Cave.  She writes children's books and Sci-fiction that will keep you turning pages. 

Book Excerpt:

Ellis Monroe has always been curious about the world.  When his father brings home an ancient mirror with the power to reveal the truth about the people and things around him, Ellis begins to see the world in a whole new way. 

But things get more than a little strange when Ellis brings the mirror to school.  While playing with it on the playground with his best friend, Toro Quispe, Ellis discovers that someone – or something – is hiding out at Harriet Tubman Elementary and trying to stop children from learning.  Determined to solve the new mystery, Ellis, Toro, and his little sister, Freddye go on a secret mission to find out the truth about the troublesome Buddy Cruster and stop whatever he and his friends have planned.

Visit Cerece's website for a chance to win a giveaway mentioned in her blog article Black Speculative Fiction giveaway to read a great story from one of the many African American authors. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Author Spotlight with Lynn Emery novel Into The Mist

Our first author spotlight for Seducing The Pen Book Tour is Lynn Emery.  Her novel title is Into The Mist.  Sharing the stories by African American women and men of all genres.  I am excited to feature the spotlight this week with Lynn Emery's "Into The Mist". 

Have I sparked your interest with a new read?  Read more about the author in the link below and book excerpts:

Book Synopsis/Excerpt:

Children are missing in ever increasing numbers. LaShaun Rousselle and Deputy Chase Broussard have to make sure their child isn’t next. After a series of gruesome murders, LaShaun has to answer one critical question to stop the bloodbath: are the children victims or weapons?

LaShaun Rousselle finds herself and her young family at the center of a devious and deadly series of crimes once more. A girl goes missing, bad enough. Yet when LaShaun follows the threads, she discovers the six year old is only one of many. What’s the connection to a string of attempts to get at LaShaun’s own child, JoĆ«lle? She must help sort through the facts and evidence to convince level-headed law officers that supernatural forces are at work. Her life and the lives of those she cherish depend on LaShaun making a way out of no way.

Purchase books from the LaShaun Rousselle Mystery Series Amazon:

About the Author:

Mix knowledge of voodoo, Louisiana politics and forensic social work, and you get a snapshot of author Lynn Emery. Lynn’s recent titles include murder mysteries set in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana featuring a Creole psychic and a Cajun deputy. The titles in this series are: A Darker Shade of Midnight (#1), Between Dusk and Dawn (#2), and Only By Moonlight (#3). Into The Mist (#4) continues the harrowing case files of LaShaun Rousselle and Deputy Chase Broussard. Into the Mist will be released in fall 2016.

Photo & novel details courtesy of Black Pearls Magazine

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Seducing The Pen Book Tour Kickoff with Black Pearls Magazine

It's a pleasure to participate in the Seducing The Pen book Tour with Black Pearls Magazine celebrating African American storytellers.  It kicks off today and I will be featuring an author each week on Sistah's Blog.  Be sure to check them all out as we celebrate them from October thru November.  There are so many genre's to choose from that are great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.  Sit back and enjoy the talented men and women on the #SeducingThePenBookTour.

We will be promoting these authors across our social media platform.  Like us on Facebook to see more authors and interviews. Are you ready to celebrate with us? 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Author Spotlight-Aretha Tatum

This week our book spotlight is on author Aretha Tatum.  Her second novel titled "The Wonderful Counselor" is available on Amazon for purchase.  This is the follow up to her first novel, "The Problem with Jesus."  Check out the interview with her on Sistah's Place YouTube channel as she talks about her latest novel.  If you want to be inspired to develop a personal relationship with the most high, then you definitely want to read her novel. 

Learn more about Aretha Tatum by connecting with her on Social Media. 

Book Excerpt:
The Kingdom life is so much more than attending church services on Sunday. As born again believers in Christ we are not part of a religion, we are in a relationship, and it’s personal. We must seek to hear from God to find out our purpose, to receive comfort, direction and quite often correction. The Wonderful Counselor is a testimony of supernatural encounters and words of wisdom received from the Lord. This book will encourage you to start your own sessions with the one who is called in Isaiah 9:6 Wonderful Counselor.

Book Cover courtesy of Aretha Tatum

Have you ordered your copy?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are you ready for the FALL 2016 premiers?

We all look forward to the new television season come September.  Many of our favorites return while some don't.  We still get a opportunity to see new shows that grab our attention that we pray get renewed for another season if it's good.

So What's returning this September?
  • Blindspot premiers on Wednesday (9/14) on NBC
  • Marvel Agents of Shield Tuesday (9/20)  on ABC
  • Queen Sugar Tuesday(9/6 & 9/7) on OWN
  • Empire on Wednesday (9/21) on Fox for Season 3 now this will be interesting. 
  • Black-ish on Wednesday (9/21) on ABC
  • Chicago PD on Wednesday 9/21 on NBC
  • Rosewood on Thursday (9/22) on FOX
  • Greys Anatomy on Thursday  (9/22)on ABC 
  • Chicago Med on Thursday (9/22) on NBC
  • How to Get Away with Murder Thursday (9/22) on ABC
  • The Blacklist  on Thursday (9/22) on NBC
  • Secrets & Lies on Sunday (9/25) on ABC
  • Criminal Minds on Wednesday (9/28) on CBS
  • Quantico on Sunday (9/25) on ABC
Check out the trailer for one of my favorite newbies from last year 2015 Blindspot on NBC.
Video Credits:  YouTube channel Blindspot

Will you be watching Blindspot this Wednesday 9/14 on NBC?

Looks like the big premier week will be next week.  Who will get the most views?  I am ready to set my DVR to record shows that conflict with times. Fox has a lot of new shows this Fall season while

New Shows in September that I am happy to see from the trailers are going to be good.  Check out the trailer from Lethal Weapon television series on Fox. 
  • Lethal Weapon on Wednesday (9/21) on Fox
  • Pitch on Thursday (9/22) on Fox
Video Credits:  YouTube  Fox Channel

Will you be watching Lethal Weapon television series on Fox next week?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September's Editor Book Choice List

Welcome to September!  Fall is in the air and it's finally starting to cool off.  This month book list is about helping you tap into your True Self as Jack Canfield would say.  Who made the list this month?

Empowering & Inspiration to help you tap into purpose and true self:
  1. Jack Canfield's -Key to Living the Law of Attraction
  2. DeVon Franklin & Megan Good- The Wait
  3. Wes Moore-The Work
  4. Aretha Tatum-The Wonderful Counselor
  5. Cezzane Taharqa-The Journey of a Sister
  6. Marie Schaeller-Breaking the Chains of Silence
  7. Scarlett Johnson- Oprah 40 Inspirational Life Lessons
  8. Clarissa Pinkola Este- Women Who Run with Wolves
  9. Jack Canfield's-The Success Principles
Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Amazon Books

Romance & Drama/Mystery that will keep you turning pages:
  1. M. Skye-Circle of Deception
  2. Trice Hickman- Deadly Satisfaction
  3. Mia Black-His Dirty Secret
  4. Mary A. Russell-Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows
Photo Credits:  Courtesy of Amazon 
Now I have read The Wait by DeVon Franklin & Megan good and this book is perfect for women and men with precious jewels of information that you can take with you on your journey to practicing "The Wait". 

I am just about done reading Jack Canfield's "Key to Living the Law of Attraction" which is truly inspiring to the soul and spirit.  There are some great quotes and techniques offered to help you tap into your true self.  My next book to start is "The Success Principles" after watching him on Super Soul Sunday talk about this novel with Oprah Winfrey.  It's the last four months of 2016 and I most definitely want to have an impact on people around me and with my business endeavors.

Do you see a favorite on the list?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Election 2016 - Your vote counts

The 2016 Election year is so important for everyone to get out and vote.  It's imperative that your voice is accounted for in this election.  There is so much at stake and it's critical that everyone exercise the right to vote.  If you don't vote in this election, it will be like voting for Donald Trump silently.  Just as historical numbers were cast when President Obama first ran for President in 2008, this election is just as important.   Exercise your right to vote!

Issues that need to be addressed and enforced:
  • Laws against the treatment and injustice against  minority men and women in the communities of  predominantly black, brown, and Latina.  
  • Gun control laws that will save a life and not take a life.
  • Equal pay for women and men.
  • Adequate and proper justice against cops who abuse their position of authority.
  • Better quality of education in all communities
  • Enforce agencies local and governmental that will resolve issues before they explode in cities like Flint Michigan contaminated water.
There are a lot of issues on the table and like President Obama said at the DNC last month, "don't boo Donald Trump, vote."  Hold the elected officials accountable for their actions, promises, and produce adequate and equal legislation for all people not a particular class or race. Every Vote counts! Make sure you are registered so that you exercise your right to vote in this critical election year. 

Are you registered to vote?  If not, go get register.  Who are you taking with you to vote in November?  Make your vote count and hold the elected officials accountable for their actions.  This maybe the year that we elect our first woman president, yes we can do it. 

Sistah's Blog is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.  Exercise your vote and endorse whomever you choose. 

Photo Credits:  Pixabay

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Have You Read When A Man Loves A Woman 2

Have you read Tumika Cain latest novel When A Man Loves A Woman 2-A Love Devine? The novel debut April 19, 2016.  It's the follow up to her first novel When A Man Loves A Woman.  Before you dive into her latest novel, you might want to purchase or download the first one to catch up.

About the Author:
Tumika Patrice Cain is an award-winning author, media personality and publisher whose works centers around uplifting, encouraging and empowering others to live the abundant life.  Learn more about her by following he on social media and visiting her website at

Where to find her on social media?
You may follow her on Facebook: Tumika Patrice Cain and on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Goodreads: @TumikaPatrice.

Book Synopsis:
Jacquie remembered a time when she was once a tender, caring, hopeless romantic. But happily-ever-after’s and once-upon-a-time fairytales, proved over time to be just that – fairytales. After what she feels has been “a lifetime” of true love eluding her, she loses all hope, resigning to live a single (and loveless) existence. As time passes, she shifts her focus, choosing to concentrate on her career and makes the best of it…alone. 

Gorgeous, artsy and charismatic was the man who Jacquie’s eyes fell upon, causing her heart to beat in a rhythm she’d forgotten existed. Michael was more than enough man to make her lose herself inside dreams of a future interwoven with the very fabric of all that defined the beauty of being in love. But just like in fairytales, there’s always something out of place. For alas, this knight in chocolate armor, was twelve years her junior – an age gap that defined a cultural difference and a major problem for Jacquie’s overbearing mother. Will pressure from family and other obligations turn their love into a nightmare? Or can Michael and Jacquie tune out the rest of the world, embrace the sweetness that they share, and build a foundation that lasts? In book two of the series, When a Man Loves a Woman: A Love Divine, is a story of hope, accepting love, embracing one’s personal truths, and making no apologies for it.

Have She grabbed your attention yet? 

Book Promotion by Sistah's Creative Media and Book excerpt credits to Author Tumika Cain.
Book Excerpt: 

Visit Sistah's Creative Media website to learn more about services not just to authors. We offer three types of services -website set up in WordPress, social media management services, and book promotional services.  We have partnered with some magazines to feature our clients projects whether they are novel, film, theater, television, or small business spotlight.  Let us help you create more awareness for your projects across multiple platforms. Inquire today for more information. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

August Editor Book List Recommendations

Welcome to August as we prepare to send the children back to school and off to college.  Summer is winding down slowly as we all prepare our minds mentally and emotionally as we kiss and guide our babies into a new school year.  For those parents sending their precious gems off to college, you will need to find a hobby.  Why not start a book club or reading some great books by some talented men and women. 

What's on my Editor's book list to read in August? 
  1. The Perfect Mistress by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
  2. Every Woman's Dream by Mary Monroe
  3. Stepping to A New Day- A Blessings Novel by Beverly Jenkins
  4. That Church Life by Teresa B. Howell 
  5. Just Can't Let Go by Mary B. Morrison
  6. Possessed by Passion by Brenda Jackson
  7. His Dirty Secret by Mia Black
  8. The Open Face Sandwich by Bishop Earl Jenkins
  9. For the Love of You by Donna Hill
  10. Breathless by Angie Daniels
  11. Free Friday's by Pat Tucker
  12. I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillian

The joy of building a library with diverse genre's that will entertain, inform, inspire, and educate your mind.  Many of the author's on the Editor's list have been interviewed by Sistah's Place Entertainment Author showcase at Sistah's Place . While other author's that made the list are some of the editor's favorite author's who's books are on the bookshelf. 

Do you see a favorite author on the list? 

Photo Credits- Book Covers courtesy of the author

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Senseless Crimes continue to Plague the Black Community

The senseless crimes continue to plague the black community with unjustified shootings of black men. After the holiday, which was the celebration of Independence on July 4th only to wake up to the  senseless murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge,LA and less than 24 hours the shooting of Philandro Castile in Minnesota.  It was too much to bare emotionally within one week. Like many of my fellow brothers and sisters I was extremely angry, hurt, disappointed with our justice system, and my heart went out to the family of the victims.  What made me even more mad was how the media decided to flip the focus from the victims to nonsense they called news worthy. 

People are crying out about the injustice that continues to plaque the Black Community. Many celebrities spoke out and posted picture memes for their frustration along with the rest of the world. In a country where black men and women were brought to this country in chains in the 1700's sold and separated from their families only to endure more pain with lynching's as a way to teach a lesson.  Then to follow in the 20th century with just blatant unjustifiable shootings that take innocent lives with no criminal charges. 
Photo Credits: Instagram @Jaytrizzle1906

The above picture stood out in my mind and truly had me in tears. One would ask, where is the justice in all of this? When can a man Black or Brown be treated equally? When will a Black man be treated like a free man instead of the treatment that was reflected in the history of African Americans? 

When will the justice system see Black men and women as equal to any other ethic background? When will corrupted polices officers be charged with murder? We don't want to hear about desk duty or administrative leave as a form of punishment for their actions. The evidence is clear in the recorded videos that clearly speak for itself. It's as if the justice system has taken a blind eye to the unfair treatment and senseless killings of African American men and women. 
Photo Credits:  Black Lives Matter Movement

I was happy to see the peaceful rally's around major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It's about bringing the awareness to the forefront that we as a nation of people of many ethic races are tired and had enough of the injustice. We are uniting to show our grave concerns for the wrongful shootings that have taken place not just during the week of July 4th  but for several years with many other heartbreaking shootings.  It's not just about gun control anymore, it's about the injustice performance against Black men and women. 

It's time to stand up and let our voices be united and heard. We are not hear to add to violence against anyone.  It's long over due that we must demand justice for the unjust. We have to be their voice and not be silenced. We must set aside our differences and look at the faces that are before us and stop turning a blind eye to the situations at hand. It's time the world know we matter and our lives are just as important. We are not inferior nor are we animals. You go haunting for animals not human beings. 

We have the power to voice our rights, our choices, our position, to demand justice, and most important to exercise our vote in the 2016 election. We do have the power and it's greater in numbers.  It is important to vote not just in the primary elections but the local elections too. It's time to get to know the names of judges, district attorney's, state representatives, ect so that you exercise your right by keeping the hypocrites, the racist, and those who don't believe or stand for justice for all irregardless of your skin color or gender out of the office.

The oath they take is to protect, serve, provide justice for all not some. It's time to hold the justice system to be accountable for the actions of those who feel the need to abuse the system.  It's time to take back our power by electing appropriate officials that will help legislate, implement, and enforce laws that will give criminal charges against those who choose to violate a person because of their ethnic background, skin color, or gender. 
Too many lives have been taken way too soon with unjustified actions. It's time to be held accountable. It's time to unite a people and a community.  We cannot demand change without standing up together as a community. Are you going to stand up? 

Will you join me by taking action on this campaign?

#BlackLivesMatter  #StandUp #TimeForJustice #Vote2016 

What's on July Recommend book list?

Welcome to July.  In celebration of Siatah's Place blig anniversary we have combined the June and July book list.

You most definitely want to put these books on your list to read. Our list is compromised of new authors, indie authors, national best selling authors, and our authors picks.  What books are on my hot list that I highly recommend you read.  

1. Sister Surrogate by LaChelle Weaver
2. Trudy by New author Felecia Tucker 
3. The Woman Behind The Mask by Nakia P. Evans.
4. When A Man Loves A Woman 2 by Tumika Cain. 
5. Torn by Latoya Chandler
6. I Don't Want To Love You by Tanya Robinson
7. A Sinful Calling by Kimberly Lawson Roby.
8. The Perfect Mistress by ReShonda Tate-Billingsley.
9. Unchained Hearts by Yahran St. John
10. Fooling Around 2 by Phoenix Williams

Listen to interview with LaChelle Weaver about her novel Sister Surrogate at 

Check out the interview with new author Felecia Tucker as she talks about her new novel Trudy- Swimming against the Odds is a children's book at

This summer is perfect time to read some great romance books, self-help books, inspirational books, Childrens books, and suspense books.  There is so much more to feed your mind and imagination this month.  

Have you subscribed to our newsletter?


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Who is Felecia Tucker?

Who is Felecia Tucker? 

She is a new author writing children's stories. Her first novel Trudy-Swimming Against The Odds will be released in July 23, 2016. 

If you are a parent and have school age children, Trudy will be a great read for your school age children 4th to 8th grade. 

Learn more about Felecia in interview for Author Showcase at

Be sure to visit her website to learn more about Felecia at

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Words that inspire you to keep moving forward -Inspiring song by Jekalyn Carr - You're Bigger

Take a listen to the song "You're Bigger".  It's encouraging and inspiring words remind you that Jesus is bigger than anything this world can throw at you.  You have to keep your faith and remember who to put your trust in because You're Bigger. What a great way to kick off the month of June, then to be encouraged that any problem or issue you may have that Jesus is bigger.  Those words are powerful! 

Over the last couple weeks, this song has been my motivator and reminders especially when I am at work to remind me you're bigger than your job and the people around you because you were born with a gift.  This song reminds me that my purpose may not be understood by many as I walk this journey.  This song reminds me, motivates me, and inspires me that my passion for what I have discovered inside of me will have a impact on peoples lives that will be informative, inspiring, entertaining, and empowering.  What does this song mean to you? 

When you are feeling down and lost as if every corner you turn you feel as if the world is closing the walls on you.  Just remember that You're Bigger than any problem, any bill, any job, any bill collector, any or any bad relationship.  Are you smiling yet?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What an empowering speech from Tyler Perry.

The month of May was about the college graduations and the great accomplishments young men and women have traveled to become graduates. There were some great speeches circulating across Facebook and there was one that caught my attention.

The speech by Tyler Perry was powerful, encouraging, and inspiring.  It was a perfect speech to the graduates at Tuskegee Univeristy.  I loved it because he gave his real life examples to the graduates so they would have something to use as a life examples.  His words and real life story was a testimony at what they can do with their gifts and talents.  Most important, Mr. Perry gave the students and the audience something to think about like What are you intentions?
 There were so many good key points that he covered in his speech that for us watching the video made you think about the questions yourself that he asked.  Living on purpose and living in purpose is powerful when you know what your intentions. 

It's graduation season and the words of the speakers can be powerful in the mindset on young me and women.  Speeches that are inspiring, testimonial, and influential will have a phenemonenal effect on the generation of tomorrow.  Check out the speech Mr. Perry gave that had me asking myself the very question he posed to the students. This may have been his first commencement speech and his words will resonated with not just the graduates, audiences, but those of us listening to his encouraging and inspiring words.

What did you think of his speech? Do you know your intention? Are you ready to have an impact on someone's life? 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May book list recommended to be read

It's May already! Wow, how times flys! Have you read any good books lately? Well, I have some authors that I am excited to have on my reading list that I like to share with you all. Are any of my books on your book club lists?  These are great books that you can take with you while traveling, read during your lunch hour, or just sitting in your favorite chair for quite time.

  1. When Troubles Come- by Tiffany L. Warren
  2. Damaged Goods- by Jenica Johnson
  3. The Ugly Side of Me- by Nikita Lynnette
  4. No More Mr. Nice Guy- by Carl Webber
  5. Deadly Satisfaction- by Trice Hickman
  6. Illusion- by Wanda B. Campbell
  7. Woman on Top- by Brenda L. Thomas
  8. Possessed by Passion-By Brenda Jackson
  9. The Gift- by Vannessa Miller
  10. Every Woman's Dream- by Mary Monroe
  11. Forever After- by Niece Holland
  12. The Aris Effect-by Rae Lamar
Photo: Courtsey of Amazon Books
Book Excerpt:

Being in love? REALLY loving someone?? Two totally different things… Aris Collier is a masterful artist but, when it comes to the art of love, she couldn’t be further from her comfort zone… For Luke and Aris, it’s all fun and games until their work and general differences get in the way. Soon, Aris is falling from cloud nine into the reality of a live-in life with Luke where she’s failing forward almost every day. On the flip side, Aris is thriving in her new career. It’s much easier to navigate and a lot less complicated…especially the synergy she finds with Troy Murphy, her partner-in-art whose mere presence begins to undermine her life with Luke. As Aris struggles to maintain a practical balance, she learns that loving Luke Donovan is effortless…but maneuvering the nuances of a real relationship? Not so much. It’s a simple truth that she quickly discovers the hard way, forcing Aris to either confront the contradictions within herself or continue to take unnecessary gambles that just may end up costing her the love of her life…


Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Tribute to 2016 Graduates from Loyola University Chicago

The month of May is always exciting because you get some great commencement speeches that have a powerful impact upon not just the students but the entire audience.

I must say Tyler Perry's commencement speech at Tuskegee University was powerful.  It reminded me of the powers our graduates possess and once they tap into their purpose they are going to open doors, create doors, reach more lives, rise above barriers, and tell the stories of the many who's lives they impact. 

As we sat at my daughter's graduation on May 12, 2016,  his words resonated in my mind while their guest speaker spoke. The small minority group of African American students graduating from Loyola University Chicago School of Communication. I am very proud of my daughter and her friends. To see them become a legacy for their families whether they are a first or second generation they have achieved a great milestone. 
The graduates are Simone Carter and Aaron R. McDonald with Public Relations & Advertising, Jeriwin Watson, Devon R. Turk, and Breanna L. Walker, with Communication Studies degrees.

Their journey is just beginning because they are Public Relations & Advertising, Journalism, and Communication Studies graduates from the School of Communication. These bright young women and men are ready to make their mark in this world. Like Tyler Perry said, when you know your intentions your purpose and passion will go beyond the sky. The impact these graduates will have on someones life will be phenomenal. 

We celebrate these talented black women and men who stayed the course and walked the journey to complete their college education at one of Chicago's top universities. 

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduates of Loyola University Chicago School Of Communication legacy graduates.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Have you read Woman On Top by Brenda L. Thomas?

Have you read Woman On Top by Brenda L. Thomas? She was named on Essence Best seller list. Brenda is an acclaimed and much sought after speaker and advocated against domestic violence. She has several novels under her belt along with her memoir Laying Down My Burdens.

 It's a great story that will have you engulfed with the characters. You will learn how Tiffany went from nothing to being the First Lady.

Book excerpt 
Started from the bottom . . .Once hailed as the Queen of Philly’s nightlife, Tiffany Johnson-Skinner now reigns as its prominent First Lady, standing proudly beside her husband, the charismatic Mayor, Malik Skinner.Tiffany is the first to admit that she doesn’t have the perfect life, especially with the demands of her husband, caring for her young daughter, Nylah, and working with Blessed Babies, her budding charity. But since she once ruled the streets, Tiffany should have no problem ruling the city, right?Staying on top…When her husbands’ arch nemesis, former District Attorney, Gregory D. Haney III, reappears, Tiffany may have to revert to some of her old ways to keep her happy life. Tiffany and Mr. Haney share a dark and storied past and Tiffany will stop at nothing to keep it buried before the secrets and lies destroy everything she’s worked to build.In a riveting, sizzling page-turner, Brenda L. Thomas once again delivers a story of a woman intent on staying on top – no matter what it takes.

Order your copy today available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Follow and connect with Brenda on social media. To stay connected with her projects and tour dates when she is coming to your city. 

Visit her website at

Visit for book promotion, social media, and website management & design.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Deep Thought- Remembering Prince legendary artist and Icon

Today was not your typical day, I was stopped heading to lunch by a co-worker as she asks me, have you heard about Prince? I look at her with a look of what.. Only for her to say he has passed away at 57 years old. My heart like skips a beat  as my eyes begin to water. I shake my head in disbelief because I am like this cannot be true. Wait, we just lost an icon in a Radio Doug Banks at the age of 51 last week.   Now we loose a legendary icon in music Prince Rogers Nelson at the age of 57. The music this man made will live on for decades to come. I had to take my lunch to my car so that I could listen to the radio station.  It was nice to hear V103  playing tribute to Prince by playing his music that made you smile, bob your heads, and just think back to the first time you heard him.  I could not help but smile up at heaven because a angel went home today with no more suffering from whatever it was. They played Purple Rain which is my all time favorite, Lets Get Crazy, When Doves Cry, and Little Red Corvette. I just sat there listening to the music and reminisce my high school years when his music was playing on the radio. If you are a 70's baby you understand the music of such a legendary artist. Remember your prom dance and house parties jamming to Prince.

The death of Prince and Doug Banks made me re-think about my life and where I am now and most importantly how making sure you are living your dreams and sharing your gifts along with your talent.  Both of these men lived a full life and lived what they did because they had a impact on the lives that they connected with each day. I thought to myself that we are shedding tears today but we have to remember the gifts that both men left this world that will have us to always remember them and celebrate them. 

Have you thought about how you want to be remembered? Have you thought about the lives you can impact? Better yet, how about how many lives you can change? 

Let me leave you with thought. Life is too short and we must take care of ourselves. Most importantly, we must follow our dreams and make each day count toward taking steps to make them real.  Think about the impact you can have on someones life by sharing your gift and talent. You are a gift so share your gift with the world like Prince and Doug Banks. My prayers go out to Prince's family as well as Doug Banks family for these two men have gone home too soon.

What's your favorite Prince song?  How do you want to be remember? 


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Saturday, April 16, 2016

April's Book Recommended book list

Welcome to the month of April.  This is the month that everyone spends spring cleaning and gertting ready to clean out from the winter pack rat.  It's spring cleaning at it's best, have you dusted off your book shelf?  Better yet, what are you reading?  Have you started your own library of books that you enjoy reading ?  How about reading something different that is out of your comfort zone?   I continue to add to my Libary and it's timet to buy another book shelf as I build my library of authors that I enjoy reading, spark my interest, or that I am introduced to. 

The author's that made this months list were either interviewed by Sistah's Place Entertainment blog at and books that I have stumbled across from other book clubs. 
Currently reading -Photo Credits Book cover-Deborah Mello
  1. Deborah Fletcher Mello- Guilty Pleasures (current reading)
  2. S. Dodson- Faux Happiness
  3. Marcia King-Gamble- Just You
  4. Shanikqa Canty- Their Vows
  5. Leslie Sherrod- The Man of My Schemes
  6. Tyora Moody- When Women Become Business Owners
  7. Tyora Moody- When Memory Fades
  8. Iris Bolling -Hypnotic
  9. Pat Simmons- Every Women Needs a Praying Man
  10. Sheila Jackson- Where was God?
  11. Brenda Jackson- Possessed by Passion
  12. Trice Hickman- Deadly Satifaction
  13. Keri D. Singleton- The Wanderer's Game
  14. Tumika Cain- When a Man Loves a Woman2
  15. Angie Daniels- Breathless
  16. Dana Sanders Hill- Allegra's Shadow
Book Cover courtsey: Inkscriptions

Is your favorite on the list? 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

In Honor of Black Girls Rock- We honor our list of Sisters who Rock!

As always, it's a treasure to watch BET's Black Girls Rock.  It's truly inspirational to see women in different generations share a honor that inspires us all.  Black Girls Rock represents beauty, brilliance, and women who stand in their truth.  I love to see beautiful black women empower others and most important inspire us to reach the sky as the honorees on Tuesday night.  The honorees that were celeberated were:
  1. Shonda Rhimes
  2. Rhianna
  3. Glady's Knight
  4. Dania Gurira
  5. Amandla Stenberg
  6. Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garzo,and Opal Tometi (Black Lives Matters Founders)
Photo Credits:  BET/Twitter

So, I decided to create my own special list of women who are not just chasing their dreams, but living their dreams.  These women who have inspired, empowered, influenced, mentored others to discover who they are, share their story, discover their passion, and who have reached back to teach one and pull many forward.  Women helping others and reaching back to encourage, guide, teach, and inspire.  These are Sistah's Blog Black women who Rock.

  1. Nikki Woods
  2. Iris Bolling
  3. Johnetta McSwain
  4. Shaneisha Dodson
  5. Kimberly D. Connor
  6. Marcie Wright
  7. Aprille Frank-Hunt
  8. Patrice Washington
  9. Brigid Turner
  10. Kaye T. Caldwell
  11. Toni Larue
  12. Thea Camera
  13. Brittani Nightengal
  14. LaSheera Lee
  15. Melissa Alba
  16. Cindy Hillery Toms
The women that made this list have been interviewed, shared their story, supported, given advice, mentored, opened doors of opportunity, empowered, taught informative webinars/tele-summits that beneificial in so many ways to aid in success.  Sistah's Place Entertainment has grown over the last two years with women who inspire the dreamers to walk into their purpose and passion.  Women who believe in helping others thru service, testimony, empowerment, educating, and inspiring.  All women rock on Sistah's Place Entertainment Blog Showcase. 

Who are the women that have crossed your paths that rock?  Have they empowered you or inspired you to keep reaching toward your dreams and goals?  Have they given you advice that sent you in the right direction of your career or dreams? 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A woman of many talents- Author Letrise Carter debut novel Deceitful & E-Blast Newsletter

For the last 6 months I have been working on my debut novel Deceitful- Playing with Fire.  A love story filled with drama, deceit, and love.  As a writer, I am excited to allow my imagination and creativity to give birth to some wild entangling stories that will draw my readers in and keep them on their toes.  
I have been working on my debut novel Deceitful- Playing with Fire that will be released late spring 2016.  Meet Taylor Jackson who is married to Devin Jackson and best friends with Kelly Jackson.  However, Taylor and Kelly has a past that no one knows about especially her husband Devin. 
You can read Chapter's 1 and 2 snippets on my author's website at Deceitful-Playing With Fire snippet #2  and you can read the first snippet Deceitful-Playing with Fire snippet #1
With that being said, I am very excited to announce my author's E-Blast newsletter.

What's the purpose of the E-Blast newsletter?

The purpose of the E-Blast newsletter is to inform fans, subscribers, and supporters about book excerpts, new releases, interviews, pre-orders, book release, events, and book tours.  It's an opportunity to engage with audience, book clubs, and supporters. 
Are there any other perks to signing up for the E-Blast newsletter?

As a subscriber, you are first to hear about contest giveaways, book release dates, book tour announcements, interviews, and fan appreciation gifts.  Subscribers are first to see the new book covers and pre-orders links before the public.
Click the link today and sign up for Author Letrise Carter E-Blast Newsletter.

Did you click the link to sign up?

The E-Blast will highight book releases, book launch, contest giveaways, and book tours. Subscribers will hear about it first before released to the public.  Follow me on social media to keep up with what's going on with Author Letrise Carter.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sistah's Book List recommendations for March

Don't you love to open a good book and get drawn into the storyline and plot?  Have you picked up a book that has grasped your attention that you could not put it down?  Well, for the month of March many of the books were recommended or from authors that I have interviewed.  Building a library of great indie and national authors.  Who made our list for the month of March?

  1. Broken Heart- by Tyora Moody
  2. Pastor's Husband- by Tiffany L. Warren
  3. Through it All by CaSandra McLaughlin
  4. Broken Promises- by Trystan Scott
  5. Practice What you Praise- by Candice Y. Johnson
  6. Mama B.- Michelle Stimpson
  7. How to Get Out of Your Own Way- by Tyrese Gibson
  8. Solider With Back Pack Living & Dying Simultaneously by Linda Wattely
  9. He Changed My Name- by Unoma Osiegbu-Nwankwor
  10. Man on The Run -by Carl Weber
  11. My Unbroken Heart- by Adrianne Byrd
  12. When Trouble Comes to Shaddy Falls-Tiffany L. Warren
  13. Dirty Laundry by Yahran St. St. John
  14. Can't Get Enough by Yahran St. John
  15. Wives & Champions by Tina Martin
Photo Credit Source-Google Inspirations

The above are some great titles and thought provoking messages.  What draws me to a book is the title and storyline.  If you can hook me from the begining then I am adding the novel to my libary. All the novels above will definitely be in my libary.  What about yours?  Do you see a book that jumps out at you to read?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sistah's Book List Recommendations for the weekend

I have the pleasure to sit down with some awesome authors from my Entertainment Blog platform Sistah's Place Entertainment Author Showcase to talk with national and indie authors.  There are some amazing authors that share their beautiful talents and gifts through storytelling. The stories take you on this amazing journey of laughter, encouragement, love, excitement, and suspense.  There are so many book genre's one can choose to read from but why choose just one?  Try something from all of the genres as you may discover a few that you love, hate, and enjoy. Welcome to my weekly list of books to read. 

 I find that it's amazing when you discover an indie author or national best selling author who writes about something that you enjoy reading and can relate to.  You might like hot romance novels, christian fiction, horror fiction, thriller novels, inspiration,empowerment, or self-help novels.  Reading is stimulating and fun way to pass time yet can be informative, empowering, and entertaining.  What's your favorite book gener?  You can never go wrong picking up a great book.

Check out these indie and national best-selling authors that made Sistah's Book list this week:
  1. The Wait- Devon Franklin and Megan Good
  2. A Man Loves a Woman -A Season of Change by Tumika Cain
  3. Allowing God to Be the I in My Life by Minister Jeanie Sharrock
  4. A Date with Destiny- By Lutisha Lovely
  5. Captured by Terri Haynes
  6. Somebody Has to Pay- by Pat Tucker
  7. The Truth about Awiti by Christine Patrick
  8. Her Last Chance at Love by Nikki Night
  9. A Sister's Journey by Cezanne Poetess
  10. Mama B by Michelle Stimpson
  11. Playing for Keeps by Deborah Mello
  12. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Carl Weber
  13. Dr. Feelgood by Christian Keyes
  14. Abundance Now by Nicole Nichols
  15. Scarlette Sinner by Brenda Barrett
  16. Pink Lips and Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey
  17. The Perfect Affair by Lutisha Lovely
  18. Jezebel by Jacqueline Thomas
  19. Jezebel's Daughter by Jacqueline
  20. Secret Places by Vivan Kay
The list comes out each week as we will be building our very own Sistah's Library. How did I choose the author's list?  Many are authors that I have interviewed from Sistah's Place Entertainment, some are my favorite authors that I love reading, while others were recommended by friend or suggested by authors that I follow.  I will definitely be sharing more of my favorite author's list in the coming weeks.  Are you ready to build a great book list with me?  Can you tell I am building my own library?   

Monday, February 1, 2016

Recap from the Celebration of Gospel

The BET Celebration of Gospel this year was hosted by the very talented Golden Globe award winner Taraji P. Henson.  It was an amazing and truly blessed show to watch Sunday night.  What a way to start the week and to go into the first day of our Black History month with the Celebration of Gospel.  I truly enjoyed the collaborations with gospel artists and R&B singers as well as with hip hop artist.  Those were definitley great performances. 
Photo Credits:  BET Gospel Facebook

Here are a few performance highlights from the show that I truly enjoyed.
  • Tamela Mann was amazing with both performances
  • Le'Andria Johnson
  • Yolonda Adams & Tank
  • Kurt Franklin
  • Shirley Ceasar
  • Tribute to Andrea Crouch was awesome
  • Chaka Kahn & Donnie McClurkin
  • Joy Jerkin Era stole the show... this baby was amazing and truly a blessing to watch her perfom.
The entire show was a blessing with many performances that will have you rocking, crying, and clapping.  If you missed the Celebration of Gospel, I am sure it will be an encore show.  It was an amazing show to sit and watch with family.  We got our praise party on to kick off a new week and a new month. 

Welcome to February and Black History month. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rise up and walk into your purpose in 2016

Can you believe this is the last day of January for the first month of 2016? I want to encourage you to go into February with a determined mindset to make 2016 better than 2015.  Don't just have goals, resolutions, and a vision board done.  You need to have a plan of action to implement these goals  and bring your dreams to life.  Let's rise up with action that will help us to complete our goals and reach our dreams.  Do you need a little inspiration?  Listen to Andra Day beautiful song Rise Up. 

YouTube video
Find your theme for this year and play it as a reminder to Rise up and walk into your purpose in 2016.  It's time for you to rise up, stand up, and have a positive impact on someones life.  You were born with a special gift inside of you waiting to be birthed.  I encourage you to tap into that gift and talent in 2016 to let your light shine.  This is your year to walk into your purpose and destiny.  Don't give up, Rise up like Andra Day sings.  Let the words touch your spirit and get your mindset ready for an amazing and blessed year.  You can do it. 

Ask yourself, what is stopping you?  You must believe in your dreams and yourself before anyone else will believe in you.   This is a year of action for you to implement your dream career,launch your own business, or write and publish that amazing novel. You can do it! Your footsteps are ordered by God. You were born to be great.

Are you ready to Rise Up? 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did You set Goals or News Years Resolutions for 2016?

We are in the second week of 2016 and many people have set resolutions while some have set goals.  Which did you set this month for 2016?  Was its goals or resolutions?  For me, I set goals for each month on my goal board.  Goals are more attainable and realistic especially because you write them down. 

I decided to give this year a definitive theme and purpose direction.  This year is prosperity and wealth as my theme as I step out on faith to follow my dreams.  My focused theme envolves around  becoming better than I was a year ago by investing in:
  1. My Health
  2. My Finances
  3. My Dreams
  4. My Happiness
These are my areas that I have defined goals with an action plan in place to meet expectations each month on my goal board.  You cannot have goals without an action plan. 

Sometimes we as mothers forget about ourselves and we get lost in the shuffle of our children and spouses activities, dreams, and happiness.  It was inspiring to watch a video with Jada Pinkette Smith  did where she was explaining to her daughter finding time for herself, "Taking Care of You".  I can honestly sit back and relate to her comments because you are so busy taking care of everybody elses needs.  We as women wear multiple hats from mother, sister, daughter, friend, employee/employer, educator, and lover. It's okay that we be there for our loved ones, but we have to remember to take the "me time" for ourselves and remember to take time for "us".   It's important to take care of you first like Jada Pinkett told to her daughter.  Check it out on YouTube video:

For 2016, I am taking care of me from my health to my finances that will all my dreams to reap the benefits.  We only get one life so this year is all about prosperity and wealth.  Are you taking care of you this year?  Did you set goals or resolutions that have no purpose or plan?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is Sistah's Creative Media?

What is Sistah's Creative Media? It's media services that focus on growing and building engagement, connections, brand awareness, and promoting projects across social media channels.  Targeting specific industries such as film, television, and publishing.  Sistah's Creative Media provides three types of services:
  • Creative Media Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Book Promotion Services

Summer 2015 Project with NFerno Production owned by Christopher Nolen

Creative media is creating unique content that informs, entertains, and engages the audience.  It's engaging content that stands out with audiences that will share information regarding projects related to and about projects that the targeted audience is interested in learning more about as the brand is being exposed to different social channels, directories, networks, and syndicated networks.

How was Sistah's Creative Media formed?  The birth of Sistah's creative media came from the freelance jobs as creative media for NFerno Productions, social media manger for multiple platforms such as Sistah's Place Entertainment  Blog and  Maya's Blog Showcase. 

The idea of growing the awareness for a project, brand, or novel is rewarding knowing you can be a voice in expanding, building, and creating visibility for indie films, indie authors, and national projects. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Tribute to Natalie Cole- Unforgettable Angel

The beautiful and insatiable Natalie Cole passed away on New Years Eve.  It was a shocked of disbelief and like most who love the talented singer thought there was a press mistake.  However, New Years  Day when I saw it announced in Essence article and Aretha Franklin tribute, it hit me.  It made you reflect about what you loved about her music and you found yourself reminiscing.  I have serveral songs that I grew up on that I can still sit and listen to over and over again.  Here are a few of my favorite songs(I love all her songs) that I use to sit by the radio and sing along when they came on.
  1. Love on My mind
  2. I am Catching Hell
  3. Unforgettable
  4. Pink Cadillac
  5. Someone That I use to Love
What's your favorite song or songs?  How many remember this song?
I must have sang this song a thousand times!

I regret that I missed her performance last February (2015) at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.  I kept telling myself I am going to see her and never got around to it due to conflit with another event.  It's times like these that we must do and go where we say because you never know when an angel will be called home.  Undoutly, Natalie Cole will truly be missed, but her music will never be forgotten.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016- Year of Wealth & Prosperity

Happy New Year 2016! This will be a year of wealth, prosperity, and driven spirit in purpose.  The first day of a new beginning. What are you going to do to make it a blessed year?

I thought about my goals and accomplishments last night as we celebrated leaving 2015 and coming into 2016, then I smiled because despite a few trials I was still accomplished and blessed.  Whatever I didn't complete last year I am not going to wrestle with the idea of why not. I come to the conclusion that goal was not realistic so I am moving forward with new goals in 2016 that are realistic and reachable. I don't mean New Years Resolutions either because let's be honest with ourselves no one really carries out on any of them.  They are unrealistic and not focused goals to complete.  I rather create goals with target dates of completion. 

Now it's a new year, 365 days to make better choices, step out on faith, and build your dreams, write that novel, have a positive impact in this world, launch that business, inspire someone, encourage someone, to be a testimony to others, and invest in you. 
It's the year of investing in you, don't you think it's time? I am investing in me more in 2016. I stepped out on faith to launch my business Sistah's Creative Media. My grand opening is 2/1/16 and I am excited to continue my dream of creative & social media management in the entertainment and publishing industry. New website at and  Facebook page is set up at providing three services. The website will be completely live by mid January. All inquiries for price packages can be sent to
Day 1, promote new business across my current social platform and network with like minded business women and men. 

Image credits: Pixabay

Last night did you take the leap of faith from 2015 into 2016? Let's make it a great year of blessings, trust your position of grace, believe in your gifts and talents, and transition to wealth. 

image credits:  Pinterest