Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Senseless Crimes continue to Plague the Black Community

The senseless crimes continue to plague the black community with unjustified shootings of black men. After the holiday, which was the celebration of Independence on July 4th only to wake up to the  senseless murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge,LA and less than 24 hours the shooting of Philandro Castile in Minnesota.  It was too much to bare emotionally within one week. Like many of my fellow brothers and sisters I was extremely angry, hurt, disappointed with our justice system, and my heart went out to the family of the victims.  What made me even more mad was how the media decided to flip the focus from the victims to nonsense they called news worthy. 

People are crying out about the injustice that continues to plaque the Black Community. Many celebrities spoke out and posted picture memes for their frustration along with the rest of the world. In a country where black men and women were brought to this country in chains in the 1700's sold and separated from their families only to endure more pain with lynching's as a way to teach a lesson.  Then to follow in the 20th century with just blatant unjustifiable shootings that take innocent lives with no criminal charges. 
Photo Credits: Instagram @Jaytrizzle1906

The above picture stood out in my mind and truly had me in tears. One would ask, where is the justice in all of this? When can a man Black or Brown be treated equally? When will a Black man be treated like a free man instead of the treatment that was reflected in the history of African Americans? 

When will the justice system see Black men and women as equal to any other ethic background? When will corrupted polices officers be charged with murder? We don't want to hear about desk duty or administrative leave as a form of punishment for their actions. The evidence is clear in the recorded videos that clearly speak for itself. It's as if the justice system has taken a blind eye to the unfair treatment and senseless killings of African American men and women. 
Photo Credits:  Black Lives Matter Movement

I was happy to see the peaceful rally's around major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It's about bringing the awareness to the forefront that we as a nation of people of many ethic races are tired and had enough of the injustice. We are uniting to show our grave concerns for the wrongful shootings that have taken place not just during the week of July 4th  but for several years with many other heartbreaking shootings.  It's not just about gun control anymore, it's about the injustice performance against Black men and women. 

It's time to stand up and let our voices be united and heard. We are not hear to add to violence against anyone.  It's long over due that we must demand justice for the unjust. We have to be their voice and not be silenced. We must set aside our differences and look at the faces that are before us and stop turning a blind eye to the situations at hand. It's time the world know we matter and our lives are just as important. We are not inferior nor are we animals. You go haunting for animals not human beings. 

We have the power to voice our rights, our choices, our position, to demand justice, and most important to exercise our vote in the 2016 election. We do have the power and it's greater in numbers.  It is important to vote not just in the primary elections but the local elections too. It's time to get to know the names of judges, district attorney's, state representatives, ect so that you exercise your right by keeping the hypocrites, the racist, and those who don't believe or stand for justice for all irregardless of your skin color or gender out of the office.

The oath they take is to protect, serve, provide justice for all not some. It's time to hold the justice system to be accountable for the actions of those who feel the need to abuse the system.  It's time to take back our power by electing appropriate officials that will help legislate, implement, and enforce laws that will give criminal charges against those who choose to violate a person because of their ethnic background, skin color, or gender. 
Too many lives have been taken way too soon with unjustified actions. It's time to be held accountable. It's time to unite a people and a community.  We cannot demand change without standing up together as a community. Are you going to stand up? 

Will you join me by taking action on this campaign?

#BlackLivesMatter  #StandUp #TimeForJustice #Vote2016