Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Tribute to 2016 Graduates from Loyola University Chicago

The month of May is always exciting because you get some great commencement speeches that have a powerful impact upon not just the students but the entire audience.

I must say Tyler Perry's commencement speech at Tuskegee University was powerful.  It reminded me of the powers our graduates possess and once they tap into their purpose they are going to open doors, create doors, reach more lives, rise above barriers, and tell the stories of the many who's lives they impact. 

As we sat at my daughter's graduation on May 12, 2016,  his words resonated in my mind while their guest speaker spoke. The small minority group of African American students graduating from Loyola University Chicago School of Communication. I am very proud of my daughter and her friends. To see them become a legacy for their families whether they are a first or second generation they have achieved a great milestone. 
The graduates are Simone Carter and Aaron R. McDonald with Public Relations & Advertising, Jeriwin Watson, Devon R. Turk, and Breanna L. Walker, with Communication Studies degrees.

Their journey is just beginning because they are Public Relations & Advertising, Journalism, and Communication Studies graduates from the School of Communication. These bright young women and men are ready to make their mark in this world. Like Tyler Perry said, when you know your intentions your purpose and passion will go beyond the sky. The impact these graduates will have on someones life will be phenomenal. 

We celebrate these talented black women and men who stayed the course and walked the journey to complete their college education at one of Chicago's top universities. 

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduates of Loyola University Chicago School Of Communication legacy graduates.