Sunday, May 15, 2016

May book list recommended to be read

It's May already! Wow, how times flys! Have you read any good books lately? Well, I have some authors that I am excited to have on my reading list that I like to share with you all. Are any of my books on your book club lists?  These are great books that you can take with you while traveling, read during your lunch hour, or just sitting in your favorite chair for quite time.

  1. When Troubles Come- by Tiffany L. Warren
  2. Damaged Goods- by Jenica Johnson
  3. The Ugly Side of Me- by Nikita Lynnette
  4. No More Mr. Nice Guy- by Carl Webber
  5. Deadly Satisfaction- by Trice Hickman
  6. Illusion- by Wanda B. Campbell
  7. Woman on Top- by Brenda L. Thomas
  8. Possessed by Passion-By Brenda Jackson
  9. The Gift- by Vannessa Miller
  10. Every Woman's Dream- by Mary Monroe
  11. Forever After- by Niece Holland
  12. The Aris Effect-by Rae Lamar
Photo: Courtsey of Amazon Books
Book Excerpt:

Being in love? REALLY loving someone?? Two totally different things… Aris Collier is a masterful artist but, when it comes to the art of love, she couldn’t be further from her comfort zone… For Luke and Aris, it’s all fun and games until their work and general differences get in the way. Soon, Aris is falling from cloud nine into the reality of a live-in life with Luke where she’s failing forward almost every day. On the flip side, Aris is thriving in her new career. It’s much easier to navigate and a lot less complicated…especially the synergy she finds with Troy Murphy, her partner-in-art whose mere presence begins to undermine her life with Luke. As Aris struggles to maintain a practical balance, she learns that loving Luke Donovan is effortless…but maneuvering the nuances of a real relationship? Not so much. It’s a simple truth that she quickly discovers the hard way, forcing Aris to either confront the contradictions within herself or continue to take unnecessary gambles that just may end up costing her the love of her life…