Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why does Tragedy strike in the workplace?

This morning live on television news reporter Allison Parker and camera man Adam Ward was shot and killed. Accordingly to NBC news, the gunman was recently fired from the TV station in Virginia. The gunman then shot himself where he later died at the hospital.

This was a complete shock for many watching the news this morning. Because you would not expect someone to walk into a TV station while on air and open fire. It's truly sad that people get so angry at their employers or job circumstances that they contemplate, decide, and plan to kill innocent people instead of getting help with their problems or anger issues.

It's disturbing that one cannot go to work, to  school, to theater, or to a mall and feel safe. What is going on in the minds of those who decide to take innocent lives? Are the gun control laws strict enough? Is it that easy to get a gun and walk into a place of employment?  What actions can employers take to make their employees feel safe?

Are there better ways to terminate a disgruntled employee? The gun violence has gotten completely out of control. If you can't feel safe when you get to work, then  where can you feel safe? 

At this point, all lives matter! How do you think employers should handle terminating disgruntled employees? Should the federal government take responsibility in the fatalities because of the not so strict gun laws being different In each state?  Who is responsible when the shooter kills himself? 

 Why does tragedy strike in the workplace?  

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Small business tips for Aspiring Business owner

Welcome to Small business tip Wednesday's.  When building your dream business or turning your passion into a business, you want resources with information that will help you avoid making costly mistakes,invested time wisely, make profits, and build connections to grow your business. 

I read an article by Evan Carmichael called "Richard Branson's 10 Rules to Entrepreneur Success",  that includes a video of Branson discussing his rules for entrepreneurship.   I discovered he is dsylexic and yet he is a billionaire.  I love helpful tips and resources for the aspiring small business owners like myself and new entrepreneurs.  It's a great way to pay it forward with useful, resourceful, and beneficial information that will help not just small business owners but the dreamer too.

Branson's 10 rules for Success:
  1. Keep it Simple-don't make your product or service complicated.
  2. Give it a Try- stop debating on when you will start a business, just do it.
  3. Be a Leader- Have goals and clear vision.
  4. Don't Give Up- Don't allow roadblocks and obstacles stop you.
  5. Delegate-you cannot do everything to grow your business.
  6. Treat People Well- Don't burn bridges.
  7. Shake Things Up-Create new business products or services.
  8. People will be Skeptical-Be aware of who they are and believe in your business.
  9. Affect Lives positive- Focus on having a positive impact on people's lives.
  10. Do things different-Stand out, don't be the traditional entrepreneur.

My interpretation to Branson's rules for Success for aspiring entrepreneurs or small business:
  1. Define your service or product
  2. Believe in yourself -Trust and have faith in you and your dream.
  3. Have a clear vision and goals
  4. Have people that support your vision and understand your goals
  5. Learn from your mistakes and keep pressing forward
  6. Grow your business-use resources like interns or virtual assistants.
  7. Pay it forward- share the knowledge and resources with another aspiring entrepreneur.
  8. Build Relationships-network with others, grow, and learn.
  9. Create new business
  10. Be aware of naysayers-acknowledge them and keep your eyes open.
  11. Change lives- Your business should have a positive impact on someones life
  12. Be unique -Don't be the traditional entrepreneur, stand out.

I know you are probably wondering, how did I get all of that from reading the article and watching a video? I tell you what, watch the video and read the article in the resource link below and tell me if you didn't come up with your own interpretation of tips for successful entrepreneur. 

Article Sources:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why are black lives being taken?

Why are black lives being taken?  This summer has seen tragedy with women and men in 2015.  There are so many questions to ask the authorities in power need who need to give answers to the people of various ethnic communities  who feel like they are being racially profiled.  
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Most of the questions are Why, how, and what. What went wrong for a person go from simple traffic violation and being  unarmed that would results in a mysterious death that is hidden or covered up?

Today, it was announced on ABC News that police officer Brad Miller who killed Christian Taylor, was fired. The case is still under investigation in Arlington, Texas. Even though he was fired, all eyes are watching this case to see if justice will prevail or if he will just suffer a termination of employment.  

The bottom line is Miller was fired for making a poor judgement that resulted in the death of 19 year Christian Taylor. The officer claimed that Christian had a gun in his pocket, but it turned out to be his cell phone and wallet. Why are some officers shooting first and asking questions last so to speak?  We all understand the serve and protect, but this last year the protecting and serving had gotten out of control in some areas. 

It's not just men dying, but women have died while in police custody. In the month of July, five women died while in police custody.  This raises more questions for those who were sworn in to serve and protect. Many of the families want the truth to why their loved ones had to die and what really went wrong. Some of the video surveillance release is heartening. People in communities predominantly black fear being pulled over for any type of violations by police. The trust in police has now become questionable because many fear of going to jail and dying in jail or on the way to jail. These are horrible acts of deaths of women who were pulled over for simple traffic violations, detained in a holding cell, and who were unarmed with no criminal background.  

The hashtag #SayHerName and #BlackLivesMatter was created so that we will not forget them and continue to seek justice for Sandra bland, Miriam Carey, Raynette Turner, Malissa Williams, and many others. Read more about the black movement for Black lives matter at

The community wants answers to the deaths of the men and women. For some they fears traveling to the places in the south like Texas as an example. But it's not just happening in the South. It's has occurred all over the country.  Why hasn't the federal justice department stepped forward or made a connection to all of the killings isolating African Americans, Latino, Hispanic native America men and women. 

When will these families see justice? What must we as a community do and as a country do? Is this a form of genocide? There are some angry people who want answers. How can the people get answers and justice? 

It's time for covenant prayer for peace and for justice to prevail. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's time for New Direction with our New Name-Sistah's Chronciles

It's time for a new look and time to go in a better direction.  Blogging and building your audience is always about brining news that will inform, entertain, but most importantly be of good use to your audience.  Which is why, we are taking on a new look and re-branding a new direction that will allow us to build our platform and reach a bigger audience.

It's been a year as Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner and now it's time to change her name to broaden and expand the audience as Sistah's Chronicles.  We are adding articles that will discuss  what's going on in the world news, local commuities, relationship tips, relationshp rebuttals on some of our favorite relationship experts like Stephan Speaks, Paul Brunson, and Tony Gaskins just to name a few.  We will also be sharing articles that will be informative to the community for the aspiring business entreprueners, aspiring actors/actress, and young people.  The goal is to not just be entertaining but informative, motivational, empowering, and encouraging others to follow their dreams. 

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We are going in a new direction and we want our audience to jump on board with us as we take this new journey with new goals, ambitious, new direction on hot topics, and new inspiration.  Are you on board with us?  Sign up to our subscribers list which will automatically give you access to our other blog showcase platforms and events.  Starting August 16th, a weekly newsletter will go out on Sunday's with recaps from previous week and new announcements covering our various platforms.

What are our other platforms?

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God's doing some amazing things with the creator and editor of Sistah's News Chronicles as the dreams are big and the goals are set in place.  The vision board is updated and the strategy to excel is executed. 

Have you executed your goals, your dreams, your strategy to success?  It's time to go in a new direction with a new name.  Are you with us?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Editor's Note

Welcome to Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner now new name Sistah's Chronicles.  Thank you for your continued support as we re-invent and re-brand our Blog to bring you real stories of inspiration, current events, relationships, and empowerment for men and women.  Over the next couple of weeks, you will see a transformation with our blog.  We want to inform, inspire, empower, and bring awareness on topics that affect the community. 

We have gotten emails and comments about loving the relationship series as we will continue to talk about real issues that affect relationships from abusive to toxic, to healthy and happy relationships.  We also will continue to the Small Business feature on this blog in hopes to inspire a dreamer to step out on faith and launch their own business.  Writing inspirational messages and empowerment messages are to empower, inspire, and entertain the audience on various topics.

Below are few topics that we will continue unless we hear otherwise from our audience that you like to read more about something else. 
Relationships (Domestic Violence awareness, Relationship tips, Dating, Advice)
Self Love
Current News
Motivation (words of encouragement and empowerment
Inspiration ( something to inspire you to follow your dreams)

Our job is to inspire you, encourage you, and give you hope.  The name of the blog will be changed to Sistah's Chronicles which represents a series of real stories that affect the community.

As we take this journey to make this blog better, we love to hear from you regarding what topics you like to read about?

Thank you,
Letrise Carter

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why Place Limit's on your gifts and talents?

Why Place limits on your gifts and talents?  Have you ever asked yourself why do you do this?  There is a quote that that sparked this topic and I could not help but ask the question to everyone about placing limits on our gifts, talents, and our lives. 

"Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.  You can go as far as your mind lets you.  What you beleive, remember you can achieve." by Mary Kay Ash

Sometimes we place limits on ourselves without knowing the consequences.  I say this because their are so many dreamers walking around not using or sharing their gifts or talents.  Some are afraid because they fear the cost it will take to make their dreams a reality.  What about the benefits you will reap for investing in your dreams?  One has to believe in his or her dream before anyone else can.  How many times have you heard this?  Sometimes we don't think we can do what we believe because our thoughts talks us right out of our journey to greatness.  We even become complacent with where we are in our career, our life, and our finances.  What exactly do you have to loose by investing in your dreams? 

To do this one must do two very important things:
  1. Remove the Limits set within and over your life
  2. Remove the boundaries that you have created and allowed to enter your life

If we remove the limits that we set before our your journey, then we can open doors of opportunities that will allow the use of our gifts and talents.  God didn't give you these gifts and talents to be dormant.  He gave you these gifts to share with the world be a light to shine for others.  Let go of your fears and start surrounding yourself with those doing wihat you desire to do.  It's time to learn, but first you must have the faith to let go of the limitations that you have placed on your life.  Start with letting go of fear, release your thoughts in your mind, release negative people, and most importantly put your trust in God.


If we remove the boundaries that you have created for yourself you will begin to see a path of prosperity and growth.  This will allow you to spread your wings so that you can start sharing your gifts and talents.  If you have not tapped into your gifts yet, then this is the time to figure out what are your gifts and talents?  Examine what you are passionate about.  It's always something that you drop everything to do and get excited about just thinking about it.  This is that special something that always places a smile on your face.  It's  an activity or a skill that you do that is unique to your personality and your spirit.  It's who you are and who you were born to be.  Once you figure out who you are then you can remove the boundaries or should we say wall from your life.  It's like taking off a mask to disover a new you. 

Why are you placing limits on your gifts and talents?  Better yet, why are you not sharing your gifts with the world?  Are you wearing a mask? 

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