Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's time for New Direction with our New Name-Sistah's Chronciles

It's time for a new look and time to go in a better direction.  Blogging and building your audience is always about brining news that will inform, entertain, but most importantly be of good use to your audience.  Which is why, we are taking on a new look and re-branding a new direction that will allow us to build our platform and reach a bigger audience.

It's been a year as Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner and now it's time to change her name to broaden and expand the audience as Sistah's Chronicles.  We are adding articles that will discuss  what's going on in the world news, local commuities, relationship tips, relationshp rebuttals on some of our favorite relationship experts like Stephan Speaks, Paul Brunson, and Tony Gaskins just to name a few.  We will also be sharing articles that will be informative to the community for the aspiring business entreprueners, aspiring actors/actress, and young people.  The goal is to not just be entertaining but informative, motivational, empowering, and encouraging others to follow their dreams. 

Photo Source credits:  Pinterest

We are going in a new direction and we want our audience to jump on board with us as we take this new journey with new goals, ambitious, new direction on hot topics, and new inspiration.  Are you on board with us?  Sign up to our subscribers list which will automatically give you access to our other blog showcase platforms and events.  Starting August 16th, a weekly newsletter will go out on Sunday's with recaps from previous week and new announcements covering our various platforms.

What are our other platforms?

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God's doing some amazing things with the creator and editor of Sistah's News Chronicles as the dreams are big and the goals are set in place.  The vision board is updated and the strategy to excel is executed. 

Have you executed your goals, your dreams, your strategy to success?  It's time to go in a new direction with a new name.  Are you with us?