Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Editor's Note

Welcome to Sistah's Place2 Blog Corner now new name Sistah's Chronicles.  Thank you for your continued support as we re-invent and re-brand our Blog to bring you real stories of inspiration, current events, relationships, and empowerment for men and women.  Over the next couple of weeks, you will see a transformation with our blog.  We want to inform, inspire, empower, and bring awareness on topics that affect the community. 

We have gotten emails and comments about loving the relationship series as we will continue to talk about real issues that affect relationships from abusive to toxic, to healthy and happy relationships.  We also will continue to the Small Business feature on this blog in hopes to inspire a dreamer to step out on faith and launch their own business.  Writing inspirational messages and empowerment messages are to empower, inspire, and entertain the audience on various topics.

Below are few topics that we will continue unless we hear otherwise from our audience that you like to read more about something else. 
Relationships (Domestic Violence awareness, Relationship tips, Dating, Advice)
Self Love
Current News
Motivation (words of encouragement and empowerment
Inspiration ( something to inspire you to follow your dreams)

Our job is to inspire you, encourage you, and give you hope.  The name of the blog will be changed to Sistah's Chronicles which represents a series of real stories that affect the community.

As we take this journey to make this blog better, we love to hear from you regarding what topics you like to read about?

Thank you,
Letrise Carter