Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Small business tips for Aspiring Business owner

Welcome to Small business tip Wednesday's.  When building your dream business or turning your passion into a business, you want resources with information that will help you avoid making costly mistakes,invested time wisely, make profits, and build connections to grow your business. 

I read an article by Evan Carmichael called "Richard Branson's 10 Rules to Entrepreneur Success",  that includes a video of Branson discussing his rules for entrepreneurship.   I discovered he is dsylexic and yet he is a billionaire.  I love helpful tips and resources for the aspiring small business owners like myself and new entrepreneurs.  It's a great way to pay it forward with useful, resourceful, and beneficial information that will help not just small business owners but the dreamer too.

Branson's 10 rules for Success:
  1. Keep it Simple-don't make your product or service complicated.
  2. Give it a Try- stop debating on when you will start a business, just do it.
  3. Be a Leader- Have goals and clear vision.
  4. Don't Give Up- Don't allow roadblocks and obstacles stop you.
  5. Delegate-you cannot do everything to grow your business.
  6. Treat People Well- Don't burn bridges.
  7. Shake Things Up-Create new business products or services.
  8. People will be Skeptical-Be aware of who they are and believe in your business.
  9. Affect Lives positive- Focus on having a positive impact on people's lives.
  10. Do things different-Stand out, don't be the traditional entrepreneur.

My interpretation to Branson's rules for Success for aspiring entrepreneurs or small business:
  1. Define your service or product
  2. Believe in yourself -Trust and have faith in you and your dream.
  3. Have a clear vision and goals
  4. Have people that support your vision and understand your goals
  5. Learn from your mistakes and keep pressing forward
  6. Grow your business-use resources like interns or virtual assistants.
  7. Pay it forward- share the knowledge and resources with another aspiring entrepreneur.
  8. Build Relationships-network with others, grow, and learn.
  9. Create new business
  10. Be aware of naysayers-acknowledge them and keep your eyes open.
  11. Change lives- Your business should have a positive impact on someones life
  12. Be unique -Don't be the traditional entrepreneur, stand out.

I know you are probably wondering, how did I get all of that from reading the article and watching a video? I tell you what, watch the video and read the article in the resource link below and tell me if you didn't come up with your own interpretation of tips for successful entrepreneur. 

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Photo Source:  Pinterest via Peer to Peer Loans/Ryan Carson