Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why are black lives being taken?

Why are black lives being taken?  This summer has seen tragedy with women and men in 2015.  There are so many questions to ask the authorities in power need who need to give answers to the people of various ethnic communities  who feel like they are being racially profiled.  
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Most of the questions are Why, how, and what. What went wrong for a person go from simple traffic violation and being  unarmed that would results in a mysterious death that is hidden or covered up?

Today, it was announced on ABC News that police officer Brad Miller who killed Christian Taylor, was fired. The case is still under investigation in Arlington, Texas. Even though he was fired, all eyes are watching this case to see if justice will prevail or if he will just suffer a termination of employment.  

The bottom line is Miller was fired for making a poor judgement that resulted in the death of 19 year Christian Taylor. The officer claimed that Christian had a gun in his pocket, but it turned out to be his cell phone and wallet. Why are some officers shooting first and asking questions last so to speak?  We all understand the serve and protect, but this last year the protecting and serving had gotten out of control in some areas. 

It's not just men dying, but women have died while in police custody. In the month of July, five women died while in police custody.  This raises more questions for those who were sworn in to serve and protect. Many of the families want the truth to why their loved ones had to die and what really went wrong. Some of the video surveillance release is heartening. People in communities predominantly black fear being pulled over for any type of violations by police. The trust in police has now become questionable because many fear of going to jail and dying in jail or on the way to jail. These are horrible acts of deaths of women who were pulled over for simple traffic violations, detained in a holding cell, and who were unarmed with no criminal background.  

The hashtag #SayHerName and #BlackLivesMatter was created so that we will not forget them and continue to seek justice for Sandra bland, Miriam Carey, Raynette Turner, Malissa Williams, and many others. Read more about the black movement for Black lives matter at http://hellobeautiful.com/2015/07/30/sayhername-black-women-police-brutality-victims/

The community wants answers to the deaths of the men and women. For some they fears traveling to the places in the south like Texas as an example. But it's not just happening in the South. It's has occurred all over the country.  Why hasn't the federal justice department stepped forward or made a connection to all of the killings isolating African Americans, Latino, Hispanic native America men and women. 

When will these families see justice? What must we as a community do and as a country do? Is this a form of genocide? There are some angry people who want answers. How can the people get answers and justice? 

It's time for covenant prayer for peace and for justice to prevail.