Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why does Tragedy strike in the workplace?

This morning live on television news reporter Allison Parker and camera man Adam Ward was shot and killed. Accordingly to NBC news, the gunman was recently fired from the TV station in Virginia. The gunman then shot himself where he later died at the hospital.

This was a complete shock for many watching the news this morning. Because you would not expect someone to walk into a TV station while on air and open fire. It's truly sad that people get so angry at their employers or job circumstances that they contemplate, decide, and plan to kill innocent people instead of getting help with their problems or anger issues.

It's disturbing that one cannot go to work, to  school, to theater, or to a mall and feel safe. What is going on in the minds of those who decide to take innocent lives? Are the gun control laws strict enough? Is it that easy to get a gun and walk into a place of employment?  What actions can employers take to make their employees feel safe?

Are there better ways to terminate a disgruntled employee? The gun violence has gotten completely out of control. If you can't feel safe when you get to work, then  where can you feel safe? 

At this point, all lives matter! How do you think employers should handle terminating disgruntled employees? Should the federal government take responsibility in the fatalities because of the not so strict gun laws being different In each state?  Who is responsible when the shooter kills himself? 

 Why does tragedy strike in the workplace?  

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