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Book Review Ladies Night by Christian Keyes

December 9, 2014

Book Reviewed by Sistah’s Place2 – Ladies Night  by Christian Keyes

Book Cover: Courtesy of Christian Keyes

Ladies Night  by Christian Keyes is the first novel from the multi-talented actor, writer, and producer. Mr. Keyes' novel is a well written journey about Amp Anthony, an ex-con looking to change his life by making better choices. 

After getting out of prison, Amp is challenged with rejection as he pursues employment while staying in a halfway house for 90 days. Driven by determination, he works hard to overcome the obstacles placed before him, because he is determined not to go back to prison.   Amp is faced with many of the challenges that many Black men are faced with upon release from prison.
Amp is introduced to Amateur Night by one of the dancers from Club Eden.  This one night invents "Black Magic", the stripper that will get your undivided attention with his sculpted body, exotic movements, and throbbing muscles. 

This well-written book is definitely a page turner with a great story-line and plot twists that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with the character Amp Anthony as he struggles to stay true to himself.  I loved reading every page as each chapter held my interest and drew me into the story. Even though, there were moments when it got hot and steamy.  One of the many things I loved about Ladies Night’s storyline was Amp’s heart of dedication and humility.  I highly recommend Ladies Night by Christian Keyes.
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