Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Press Release 12.3.14

We want to thank all of our readers for your continued support.  Our audience has grown and we are happy to be crossing over the beautiful seas with new readers from Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Ukraine.   We have an increased growth from France, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States. Wow, Thank you from Sistah's Place2 for following our articles. We are excited to have grown with viewers and readers across the world.  We are adding to our platform in order for us to get the next level. 

 If you missed some blog articles, you can catch up on the most popular based on the most viewed by you our audience.

November's top articles:
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2. Have you ever acted on a crush?
3. A time to be Thankful

Our most popular Blogs Year to Date:
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2. Does Celibacy Make the Relationship Better?
3. How to identify your Soul Mate?
4. Are you Inspiring a Black Woman or tearing her down?
5. Why are you the Other Woman?
6. Are you a bitter woman?

 After all, we are dreaming big over here at Sistah's Place2 as we stretch across the world to new readers and followers.  We thank you for your continued support. Follow us on Facebook for daily inspiration at