Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rise up and walk into your purpose in 2016

Can you believe this is the last day of January for the first month of 2016? I want to encourage you to go into February with a determined mindset to make 2016 better than 2015.  Don't just have goals, resolutions, and a vision board done.  You need to have a plan of action to implement these goals  and bring your dreams to life.  Let's rise up with action that will help us to complete our goals and reach our dreams.  Do you need a little inspiration?  Listen to Andra Day beautiful song Rise Up. 

YouTube video
Find your theme for this year and play it as a reminder to Rise up and walk into your purpose in 2016.  It's time for you to rise up, stand up, and have a positive impact on someones life.  You were born with a special gift inside of you waiting to be birthed.  I encourage you to tap into that gift and talent in 2016 to let your light shine.  This is your year to walk into your purpose and destiny.  Don't give up, Rise up like Andra Day sings.  Let the words touch your spirit and get your mindset ready for an amazing and blessed year.  You can do it. 

Ask yourself, what is stopping you?  You must believe in your dreams and yourself before anyone else will believe in you.   This is a year of action for you to implement your dream career,launch your own business, or write and publish that amazing novel. You can do it! Your footsteps are ordered by God. You were born to be great.

Are you ready to Rise Up? 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did You set Goals or News Years Resolutions for 2016?

We are in the second week of 2016 and many people have set resolutions while some have set goals.  Which did you set this month for 2016?  Was its goals or resolutions?  For me, I set goals for each month on my goal board.  Goals are more attainable and realistic especially because you write them down. 

I decided to give this year a definitive theme and purpose direction.  This year is prosperity and wealth as my theme as I step out on faith to follow my dreams.  My focused theme envolves around  becoming better than I was a year ago by investing in:
  1. My Health
  2. My Finances
  3. My Dreams
  4. My Happiness
These are my areas that I have defined goals with an action plan in place to meet expectations each month on my goal board.  You cannot have goals without an action plan. 

Sometimes we as mothers forget about ourselves and we get lost in the shuffle of our children and spouses activities, dreams, and happiness.  It was inspiring to watch a video with Jada Pinkette Smith  did where she was explaining to her daughter finding time for herself, "Taking Care of You".  I can honestly sit back and relate to her comments because you are so busy taking care of everybody elses needs.  We as women wear multiple hats from mother, sister, daughter, friend, employee/employer, educator, and lover. It's okay that we be there for our loved ones, but we have to remember to take the "me time" for ourselves and remember to take time for "us".   It's important to take care of you first like Jada Pinkett told to her daughter.  Check it out on YouTube video:

For 2016, I am taking care of me from my health to my finances that will all my dreams to reap the benefits.  We only get one life so this year is all about prosperity and wealth.  Are you taking care of you this year?  Did you set goals or resolutions that have no purpose or plan?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is Sistah's Creative Media?

What is Sistah's Creative Media? It's media services that focus on growing and building engagement, connections, brand awareness, and promoting projects across social media channels.  Targeting specific industries such as film, television, and publishing.  Sistah's Creative Media provides three types of services:
  • Creative Media Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Book Promotion Services

Summer 2015 Project with NFerno Production owned by Christopher Nolen

Creative media is creating unique content that informs, entertains, and engages the audience.  It's engaging content that stands out with audiences that will share information regarding projects related to and about projects that the targeted audience is interested in learning more about as the brand is being exposed to different social channels, directories, networks, and syndicated networks.

How was Sistah's Creative Media formed?  The birth of Sistah's creative media came from the freelance jobs as creative media for NFerno Productions, social media manger for multiple platforms such as Sistah's Place Entertainment  Blog and  Maya's Blog Showcase. 

The idea of growing the awareness for a project, brand, or novel is rewarding knowing you can be a voice in expanding, building, and creating visibility for indie films, indie authors, and national projects. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Tribute to Natalie Cole- Unforgettable Angel

The beautiful and insatiable Natalie Cole passed away on New Years Eve.  It was a shocked of disbelief and like most who love the talented singer thought there was a press mistake.  However, New Years  Day when I saw it announced in Essence article and Aretha Franklin tribute, it hit me.  It made you reflect about what you loved about her music and you found yourself reminiscing.  I have serveral songs that I grew up on that I can still sit and listen to over and over again.  Here are a few of my favorite songs(I love all her songs) that I use to sit by the radio and sing along when they came on.
  1. Love on My mind
  2. I am Catching Hell
  3. Unforgettable
  4. Pink Cadillac
  5. Someone That I use to Love
What's your favorite song or songs?  How many remember this song?
I must have sang this song a thousand times!

I regret that I missed her performance last February (2015) at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.  I kept telling myself I am going to see her and never got around to it due to conflit with another event.  It's times like these that we must do and go where we say because you never know when an angel will be called home.  Undoutly, Natalie Cole will truly be missed, but her music will never be forgotten.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016- Year of Wealth & Prosperity

Happy New Year 2016! This will be a year of wealth, prosperity, and driven spirit in purpose.  The first day of a new beginning. What are you going to do to make it a blessed year?

I thought about my goals and accomplishments last night as we celebrated leaving 2015 and coming into 2016, then I smiled because despite a few trials I was still accomplished and blessed.  Whatever I didn't complete last year I am not going to wrestle with the idea of why not. I come to the conclusion that goal was not realistic so I am moving forward with new goals in 2016 that are realistic and reachable. I don't mean New Years Resolutions either because let's be honest with ourselves no one really carries out on any of them.  They are unrealistic and not focused goals to complete.  I rather create goals with target dates of completion. 

Now it's a new year, 365 days to make better choices, step out on faith, and build your dreams, write that novel, have a positive impact in this world, launch that business, inspire someone, encourage someone, to be a testimony to others, and invest in you. 
It's the year of investing in you, don't you think it's time? I am investing in me more in 2016. I stepped out on faith to launch my business Sistah's Creative Media. My grand opening is 2/1/16 and I am excited to continue my dream of creative & social media management in the entertainment and publishing industry. New website at and  Facebook page is set up at providing three services. The website will be completely live by mid January. All inquiries for price packages can be sent to
Day 1, promote new business across my current social platform and network with like minded business women and men. 

Image credits: Pixabay

Last night did you take the leap of faith from 2015 into 2016? Let's make it a great year of blessings, trust your position of grace, believe in your gifts and talents, and transition to wealth. 

image credits:  Pinterest