About Sistah's Voice

What is Sistah's Voice :
Sistah's Voice  is a blog about her opinion and thoughts on real issues that are happening in the country and community.  Sistah's voice shares mindful insights on favorite books, and movies.   To be inforamative about things happening around the community and world.

About Me
 Letrise Carter is a business entreprenuer chasing and building her dreams. A Freelance writer, editor, and social & creative media manager.  She is the creator of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog, Maya's Blog Showcase, Sistah's Pearls of Wisdom, and Mia's Relationship Chronicles.  She has been a freelance writer with articles featured in Beautifully Said Magazine  and Caution Magazine.   She is a new author, writing her first novel called Deceitful- Playing with Fire. She is a passionate about her writing while writing her first novels series on relationships entangled with romance, deceit, love, and relationship issues that are relatable and realistic with today’s couples. Writing was her first passion before starting college.

In July 2014, this blog was borned with various names as Letrise was finding her niche and transforming her style of blogging. The fact she loves to talk and interact with those following their dreams in television, film, and theater gave her the idea to launch a dynamic and unique entertainment showcase to highlight the career journey and path of many known and unknown actors, actress, producers, directors, and indie authors. Visit the Sistah's Place Entertainment tab.

You have to dream big and soar high for this life has no limits.”


Photo: Courtesy of Letrise Carter