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Thank you for another Successful month!

First and for most, We at Sistah's  Place2 want to say thank you for continuing to visit our blog page and read our blogs while participating in the discussion comments on relationships. We had a successful month in August as we engaged with our audience from all over the world.  We are thrilled and excited with our statistics.

Meanwhile, our #1 audience is USA. We have crossed over the seas to reach new audiences and we thank those visiting from:
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Our top three Blogs articles for the last week of August are:
#1. How do you get out of the Friend Zone?
#2. Back to School with Greatness.
#3. Stand up Kings of Purpose!
Our top three Blogs article for the month of August are:
#1. Should a Woman ask a man out?
#2. Why are you the Other Woman?
#3. How do you get out of the Friend Zone
Our top 5 Year to date blog Articles are:
#1. Should a Woman ask a man out?
#2. Why are you the Other woman?
#3. Dating Men: Location, Location, Location
#4. Forgiveness-Before You move onto another Relationship
#5. It's My Time-Step Out on Faith.

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Thank you all for taking time to vote on your favorite topics of which the winners are Relationship and Inspiration.  We will continue to bring forth the relationship and inspirational blogs because we know our audience loves these topics.  We will continue with our mission of bringing entertainment news as we are now in a position of featuring interviews with some of our favorite celebs that we will be posting starting in September.  September is premier month so we will be featuring and promoting some of our favorite TV shows, Theater projects, and Films coming out. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How do you get out of the Friend Zone to dating?

You have a male or female friend that you have been friends with for a several years. You both have dated other people. You both have been there for moral support when each person has gotten heart broken.  You helped pack and moved out and into a new place after a bad break up.  You know deep secrets and explicit details of past relationships.  You have given each other advice on past relationships. So, now you are feeling one another outside of the friend zone.  How do you get out of the friend zone to dating? Do you want to jeopardize the friendship?
You know what each other like when it comes to food, fun, sports, and entertainment.  You have everything in common from favorite basketball and football team.  You laugh at his/her jokes even when they are not funny and you become each other's date every year for Valentines day, Sweetest Day, and sometimes even New Years Eve to bring in the New Year together instead of being alone.  So, you figure why not try dating since you already do all the things couples do anyway except for the intimacy.  However, you realize that you do share a form of intimacy you just never explored those feelings. 
Picture credits:

 Do you set boundaries if you attempt to date and go back to being just friends?  There is an old wives tale that friends make the best spouses because you already know one another.  So, for all the women and men who are currently attracted to a friend, but you don't know how to get out of the friend zone.  The first question is to ask yourself, if you date and it doesn't work out what happens to your friendship?

What advice would you give someone trying to get out of the friend zone to dating?  Do you think it's worth crossing the friendship line? Let us know your comments/thoughts!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School with Greatness!

As summer ends, we prepare to send our children back to a new school year.  It's time to send the children off with a bang.  Let's encourage them to be great and to challenge themselves so that they will showcase their tapped and untapped gifts.  Back to school can be fun and exciting for the students, and parents.  Especially all the parents sending their babies off to Kindergarten for the first time.  Tears will be shed by both parent and child.  This is the first step to letting your baby go! 

I remember sending my daughter off on her first day of school. She was excited because now she get to get on that yellow bus with all the other kids.  She felt like a big kid at the age of 4 years old and I was like most parents feeling this week terrified.  Smile!  Ironically, her teacher was my elementary 5th grade teacher.  I felt a sense of ease because I knew she was in good hands with Mrs. Johnson.  She was the best teacher at my elementary school. 

So, lets send our darlings back to school motivated, prepared, enthusiastic, and excited about a new school year.  Let's send them off with greatness to do greatness.  It's time to shine our bright starts of the future.  Let's remind them how important education is and the value of an education.

What are you doing to get your kids motivated for back to school? Share with us?
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Stand up King's of Purpose!

Stand up King's of Purpose for you were created for greatness.  You were given talents and gifts that's awaiting to be birthed and released to make a difference in this world.  Despite the negative energy that has been displayed in the media, we must continue to encourage and support our young men. No parent shall live in fear of their child being shot to death for any reason.  Stand up King's of Purpose!  Hold your heads up high for you are the son's of the most high.   
We encourage you to learn your rights, know your rights, and stand strong in position for your rights.  You are warriors of peace and justice not warriors of mad destruction. The violence must stop and there must be a change within the justice system to treat all men equally and fairly despite the color of their skin.  Our boys are dying too young before they learn their divine purpose, master their gift, and learn who they were born to be. 
Let's give our black boys and black men the chance to learn who they are, walk into their purpose, chase their dreams, and stand as the Kings they were created to be.  Many showcase their gifts and talents; yet some have not been given the chance to shine because of their skin color.  Let's stop the racial profiling and racial barriers and treat all men equally.  Stand up Kings of purpose!  Take your rightful position that you were created to be. 
On behalf of Sistah's Place2, we send our hearts and prayers to the Brown Family. Let's have peace and justice for Michael Brown.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why are you the other woman?

The question of the moment, Why are you the other woman?  What's the purpose and the benefits of being the other woman?  It baffles me as to why any woman want to be second to another woman.  I never understood the reasoning or excuses that some women give regarding being the other woman. Are there some special perks to being the other woman?  These are questions for the "Other woman" to think about.

Honestly, I don't see perks to being second to another woman nor do I see the perks in sharing a man that you should want to have all of his undivided attention.  What about the drama that comes with it when the wife or girlfriend finds out about you?  Most importantly, what about that sister's feelings and the affect on the family.  I spoke with a few women who expressed that they don't mind being the other woman because it has benefits and perks.  Here are their top 5 benefits to being the other woman:
  1. He pays her bills it's a financial arrangement.
  2. She sends him home to his wife or girlfriend.
  3. They take exotic trips and getaway weekends.
  4. She satisfies him intimately and she makes him happy.
  5. She is his escape after a long hard day at the office.
Now, real women know that all of that those 5 perks above is a bunch of bull crap.  Let's look at the so called benefits a little closer.
  1. Its' a financial arrangement and nothing is free.  He pays her bills and in return your laying on your back so technically he is paying for a service.
  2. She sends him home to his wife or girlfriend and in return leaving you empty and alone. 
  3. Those exotic trips are most likely business trips and you will never be taken anywhere he takes his wife or girlfriend. You don't have a say so when you don't get his time during holidays and your birthday.  Most likely you can't be seen in public locally with the fear of him running into his wife, family members, or friends. 
  4. She satisfies him intimately and she makes him happy. He is paying your bills and this is your way of thanking him by having sex with him.  Your putting your life on the line if your having unprotected sex with him.  Do you really think he is not having sex with his wife?  You're a lot more na├»ve than I thought if you think that he is not sleeping with his wife.
  5. She is his escape after a long hard day at the office.  Is that what you call it?  Your his release of frustration and he does not have to worry about you questioning him.
Bottom line, Why be other woman when you can have a man of your own.  Respect yourself and know your worth as a woman.  If you don't respect yourself than how can you ask a man to respect you.  Your real friends would not trust to have you around their man either because you don't value yourself or know your worth.

Question for the men, are there really benefits and perks to have another woman?  What does that say about a man? 

Question for the women, Why would you share another man with another woman?  Is there real value in that type of relationship?

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Identify your Soul mate?

Today's blog was inspired by a sermon that I watched last weekend about 5 Keys to your Soul mate by Pastor Toure Roberts of One Church International. I was inspired as I reviewed over my notes to write about "Soul mates".

 The sermon was powerful and allowed me to reflect on past relationships where I thought I found my soul mate.  Many of the examples that were given through out the sermon I could relate to  and had a few "light bulb" moments as I examined my past relationships.  Examining the past prepares you for your present and future so that you don't make the same mistakes as well is ensure you learned the lesson that was apart of your journey on purpose.  It's given me a better assessment of what I should be looking for in a Soul mate and how to identify him when he is presented before me.  We all want to find our Soul mate and live happily every after!  Most importantly, to grow with someone that is your equal and compliments your purpose!  For it is the woman who was taken from his rib to complete each others purpose in life.

What are soul mates?  This is defined as two people who have connected spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The pastor's definition summarized is that a soul mate is a person that God has chosen for you to complete each others purpose. Soul mates compliment one another's goals, dreams, and most important their purpose.

Photo credits: courtesy of Pinterest

 How do you know that you have found your soul mate?  There are 5 Keys to your Soul mates:
  1. Chemistry
  2. Connection/Draw
  3. Wholeness
  4. Devine Confirmation
  5. Sense of Purpose
As we have learned over our adult lives, you can have chemistry with anyone and that does not make those people your soul mates.  When you meet that special person, there is chemistry between the two of you that is unexplainable.  It's not sexual or physical attraction but more so a spiritual connection that draws you to his/her spirit.  That person you have this chemistry and are drawn to must be whole just as you should be whole.  Wholeness will qualify the chemistry and connection that you have with your soul mate.  Meanwhile, you must receive a word from God that gives you your Devine confirmation that this person is your soul mate.  Lastly, the person must have a sense of purpose knowing who they are, is extremely important.  You don't want to wake up and realize your purpose and you are in the wrong relationship.  I want someone who knows who they are and is in full pursuit of their purpose, their dreams, and living each day whole!

Have you found your Soul mate? 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sony Pictures- NO GOOD DEED!

It's Feature Thursday's for upcoming movies I have watched the trailer for this movie with the talented Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson. This is a dynamic combination with these two talented actors.  Taraji always bring her A game to every movie she graces and Idris plays his role to the tea!  The suspense in the trailer is a great teaser for this upcoming movie hitting theaters on September 12, 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

What would you do if a strange man knocked on your door for Help and he was the epitome of  fine?  Would you allow him to use your phone and come into your home?  Would you be scared?  Well, from the looks of the multiple trailers he comes off charming and polite at first.  Then the plot thickens and so does the suspense. We all have good hearts and always willing to help others! We just have to be careful who we open our doors to. 

 Let's show up and make this movie #1 at the box office opening weekend of September 12, 2014.  We would love to have a interview with Idris Elba or Taraji P. Henson, so stay tuned to find out if we can chat with the talented actors.

Check out the link to the trailer and share your thoughts and comments.

We support talented Black Actors/Actresses & Producers/Directors! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Should a Woman ask a Man out?

You recently found out that he is single and you are interested in getting to know him.  The question is should you approach him?  Is it okay for a woman to ask a man she is interested in dating out on a date? The question boggles our mind, How would he perceive me if I approach him?  All of these questions go through your mind as you contemplate whether or not to ask the fine handsome gentlemen out.
Photo credits: courtesy of Pinterest

In today’s time, women are more independent, out spoken, and financially secure so placing their eye on a targeted male of interest puts the chase in full pursuit for happiness.  Some black men are old fashion and prefer to be the chaser and not be chased.  How can one approach a potential candidate if he is old fashion?  Maybe ask him out for lunch or after work drink as a friend to feel him out.  We never want to make the man feel less than a man.  I believe some men find it flattering that we approached them, but when we are persistent it turns into a turn off instead of a turn on.  So, how should we handle the situation and still appear to be a "Lady". 

That  is the open topic question for today and we would love to hear from the men in the audience as well as the ladies.  Leave your comment.  Let's interact today with this bold question.  Let' hear from you, especially the Men? How would it make you feel if a woman (Sister) asked you out?  For those of you who are married, share your thoughts with us, who approached who when you and your spouse was dating?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's take Depression serious!

Depression is serious and should not be taken lightly.  We can define this as a feeling of sadness, anger, frustration, and feeling lost. We all have experienced being depressed or sad one time or another. However, how we handled depression is what matters the most.  Sometimes life will throw you obstacles, hurtles, and a few storms that are unbearable while you are in pursuit of your dreams, your career, or starting a new business.  You must have someone to talk to when the anxiety arise, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling lost began to over come you.  Keeping pain inside is not healthy for you spiritually, physically, or emotionally.   It's so easy to put on a smile and be hurting on the inside.  When you realize the crying does not stop, being by yourself all the time, and loss of appetite then it's time to talk to someone. 

I can personally relate to being depressed, I felt lost in a very dark place. You don't realize the time you have stayed in this place until your mind starts playing tricks on you.  The rationalization begins to explore options in your mind that are not coherent to solve your problems. I had to find my way out of this dark place because it was time for the crying to stop and feeling lost to be found.  It's start with you taking control of your thoughts and realizing you need to talk with someone.  Given the opportunity to talk to someone gave me the clarity on what I needed to do to make me better.  Having a spiritual foundation and belief, I was able to come out of that darkness through prayer and counseling.  Many times, we close ourselves off to the world in fear of being judge.  You have to come to that conclusion that what people say about you does not dictate your life nor does it make you the person.

Take the step to make you better!  Take the step and choose Life!  Take the step to talk with someone about how you are feeling.  I encourage everyone to say something nice to the next person you pass at work, on the street, in the grocery store, or in the mall because you never know what a simple "Hi how are you" will do to a person's spirit.

On Behalf of Sistah's Place2 Inspiration & Entertainment News, we send out our prayers to The Robin Williams Family. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fall 2014- Triple Threat Thursday on ABC

Where are my Shonda Rhimes fans?  She has done it again and this time it's a Triple Threat all on one exciting night. 

Are you getting excited about Thursday's this Fall yet?  It's going to be a Triple Threat Thursdays with the line up starting with Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get away with Murder. I will be turning off my phone so that these three shows get my undivided attention.  I have not seen anyone launch three hit drama shows on the same network airing on the same night.  She is most definitely on the right network as she has shown it in the numbers of viewers on Thursday Night's. 

Do you think Olivia Pope will return?  What happened to Harrison?  Is Mya Pope really dead or is she in the B16 hole?  We will have to tune in on September 25th with all eyes, ears, and mouth dropping for the shocking twists that Mrs. Rhimes has in store for this super night! 
Greys Anatomy
Well we said good bye to Cristina Yang and that was beautiful and I was hoping that her going off to Switzerland would be a spinoff of a new show, but I don't think we should hold our breathes on that one! It was a GREAT send off of her character, she will be missed!  April and Jackson are expecting a baby.  Meanwhile,  Is Meredith staying in Seattle or will she go with Derek? Does Richard Webber have a love child?  Now would this be Meredith's half sister?  You have to tune in to find out.
How to Get away with Murder
Now this show looks so good with actress Viola Davis.  She is a great actress and I expect nothing but the best from her so we will have to set back and watch the plots and twist unfold.  Tune in to ABC on Thursday nights for Triple Threat dramas from Shonda Rhimes!  

Will you be tuned in on Thursday's?  Did you catch up on your season of Scandal and Greys Anatomy over the summer?  You don't want to start the Fall 2014 lost and confused because I promise you, if you are in my house we would make you be quiet.  Triple Threat Thursday's start September 25th with new times slots starting with Grey's Anatomy at 8/7c, Scandal 9/8c, and How to Get away with Murder at 10/9c on ABC.  We are excited at Sistah's Place2! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is Your Relationship Checklist Realistic?

Is it hard finding Mr. Right?  Is the expectations and "The List" realistic? I know women who have this long list that is a must have from the man of their dreams. It makes you wonder if this list is realistic because their still single. 

  This infamous list reads: he must be 6'5, making 6 figures, 6 pack body, and drive a nice car. Those qualities sound nice but they are all physical.  What about qualities such as his spiritual background or belief, family values, his goals, his dreams, aspiration, ability to be a provider, romantic, and whether or not he wants kids.  Don't get me wrong it's very nice to have a drop dead gorgeous man standing before you meeting those physical requirements.  What about the longevity requirements that all men should be required to have?  A relationship is an investment that should be long-term and not treated like short-term CD's that does not mature. 

Make your list realistic so that it makes sense because face it, you might end up growing old by yourself if you don't tweak it to reality.  Your Mr. Right could be standing you right in the face. Unfortunately, you have this unrealistic checklist that is keeping him from you.  As a matter of fact, that checklist should have two sides just as a coin.  Put it this way, everything you are looking for on your checklist you should be able to be an equal or at least compliment his attributes, his personality, his spirit, his physical, and financial to some point. 

For instance, if you want him to be physically fit, then you should too or at least be working out regularly in the gym.  No healthy fit man wants a woman that is not taking care of her body just as he is taking care of his. Say, you want a man with a plan for his career goals and personal life  then you should have a plan for your career goals and personal development. From the conversations that I have encountered with the single brothers, they want a woman to compliment their qualities as well as meet their checklist requirements.

We as single women need to make our checklist requirements are realistic and be able to match that brothers checklist.  Look at your checklist and ask yourself, Is my checklist realistic?  What do you have on your checklist that you know should come off?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Re-build Low Self Esteem - Love Yourself First

Growing up in black community, we all have experienced the different blows to our self-esteem that later affects us in our adult life.  The blows can be anything from your fat, you are not pretty enough, your too dark, and your ugly.  Those type of blows affect little girls in such a powerful way that they become distant and loners because they don’t feel loved or beautiful.  None of those comments represent love.  What’s sad about this is that many times these very words come from siblings, aunts, uncles, boyfriend, and even your mother. picture credit
When you grow up in a home where your self-esteem took several blows on a daily basis it’s the grace of God that some rise above those horrific blows.  There is always a reaction with an action and some choose bad behavior or bad company because of their low self-esteem.  For instance, you date a guy who is constantly verbally abusive and does not respect you and you think that’s okay. You are constantly trying to lose weight to impress a man that you feel will leave you if you’re not that size 6. You look for a man to tell you that you are beautiful so you can feel whole because growing up no one ever told you that you were beautiful, it was always your ugly. picture credit
 Just as low self-esteem is inflicted on you it can also be reversed with small changes so that you heal yourself and break the cycle of inflicting those horrible words onto your daughter or son someday. It sounds easy, but you have to start with yourself first to break the cycle. Here’s 7 tips to get you started to re-building your self-esteem. 
  1. Forgive All those who said hurtful things to you growing up and even in your adult life.
  2. Love yourself- Let this be a daily affirmation each morning and night. Say it in the mirror.
  3. Daily Affirmations- You are beautiful, you are talented, you are sexy.
  4. Don't let others speak negative thoughts around you. You have control of your circle.
  5. Believe in yourself and the beautiful woman you were created to be.
  6. Remember Black is beautiful in all shades, shapes, and curves.
  7. Don't settle for less than you deserve because you deserve the Best!
I was one of those little girls and I broke the cycle so that my daughter would never have to experience those type of blows to her spirit. I am beautiful and wonderfully made by the most high. I love me and all my curves! I am unique and deserve the best.  I tell my daughter every day she is beautiful and most important that I love her.  You be amazed as to the words we use as to how it affect ones self esteem. 
Do you have Low self esteem?  Share your thoughts how you broken the cycle or how you will start?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Tribute to Black Men

It's Man Crust Monday on all social media and today, we decided to send out a special tribute to all beautiful, talented, and sexy Black men following their dreams and living their dreams.  You have stepped out on Faith and put in the hard work, time, sacrifices, and energy to follow your dreams. We love a man that is determined, focused, getting his grind in, and most important dreaming big.

The challenges you may face may not be the same as your fellow sister.  Your still amazing as you give us that beautiful smiles each day and night as you press forward in a world that at times can be cruel towards you.  We support your struggles, your dreams, and encourage you to keep pressing forward. We believe in you, your dreams, and your goals. You are talented, you are unique, you are ambitious, and you're strong black man that has risen against the odds of our society. You are blessed and highly favored for you need to know we stand beside you with a vision of excellence and greatness.

With that being said, to all the beautiful #Black men, When God created the Black man, he created a #Masterpiece that cannot be duplicated!"  We admire your spirit, your ability to make a difference and make a change that shows the world that there are still good, beautiful, and dynamic  #Black men. 
We trust you with our hearts and our love because we know you will cherish and honor the love we have for you. There is nothing like a strong black man created to be a #KING.  Take your place and position next to your #Queen!
Who's your Man Crush Monday? #MCM, Let us know.  Share with us today!  We like to hear from you!
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank You!

Since launching my blog site the first week of July, we have had the pleasure of being welcomed by the 817 website visitors.  With that being said, We Thank you for taking the time to stop by to read our blogs and inquire to who we are at Sistah's Place2 Inspiration & Entertainment News! 
I thought we share the top 5 most popular Blog articles for July based on the Stats we received.
1. Dating Men-Location, Location, Location
2. Forgiveness-Before You Move on to Next Relationship.
3. It's My Time-Step Out on Faith
4. Love- How I want to be loved
5. New Movie-72 Hours by Christopher Nolen

Thank you for making our top 5 out of 12 posts for the 25 days we were blogging the most popular. Its sets the tone for what you like to read. We would like to encourage you to comment on the blog site your thoughts for your favorite blog articles or check the survey boxes below the blog articles.

The month of August will be an exciting one as we plan to bring you more on Relationships, Inspiration & Empowerment, and present movie reviews and showcase some new movies coming out. We are looking forward to interacting and interviewing some of the most talented actors, actresses, producers, and directors.  Once again, thank you for visiting & reading Sistah's Place2 Inspiration & Entertainment News blogs.
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