Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is Your Relationship Checklist Realistic?

Is it hard finding Mr. Right?  Is the expectations and "The List" realistic? I know women who have this long list that is a must have from the man of their dreams. It makes you wonder if this list is realistic because their still single. 

  This infamous list reads: he must be 6'5, making 6 figures, 6 pack body, and drive a nice car. Those qualities sound nice but they are all physical.  What about qualities such as his spiritual background or belief, family values, his goals, his dreams, aspiration, ability to be a provider, romantic, and whether or not he wants kids.  Don't get me wrong it's very nice to have a drop dead gorgeous man standing before you meeting those physical requirements.  What about the longevity requirements that all men should be required to have?  A relationship is an investment that should be long-term and not treated like short-term CD's that does not mature. 

Make your list realistic so that it makes sense because face it, you might end up growing old by yourself if you don't tweak it to reality.  Your Mr. Right could be standing you right in the face. Unfortunately, you have this unrealistic checklist that is keeping him from you.  As a matter of fact, that checklist should have two sides just as a coin.  Put it this way, everything you are looking for on your checklist you should be able to be an equal or at least compliment his attributes, his personality, his spirit, his physical, and financial to some point. 

For instance, if you want him to be physically fit, then you should too or at least be working out regularly in the gym.  No healthy fit man wants a woman that is not taking care of her body just as he is taking care of his. Say, you want a man with a plan for his career goals and personal life  then you should have a plan for your career goals and personal development. From the conversations that I have encountered with the single brothers, they want a woman to compliment their qualities as well as meet their checklist requirements.

We as single women need to make our checklist requirements are realistic and be able to match that brothers checklist.  Look at your checklist and ask yourself, Is my checklist realistic?  What do you have on your checklist that you know should come off?

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