Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How do you get out of the Friend Zone to dating?

You have a male or female friend that you have been friends with for a several years. You both have dated other people. You both have been there for moral support when each person has gotten heart broken.  You helped pack and moved out and into a new place after a bad break up.  You know deep secrets and explicit details of past relationships.  You have given each other advice on past relationships. So, now you are feeling one another outside of the friend zone.  How do you get out of the friend zone to dating? Do you want to jeopardize the friendship?
You know what each other like when it comes to food, fun, sports, and entertainment.  You have everything in common from favorite basketball and football team.  You laugh at his/her jokes even when they are not funny and you become each other's date every year for Valentines day, Sweetest Day, and sometimes even New Years Eve to bring in the New Year together instead of being alone.  So, you figure why not try dating since you already do all the things couples do anyway except for the intimacy.  However, you realize that you do share a form of intimacy you just never explored those feelings. 
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 Do you set boundaries if you attempt to date and go back to being just friends?  There is an old wives tale that friends make the best spouses because you already know one another.  So, for all the women and men who are currently attracted to a friend, but you don't know how to get out of the friend zone.  The first question is to ask yourself, if you date and it doesn't work out what happens to your friendship?

What advice would you give someone trying to get out of the friend zone to dating?  Do you think it's worth crossing the friendship line? Let us know your comments/thoughts!