Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why are you the other woman?

The question of the moment, Why are you the other woman?  What's the purpose and the benefits of being the other woman?  It baffles me as to why any woman want to be second to another woman.  I never understood the reasoning or excuses that some women give regarding being the other woman. Are there some special perks to being the other woman?  These are questions for the "Other woman" to think about.

Honestly, I don't see perks to being second to another woman nor do I see the perks in sharing a man that you should want to have all of his undivided attention.  What about the drama that comes with it when the wife or girlfriend finds out about you?  Most importantly, what about that sister's feelings and the affect on the family.  I spoke with a few women who expressed that they don't mind being the other woman because it has benefits and perks.  Here are their top 5 benefits to being the other woman:
  1. He pays her bills it's a financial arrangement.
  2. She sends him home to his wife or girlfriend.
  3. They take exotic trips and getaway weekends.
  4. She satisfies him intimately and she makes him happy.
  5. She is his escape after a long hard day at the office.
Now, real women know that all of that those 5 perks above is a bunch of bull crap.  Let's look at the so called benefits a little closer.
  1. Its' a financial arrangement and nothing is free.  He pays her bills and in return your laying on your back so technically he is paying for a service.
  2. She sends him home to his wife or girlfriend and in return leaving you empty and alone. 
  3. Those exotic trips are most likely business trips and you will never be taken anywhere he takes his wife or girlfriend. You don't have a say so when you don't get his time during holidays and your birthday.  Most likely you can't be seen in public locally with the fear of him running into his wife, family members, or friends. 
  4. She satisfies him intimately and she makes him happy. He is paying your bills and this is your way of thanking him by having sex with him.  Your putting your life on the line if your having unprotected sex with him.  Do you really think he is not having sex with his wife?  You're a lot more naïve than I thought if you think that he is not sleeping with his wife.
  5. She is his escape after a long hard day at the office.  Is that what you call it?  Your his release of frustration and he does not have to worry about you questioning him.
Bottom line, Why be other woman when you can have a man of your own.  Respect yourself and know your worth as a woman.  If you don't respect yourself than how can you ask a man to respect you.  Your real friends would not trust to have you around their man either because you don't value yourself or know your worth.

Question for the men, are there really benefits and perks to have another woman?  What does that say about a man? 

Question for the women, Why would you share another man with another woman?  Is there real value in that type of relationship?