Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thank you for another Successful month!

First and for most, We at Sistah's  Place2 want to say thank you for continuing to visit our blog page and read our blogs while participating in the discussion comments on relationships. We had a successful month in August as we engaged with our audience from all over the world.  We are thrilled and excited with our statistics.

Meanwhile, our #1 audience is USA. We have crossed over the seas to reach new audiences and we thank those visiting from:
 #1. USA #2. United Kingdom   #3. Poland   #4.  Australia  #5.  Germany #6. India 
#7. Canada  #8. Taiwan   #9.Ukraine   #10.  Ireland  #11. Belgium  #12. Spain  #13. Netherlands

Our top three Blogs articles for the last week of August are:
#1. How do you get out of the Friend Zone?
#2. Back to School with Greatness.
#3. Stand up Kings of Purpose!
Our top three Blogs article for the month of August are:
#1. Should a Woman ask a man out?
#2. Why are you the Other Woman?
#3. How do you get out of the Friend Zone
Our top 5 Year to date blog Articles are:
#1. Should a Woman ask a man out?
#2. Why are you the Other woman?
#3. Dating Men: Location, Location, Location
#4. Forgiveness-Before You move onto another Relationship
#5. It's My Time-Step Out on Faith.

Just in case you missed one of the above Blog articles, these are the top categorized by best for the last week of August, for the month of August, and year to date top five blog articles. Thank you for making these the most read articles and participating in the discussion comments. Picture credits

Thank you all for taking time to vote on your favorite topics of which the winners are Relationship and Inspiration.  We will continue to bring forth the relationship and inspirational blogs because we know our audience loves these topics.  We will continue with our mission of bringing entertainment news as we are now in a position of featuring interviews with some of our favorite celebs that we will be posting starting in September.  September is premier month so we will be featuring and promoting some of our favorite TV shows, Theater projects, and Films coming out. 

We will feature an article from our blog site on our weekly website at where a lot more is being showcased each week.  We appreciate your support and sharing our blog articles.  We strive to be the best and bring you inspiring & entertainment news!