Monday, August 4, 2014

Tribute to Black Men

It's Man Crust Monday on all social media and today, we decided to send out a special tribute to all beautiful, talented, and sexy Black men following their dreams and living their dreams.  You have stepped out on Faith and put in the hard work, time, sacrifices, and energy to follow your dreams. We love a man that is determined, focused, getting his grind in, and most important dreaming big.

The challenges you may face may not be the same as your fellow sister.  Your still amazing as you give us that beautiful smiles each day and night as you press forward in a world that at times can be cruel towards you.  We support your struggles, your dreams, and encourage you to keep pressing forward. We believe in you, your dreams, and your goals. You are talented, you are unique, you are ambitious, and you're strong black man that has risen against the odds of our society. You are blessed and highly favored for you need to know we stand beside you with a vision of excellence and greatness.

With that being said, to all the beautiful #Black men, When God created the Black man, he created a #Masterpiece that cannot be duplicated!"  We admire your spirit, your ability to make a difference and make a change that shows the world that there are still good, beautiful, and dynamic  #Black men. 
We trust you with our hearts and our love because we know you will cherish and honor the love we have for you. There is nothing like a strong black man created to be a #KING.  Take your place and position next to your #Queen!
Who's your Man Crush Monday? #MCM, Let us know.  Share with us today!  We like to hear from you!
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