Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sony Pictures- NO GOOD DEED!

It's Feature Thursday's for upcoming movies I have watched the trailer for this movie with the talented Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson. This is a dynamic combination with these two talented actors.  Taraji always bring her A game to every movie she graces and Idris plays his role to the tea!  The suspense in the trailer is a great teaser for this upcoming movie hitting theaters on September 12, 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

What would you do if a strange man knocked on your door for Help and he was the epitome of  fine?  Would you allow him to use your phone and come into your home?  Would you be scared?  Well, from the looks of the multiple trailers he comes off charming and polite at first.  Then the plot thickens and so does the suspense. We all have good hearts and always willing to help others! We just have to be careful who we open our doors to. 

 Let's show up and make this movie #1 at the box office opening weekend of September 12, 2014.  We would love to have a interview with Idris Elba or Taraji P. Henson, so stay tuned to find out if we can chat with the talented actors.

Check out the link to the trailer and share your thoughts and comments.

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