Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Re-build Low Self Esteem - Love Yourself First

Growing up in black community, we all have experienced the different blows to our self-esteem that later affects us in our adult life.  The blows can be anything from your fat, you are not pretty enough, your too dark, and your ugly.  Those type of blows affect little girls in such a powerful way that they become distant and loners because they don’t feel loved or beautiful.  None of those comments represent love.  What’s sad about this is that many times these very words come from siblings, aunts, uncles, boyfriend, and even your mother. 

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When you grow up in a home where your self-esteem took several blows on a daily basis it’s the grace of God that some rise above those horrific blows.  There is always a reaction with an action and some choose bad behavior or bad company because of their low self-esteem.  For instance, you date a guy who is constantly verbally abusive and does not respect you and you think that’s okay. You are constantly trying to lose weight to impress a man that you feel will leave you if you’re not that size 6. You look for a man to tell you that you are beautiful so you can feel whole because growing up no one ever told you that you were beautiful, it was always your ugly.
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 Just as low self-esteem is inflicted on you it can also be reversed with small changes so that you heal yourself and break the cycle of inflicting those horrible words onto your daughter or son someday. It sounds easy, but you have to start with yourself first to break the cycle. Here’s 7 tips to get you started to re-building your self-esteem. 
  1. Forgive All those who said hurtful things to you growing up and even in your adult life.
  2. Love yourself- Let this be a daily affirmation each morning and night. Say it in the mirror.
  3. Daily Affirmations- You are beautiful, you are talented, you are sexy.
  4. Don't let others speak negative thoughts around you. You have control of your circle.
  5. Believe in yourself and the beautiful woman you were created to be.
  6. Remember Black is beautiful in all shades, shapes, and curves.
  7. Don't settle for less than you deserve because you deserve the Best!
I was one of those little girls and I broke the cycle so that my daughter would never have to experience those type of blows to her spirit. I am beautiful and wonderfully made by the most high. I love me and all my curves! I am unique and deserve the best.  I tell my daughter every day she is beautiful and most important that I love her.  You be amazed as to the words we use as to how it affect ones self esteem. 
Do you have Low self esteem?  Share your thoughts how you broken the cycle or how you will start?