Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's take Depression serious!

Depression is serious and should not be taken lightly.  We can define this as a feeling of sadness, anger, frustration, and feeling lost. We all have experienced being depressed or sad one time or another. However, how we handled depression is what matters the most.  Sometimes life will throw you obstacles, hurtles, and a few storms that are unbearable while you are in pursuit of your dreams, your career, or starting a new business.  You must have someone to talk to when the anxiety arise, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling lost began to over come you.  Keeping pain inside is not healthy for you spiritually, physically, or emotionally.   It's so easy to put on a smile and be hurting on the inside.  When you realize the crying does not stop, being by yourself all the time, and loss of appetite then it's time to talk to someone. 

I can personally relate to being depressed, I felt lost in a very dark place. You don't realize the time you have stayed in this place until your mind starts playing tricks on you.  The rationalization begins to explore options in your mind that are not coherent to solve your problems. I had to find my way out of this dark place because it was time for the crying to stop and feeling lost to be found.  It's start with you taking control of your thoughts and realizing you need to talk with someone.  Given the opportunity to talk to someone gave me the clarity on what I needed to do to make me better.  Having a spiritual foundation and belief, I was able to come out of that darkness through prayer and counseling.  Many times, we close ourselves off to the world in fear of being judge.  You have to come to that conclusion that what people say about you does not dictate your life nor does it make you the person.

Take the step to make you better!  Take the step and choose Life!  Take the step to talk with someone about how you are feeling.  I encourage everyone to say something nice to the next person you pass at work, on the street, in the grocery store, or in the mall because you never know what a simple "Hi how are you" will do to a person's spirit.

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