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Self Worth-Would You Marry Yourself?

There was a story published in a online publication that I follow called The about a woman who married herself.  This idea sounds crazy right! Well, it raises the question, are we taking being independent to the extremes that we decide to marry ourselves?  The vows of a marriage are sacred and it's a covenant between you and God.  How do you have a covenant with God and yourself and no spouse?

It's understandable that one gets lonely, but one should view that time as getting yourself ready for your soul mate. Sometimes we think we are ready for marriage because all of our friends, colleagues, and family is doing it! Marriage should not be a trend.  Marriage represents an investment into two people.  It's an unbreakable bond that bring forth unity of two people that have to put forth the time, energy, and work to make the marriage survive through the ups and downs. 

Marriage should be a special day that you celebrate with someone who has chosen you to spend the rest of their lives and eternity building a life and legacy together.  To take on a man's last name is an honorable bond and blessing to become a gift of unity.
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Are we as women, desperate enough that we marry ourselves?  Does one know their self worth? When you marry yourself, you are still alone because you didn't exchange vows or commitment with anyone but yourself.  Learning to be happy with who you are while waiting on your Mr. Right should teach you the appreciation for the journey that will prepare you for meeting your soul mate.

If your daughter came to you and said, I want to get married to myself.  What would you do?

You can read the article that inspired this blog topic today at:

Poetry Corner with Rodrick Bates- Everything

From the top of your head to the sole of your feet, please give me everything that I see... unlimitedly. And as you keep giving me everything that I have seen; I also want you to give me the things that I can't see, like your mind, soul, and your beautiful heartbeat.  I want to learn to know your favorite everything and everything you don't like will never be seen.

Everything you want is what I want you to need and I'll make sure your needs never turn into wants. If you don't, we won't, no matter what it might be. Just to have the honor of sharing the air you breathe makes me inhale and exhale each moment... slowly. Like a whiff of a scratch and sniff scent with roses, or like a night drift reaching shore from the ocean.

I want to be the one you adore, and your devotion. I want to shower you with a love that forever rains, until the root of your heart grows into my "everything." I just want to learn to love everything about you and to feel misplaced if I did anything without you, because a heart isn't worth anything without two. From the start I knew my dreams were coming true because reality was manifesting in the form of you. Now each day that I wake up is a confirmation of blessings coming down after prayers have gone up. And everything that you do is my God given proof. My everything is what he's sent through you.

If I opened up your heart and looked inside, I'll find everything I needed to walk through life. If I couldn't walk, everything that you provide is more than strong enough for a comfortable ride. You're my everything, my wheels and my guide.  And even though I can't physically touch love, you still find ways to show me how it feels inside. So for the rest of my life, I'm giving you much love. Everything plus everything equals everything for us.

Author's Bio:

Rodrick Bates is a poetic author of love, life, and relationships who writes to uplift, encourage, and inspire individuals. His latest works are When Faith is Shaken and The Book of Hearts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Self Love & Self Worth By Rodrick Bates

All women and men really need to understand this; you can't fly high in true love until self-love has truly landed.  If you don't love yourself, how could you look at someone else and demand it?  If you don't know your worth, you could cheat yourself out of what you deserve, and love may never go the way that you planned it. 

No one can set a better example of how to treat you better than you can.  If you attempt to give your love away when self-love and self-worth are not present; your heart could end up with more jagged edges than a used can.  It's hard to give someone something that you don't have.  It's even harder to be faithful to something within you that doesn't exist. 

Love is supposed to be a gift, but if you don't love yourself before you attempt to unwrap it; all you'll really be giving away is a wish. When you learn your worth and become faithful to yourself; you won't let any woman or man use you again and again; abuse you again and again, or lose you again and again. Self-love and self-worth give you strength to be faithful to who you are, and to naturally build a low tolerance for people who leave you with scars.  If you go to bed every night with the same person who makes you feel worthless when you wake up; you don't know your worth, because there is no self-love. 

 Loving yourself decreases your chances of being misled by temporary pleasures that never take love off the shelf.  You should love and appreciate yourself so much that no one could ever depreciate your wealth.  Self-love and self-worth give you more control over what happens to your heart. When you love yourself as a whole, you won't let a sole tear you apart.

Author's Bio:
Rodrick Bates is a poetic author of love, life, and relationships who writes to uplift, encourage, and inspire individuals. His latest works are When Faith is Shaken and The Book of Hearts.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Exlcusive Interview with Self-Published Author Rodrick Bates

We had the pleasure to sit down and talk with author Rodrick Bates about his latest novel When Faith is Shaken and his inspirations for being a writer.  He is best known for his uplifting and encouraging poetry about relationships. 

Tell us about your latest novel, When Faith is Shaken.
Rodrick: When Faith is Shaken is actually my latest compilation of poetry. It’s a chapbook of poetry which is a small compilation of poetry usually 30-50 pages and it is also a series.  The title speaks for itself.  It’s an encouraging and uplifting compilation of poems.  I have been known for the people that follow my work that my writing is about personal feelings about relationships, love, and life.  I wanted to shake it up a little bit and write something that was more encouraging people about their life, relationships, and love life.  I wanted people to look at the title and say, they can gain something from it. 

Photo Credits: Book cover owned by Dazlin  Books 2014

Are you working on any other projects?
Rodrick: Actually, When Faith is Shaken is a series of poetry and this is volume I that was just released.   I also released another chapter book called The Book of Hearts.   I am currently working on volume II for When Faith is Shaken as well as another book of love poems which is yet to be titled.

How long have you been writing and what is your inspiration for writing?
Rodrick: I have been writing poetry for 19 years.  Yeah, I have been writing for a while.  I began publishing my work in 2005 around the middle of those nine-teen years.  When I first started into the publishing aspect of writing that is when I started taking writing more serious.  It became less of a hobby and more of a job.  The passion didn’t go away but if anything became stronger.  Writing just became less of a hobby and more of a job then I wanted to touch people with my words through publication. 

My initial inspiration was found through searching for a unique way to describe my feelings.  I was not looking to start a journal or write as I was outlining a memoir, but really a way to display my feelings and articulate those thoughts that have already been said and written in a unique way. So as I continued writing I kept gaining inspiration along the way; for instance, through my personal relationships, relationships of others, through music, and through movies.  Sometimes God would wake me up in the middle of the night to writer about things that I have not been through or written about, but somebody somewhere can relate to it.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Rodrick: I have always loved Mya Angelou, Eric Jerome Dickey, and I grew up reading Tupac poetry as well.  He has a lot of poetry online that you can find.

What’s on the horizon for Author Rodrick Bates in 2015?
Rodrick: In 2015, I want to do more charity work outside of writing.  I want to help more people.  As far as writing, I want to make more appearances to continue to encourage and uplift people.  I actually did an appearance for the Martin Luther King celebration in my hometown.  I wrote MLK speech for that celebration and recited a poem.  I thought it was very uplifting. 

What advice do you have for the dreamers?
Rodrick: My advice for the dreamers is to never stop dreaming.  If you have something that you are passionate about, continue to work on your passion.  Lastly, continue crafting your passion and don't let anyone force you to believe that you cannot accomplish your goals and dreams you have set for yourself.
What advice can you offer aspiring writers?

Rodrick:  My advice for aspiring writers is to learn the business of publication first.  Then come to the table with a product that is finished.  Continue to work on what you love to do and don't let anyone kill your dream.

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You can read more of his creative poetry on relationships and love as a guest writer for Sistah’s Place2 Relationship Series.  Learn more about the self-published author Rodrick Bates by visiting his website and following him on his social media platform.  His website is and Blog at  Follow him on social media at and 
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Guest Writer-Author Rodrick Bates

We are excited to be introducing to our audience one of our guest writers.  Author Rodrick Bates is a published author who writes poetry on relationships and inspiration. His latest book is When Faith is Shaken and you can learn more about him at .

Meanwhile,  Rodrick  will be one of our guest writers for our Relationship Series published on  Wednesday's starting January 28th.  Don't miss his first article next week.  We are excited to read his first article on Sistah's Place2.  He will be sharing some of his profound poetry on Sistah's Place2 on Thursday's. 

On Behalf of Sistah's Place2, we welcome guest writer and published Author Rodrick Bates to our team.  We sat down to talk with him yesterday for our Author's Showcase which will feature him next week.

Stay connected with us, we will be introducing more guest writers in the coming week.  Don't forget our Newsletter starts February 1, 2015.  Have you signed up?  Have you subscribed to our blogs?

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Newsletter Launch February 1, 2015

Sistah's Place2 is now the E-News spot for inspiration and entertainment news.  With the success of 2014, we are launching a monthly newsletter that will showcase highlights from previous month, feature guest writer's article, special announcements, showcase interviews for Celebrity Spotlight & Author's Showcase
We have our Celebrity Spotlight where we interview talented men and women as they share their dreams and inspirations along their journey to "Hollywood."   It is our hope that their stories will inspire someone to chase and believe their dreams.  We have added Author's Showcase to our platform for 2015.  We will interview new and established authors who are self-published and represented by publishing companies. 

We have restructured our blog articles categories into segments:
  • Relationship series
  • Current events
  • Special Tribute 
  • Empowerment & Inspiration    
This year we will have monthly and bi-weekly showcase of  guest writers that are experts in the areas of relationships and empowerment.  Many of our guest writers are published authors, life coaches, and ministers that blog on the same topics as we do. 
The vision and purpose is to interview and showcase talented actors, actress, directors in the black community in Television, Film, and Theatre.  Along with a new platform showcasing the talents of new authors and established authors who are self-published best sellers or best-sellers represented by publishing company. 
Our goal is expanding the audience and highlighting the talents of those chasing and living their dreams.  To be a new voice in the community and supporting the many talented men and women in the entertainment and publishing industry.   It's time to dream big and take Sistah's Place2 to the next level. 
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With that being said, we are promoting the Newsletter launching all month.  To receive the first Newsletter, please sign up by January 31, 2015.   If you are interested in signing up, please send an email to and We will add you to the distribution list. 

We are redesigning our website look to be completed by February.

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Exclusive Interview with Toni Larue best-selling self-published Author 12/31/14

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Toni Larue to talk about her latest novel Abandoned Secrets and her new organization B.I.C. which stands for Beauty, Intelligence, and Confidence.  Toni is passionate about writing and excited about the launching of B.I.C. movement in January 2015.

Tell us about Abandoned Secrets. 

Toni: Abandoned Secrets is telling a story of a young woman’s journey as she searches for her mother who abandoned her as a child, (Monroe, the main character).  She is convinced that finding her mother and learning why she left is the key to all of her problems.  She doesn’t trust anyone, she can’t really love anyone, and she can’t maintain a long-term relationship. So she feels that if given the answer why, that will make all her issues disappear.  But Monroe’s father is against her finding her mother but the more he insists that she let it go, the more she grows curious.

  Monroe teams up with this FBI agent and they uncover this world of organized crime down here in Las Vegas. So the story pretty much follows them as they put together the pieces of the puzzle to discover how Monroe’s mother is connected to a crime ring.  Abandoned Secrets deals with a lot of taboo topics like self-hatred, self-mutilation, and suicide.  Even though it’s a fiction novel, I wanted to incorporate some type of message in the story. 

 Photo credits: Team Jon Doe content owns all rights to book cover (2014)

What inspires you to write?

Toni: What inspires me? Creative expression, just the need for it, God inspires me, life inspires me, every situation that I go through, every person that I meet, the writer in me is always present, and I am always searching for something interesting and different.

How long have you been writing?

Toni: I have been writing professionally for 10 years.  I was writing for an online magazine and a technical writer for Hospital in the marketing department doing their website and brochures.  It’s always been a part of my life. L

Tell us about the organization that you are launching on January 1, 2015. What does this mean to you and what’s the purpose and mission of B.I.C?

Toni: B.I.C. is launching January 1, 2015 and it stands for Beauty, Intelligence, and Confidence.  It’s a movement that empowers women of all ages and backgrounds.  It gives them the tools to lead a more balanced life physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I pretty much created this because I think it’s important that women support one another.  I feel that there is a need for a positive message and help women appreciate what they have to offer.  It’s really about becoming the person you were born to be and being comfortable with who you are evolving as a person in general.  The mission for B.I.C. is to empower women to lead a more balanced life physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

What’s in store for Toni Larue for 2015?

Toni: The B.I.C. Campaign is what I am really focusing on and we are doing local events out here in Las Vegas.  We are getting women together and women represent B.I.C. to speak to young kids and even women who have been through a lot.  I am really focused on that and I have my next novels which is No Kissing and Abandon Secrets sequel will be coming out this year. 

Do you have advice for aspiring writers who want to be published?

Toni: My advice is to keep writing, incorporate it in your daily life, learn the industry, and learn your business. Always study your craft and learn different ways to tell a story that is the only way you are really going to evolve.
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You can learn more about Toni Larue by following her on, her website at, and find her books on


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Looking back at our journey 2014!

Sistah's Place2 was launched July 7, 2014 with the purpose of discussing current events, relationships, highlighting actors, actress, and directors in television, film, and theater.  With the anticipation of increasing our audience awareness of the talented men and women trailblazing their journey to Hollywood.  As the months passed, we learned what our audience likes and dislikes based on feedback and analytical data.  It was truly an adventurous journey and a year of discovery.  We published various topics on relationships, domestic abuse, self-help tips, self worth, and empowerment.  One of our best journey's was December's showcase for celebrity spotlight and book review.

 As the vision became clear for Sistah's Place2, the topics for our audience was defined as our readers engaged with the relationship articles, self worth, and celebrity spotlight showcase.  As we wrapped up the year, our best blog articles of 2014 are as follows:
  1. Exclusive Interview with Thea Camara Following her Passion 
  2. Book Review Ladies Night by Christian Keyes
  3. Should a Woman ask a Man Out?
  4. Exclusive Interview with Timon Kyle Durrett
  5. Why are You the Other Woman?

Thank you for a great start in 2014 and a awesome finish in December.

  In 2015, we will expand the depths of our relationship topics and current events that affect the community.  Most importantly, we will be taking our platform to the next level with celebrity spotlight and author's showcase. Sistah's Place2 is excited to showcase talented actors, actresses, directors, producers, and authors following their passion and chasing their dreams.  It is an honor to be able to share their inspiring stories and journey that we hope will inspire someone to follow the footsteps of those we showcase.  Our theme for 2015 is "Dare to Believe".  For all the dreamers to believe in themselves and trust the possibilities of making your dreams comes true by believing in yourself first.   2014 was an amazing journey and we are looking forward to a awesome year of new opportunities.  

"Inspire someone who will Aspire to Dare to Believe in their dreams and themselves."  by Letrise Carter