Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poetry Corner with Rodrick Bates- Everything

From the top of your head to the sole of your feet, please give me everything that I see... unlimitedly. And as you keep giving me everything that I have seen; I also want you to give me the things that I can't see, like your mind, soul, and your beautiful heartbeat.  I want to learn to know your favorite everything and everything you don't like will never be seen.

Everything you want is what I want you to need and I'll make sure your needs never turn into wants. If you don't, we won't, no matter what it might be. Just to have the honor of sharing the air you breathe makes me inhale and exhale each moment... slowly. Like a whiff of a scratch and sniff scent with roses, or like a night drift reaching shore from the ocean.

I want to be the one you adore, and your devotion. I want to shower you with a love that forever rains, until the root of your heart grows into my "everything." I just want to learn to love everything about you and to feel misplaced if I did anything without you, because a heart isn't worth anything without two. From the start I knew my dreams were coming true because reality was manifesting in the form of you. Now each day that I wake up is a confirmation of blessings coming down after prayers have gone up. And everything that you do is my God given proof. My everything is what he's sent through you.

If I opened up your heart and looked inside, I'll find everything I needed to walk through life. If I couldn't walk, everything that you provide is more than strong enough for a comfortable ride. You're my everything, my wheels and my guide.  And even though I can't physically touch love, you still find ways to show me how it feels inside. So for the rest of my life, I'm giving you much love. Everything plus everything equals everything for us.

Author's Bio:

Rodrick Bates is a poetic author of love, life, and relationships who writes to uplift, encourage, and inspire individuals. His latest works are When Faith is Shaken and The Book of Hearts.