Monday, January 12, 2015

Newsletter Launch February 1, 2015

Sistah's Place2 is now the E-News spot for inspiration and entertainment news.  With the success of 2014, we are launching a monthly newsletter that will showcase highlights from previous month, feature guest writer's article, special announcements, showcase interviews for Celebrity Spotlight & Author's Showcase
We have our Celebrity Spotlight where we interview talented men and women as they share their dreams and inspirations along their journey to "Hollywood."   It is our hope that their stories will inspire someone to chase and believe their dreams.  We have added Author's Showcase to our platform for 2015.  We will interview new and established authors who are self-published and represented by publishing companies. 

We have restructured our blog articles categories into segments:
  • Relationship series
  • Current events
  • Special Tribute 
  • Empowerment & Inspiration    
This year we will have monthly and bi-weekly showcase of  guest writers that are experts in the areas of relationships and empowerment.  Many of our guest writers are published authors, life coaches, and ministers that blog on the same topics as we do. 
The vision and purpose is to interview and showcase talented actors, actress, directors in the black community in Television, Film, and Theatre.  Along with a new platform showcasing the talents of new authors and established authors who are self-published best sellers or best-sellers represented by publishing company. 
Our goal is expanding the audience and highlighting the talents of those chasing and living their dreams.  To be a new voice in the community and supporting the many talented men and women in the entertainment and publishing industry.   It's time to dream big and take Sistah's Place2 to the next level. 
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With that being said, we are promoting the Newsletter launching all month.  To receive the first Newsletter, please sign up by January 31, 2015.   If you are interested in signing up, please send an email to and We will add you to the distribution list. 

We are redesigning our website look to be completed by February.