Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking back at our journey 2014!

Sistah's Place2 was launched July 7, 2014 with the purpose of discussing current events, relationships, highlighting actors, actress, and directors in television, film, and theater.  With the anticipation of increasing our audience awareness of the talented men and women trailblazing their journey to Hollywood.  As the months passed, we learned what our audience likes and dislikes based on feedback and analytical data.  It was truly an adventurous journey and a year of discovery.  We published various topics on relationships, domestic abuse, self-help tips, self worth, and empowerment.  One of our best journey's was December's showcase for celebrity spotlight and book review.

 As the vision became clear for Sistah's Place2, the topics for our audience was defined as our readers engaged with the relationship articles, self worth, and celebrity spotlight showcase.  As we wrapped up the year, our best blog articles of 2014 are as follows:
  1. Exclusive Interview with Thea Camara Following her Passion 
  2. Book Review Ladies Night by Christian Keyes
  3. Should a Woman ask a Man Out?
  4. Exclusive Interview with Timon Kyle Durrett
  5. Why are You the Other Woman?

Thank you for a great start in 2014 and a awesome finish in December.

  In 2015, we will expand the depths of our relationship topics and current events that affect the community.  Most importantly, we will be taking our platform to the next level with celebrity spotlight and author's showcase. Sistah's Place2 is excited to showcase talented actors, actresses, directors, producers, and authors following their passion and chasing their dreams.  It is an honor to be able to share their inspiring stories and journey that we hope will inspire someone to follow the footsteps of those we showcase.  Our theme for 2015 is "Dare to Believe".  For all the dreamers to believe in themselves and trust the possibilities of making your dreams comes true by believing in yourself first.   2014 was an amazing journey and we are looking forward to a awesome year of new opportunities.  

"Inspire someone who will Aspire to Dare to Believe in their dreams and themselves."  by Letrise Carter