Thursday, January 29, 2015

Self Worth-Would You Marry Yourself?

There was a story published in a online publication that I follow called The about a woman who married herself.  This idea sounds crazy right! Well, it raises the question, are we taking being independent to the extremes that we decide to marry ourselves?  The vows of a marriage are sacred and it's a covenant between you and God.  How do you have a covenant with God and yourself and no spouse?

It's understandable that one gets lonely, but one should view that time as getting yourself ready for your soul mate. Sometimes we think we are ready for marriage because all of our friends, colleagues, and family is doing it! Marriage should not be a trend.  Marriage represents an investment into two people.  It's an unbreakable bond that bring forth unity of two people that have to put forth the time, energy, and work to make the marriage survive through the ups and downs. 

Marriage should be a special day that you celebrate with someone who has chosen you to spend the rest of their lives and eternity building a life and legacy together.  To take on a man's last name is an honorable bond and blessing to become a gift of unity.
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Are we as women, desperate enough that we marry ourselves?  Does one know their self worth? When you marry yourself, you are still alone because you didn't exchange vows or commitment with anyone but yourself.  Learning to be happy with who you are while waiting on your Mr. Right should teach you the appreciation for the journey that will prepare you for meeting your soul mate.

If your daughter came to you and said, I want to get married to myself.  What would you do?

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