Friday, April 7, 2017

Check out Sistah's Creative Media Re-branded business services

Welcome to the brand new Sistah's Creative Media.  We have re-branded our platform to reflect the vision and purpose of our brand.  Our website will be re-launched in 10 days as it's being re-designed to fit the needs of an every changing digital medial world. 

Do you have a business, artist (actor/actress/author/musician) , indie project in film, theater, television, or an event that you would like to create more exposure? Let us create the awareness, exposure, reach a bigger audience, and share you with the digital world that is always changing and growing. 

Check out some of our promotional designs:
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We provide service to all brands and projects whether you are indie & national author, boutique publisher, entertainment film and theater, indie actors, indie musician, indie directors & producers, small businesses and events.  We are here to create exposure to showcase your projects and business.

How can we assist you today?

We offer a couple promotional packages that will create awareness  and exposure about you, your brand, business, project, or service.  Just inquire today for more details and sign up for our monthly newsletter via our Facebook page. 

We will have monthly specials each month.  For April and May, sign up for a service and refer a friend and get 1 Facebook Ad  (value $30). 

**Referral must make a purchase in order for you to receive the #ReferralAward

Inquire today about details of packages and services offered at

Promotional Services offered:

Promotions packages for authors
• Promo package 1 $100
• Promo package 2 $150
• Promo package 3 $200

Promotional packages for Brands & Small Business
• Package 1 starting at $200-350
• Package 2 starting at $400-550
• Package 3 starting at $600-850
Customize packages are available

Promotional packages for Film/Theater
• Package 1 $500
• Package 2 $700
• Package 3 $1,000
For details on Film/Theater package send email and package details will given.

Ale Cart services for Social Media

Social Media Manager Services starting  at $75-
• Facebook posts designs by Canvas to promote your books, events, business, or projects.
• Twitter posts designs by Canvas to promote your books, events, business, or projects.
• Instagram posts designs by Canvas to promote your books, events, business, or projects and customized banners for social media and website start at $75.

Website services are offered starting at $300-$2000 depending on simple plan to customize website design partnered with Simone's Digital World. 

Do you see a service that you like?  Email us today for more details on the packages and ale cart services.  We are here to help you expand your platform across such a diverse digital world.  Send email inquires to or

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Simone Carter stepping out on Faith

Photo: Courtesy of Simone Carter

Simone Carter has stepped out on faith and is trusting in God to guide and order her steps at the age of 25 years old.  I love to see young, talented, and educated black women launching their own business.  The birth of Simone's Digital World was birthed in January 2017.  The owner is a Loyola University Chicago graduate with her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations & Advertising. 

In today's world, young entrepreneur's like Simone Carter are given the title talented millennial is truly making a name for her business brand. She has worked for one of the largest non-profit organization in the country handling their social media and analytics. That experience allowed her to utilize and build upon the skills, education, exposure that Loyola University helped her to hone into as she discovered her passion and her purpose. 

Creations by: Sistah's Creative Media

Meanwhile, Simone's experienced in the digital world has open doors with opportunities to build, code, and design websites whether they are customize from scratch using CSM platform or building a Word Press website.  Simone's experience has allowed her to be more than just familiar with social media, but how to engage with her audience, build subscription lists, analyze data that allows her to come up with strategies that are beneficial to company and her clients.

Simone's Digital World was inspired because I took a look around and realized it was easy to graduate with a degree and help enhance or build someone else's dream, but smarter being a young black woman stepping out on faith to make my dreams real.  Her vision for Simone's Digital World is to help promote other black business in a creative way.  Whether it be by building a customize website utilizing her coding skills, building a website via Word Press, or managing social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Simone's Digital World is different than that of other freelancers because we believe in taking creative risk, search outside the social norm to grasp our audience attention. The creative approach is just creatively  unique. 
Courtesy of Simone Carter

Recently, partnered with Sistah's Creative Media mission and purpose is in alignment with Simone's Digital World.  The collaboration between two freelancers is absolutely amazing that will open doors for both business women. 

To learn more about her services and follow her on social media be sure to visit her website and social media channels.

Visit my website at  and Facebook  and Instagram is @Simone_Digital_World

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Celebrate Black History Month

I celebrate Black History month not just in February, but all year around. We honor and celebrate the usual men and women noted in our history.  Meanwhile, Black history has evolved over the years because the accomplishments and historical events continue to build up our Black American History. 

The men and women who are apart of our Black History are truly inspiring and empowering.  They give you hope for your dreams and life goals.  They didn't just open doors for African American children or adults, but their journey and story allowed many of us to celebrate their accomplishments. 

For instance, the new faces in the picture collage below is our 44th President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with mogul icon Oprah Winfrey.  Our children and grandchildren will get to read about them in addition to the great historical men and women in the portrait.  The sacrifices the men and women in this picture have made so that we may even have the knowledge and ability to believe in ourselves is an honor.  I salute the men and women of the past, present, and will continue to honor those to come in the future. 

Look at the powerful couple that served this country for eight years.  They reminded us of the power of a strong black couple and education is key to the success of your journey. 
Photo Credits:  People Magazine

In honor of Black History tradition, here are some historic facts that we all should add to our history notes. I found a website called Black Americans Black History and it's loaded with 390 years of factual about the men and women at

A Few Black History Facts from Black American History.  Did You know about Robert Smalls?
Robert Smalls (1839-1916) was a black American statesman who was born a slave and made a daring escape at the beginning of the Civil War. After the war he served five terms in Congress as the representative from South Carolina.

Lorraine Hansberry is best known for writing A Raisin in the Sun, the first play by an African American woman produced on Broadway.

Great article with Historical Fact from

Is there a Black American who has given you hope that has inspired you to follow your dreams and aspirations?  For me, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama have both empowered and inspired me to follow my dreams. 

However, they have given me that beautiful vision to see a brown skinned woman like myself doing greatness and being empowering to other women.  They both have taught me to accept the skin and body that I am in.  These women have inspired me to follow my passion and walk into my purpose despite any barrier that may come before me.  The barrier can be broken and it's no longer seen as impossible but as possible. 

Photo source: Flickr

It's time that we capture our history and the role we have played and continue to be apart of to shape the American History through the eyes of Black History.  Our ancestors can smile for the journey is not over as we still have work, but we will never go back to where we once was in history.  We stand up and we rise up. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sistah's Book Choice for Janaury

Welcome to Sistah's Book Choice.  Each month, I select books by some amazing author's that I recommend to my audience and subscribers to purchase and read.  Some of the books may be entertaining, inspiration, and self help books.  Most important these are my top 10 for the month of January where the title's, book cover, or my favorite authors list made my recommended book list.

  1. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  2. Captivated by Love :  Brenda Jackson
  3. Though I Stumble:  Kim Cash Tate
  4. One Spark of Magic : Iris Boling
  5. Jezebel's Revenge: Jacqueline Thomas
  6. Copycat : Kimberly Lawson Roby
  7. Acceptable Losses:  Nia Forrester
  8. The Perfect Deception: Lutisha Lovely
  9. Knit Together:  Vivian Kay
  10. When Troubles Come: Tiffany L. Warren
  11. Never Trust a Stranger: Mary Monroe
  12. Good Behavior:  Delaney Diamond

All book cover photo's are courtesy of Amazon to give readers a picture of the novels that made the top ten list. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hidden Figures Movie Review

Hidden Figures is truly an inspiring story about some amazing black women who were apart of NASA Space program. These women are the powerful mathematicians who helped put men in space.    Before seeing this movie, I was not even aware of any of these women Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan.  The movie also represented an unspoken sisterhood between black women that was truly heartfelt.

The roles were played by three phenomenally talented women Taraji P. Henson played Katherine G. Johnson, Janelle Monae played Mary Jackson, and Octavia Spencer played Dorothy Vaughan.  These sister's brought life to the characters with honor. 

Photo credits:  Theodore Melfi

These women endured the ugliness of racism, segregation, and inequality.  However, Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy did not allow these barriers to stop them.  It was hard being a black woman during that time period.  These ladies are truly our Hidden Heroes because they opened doors for more women of color.  They knocked down barriers that were dominated by men who didn't care for smart educated black women. 

Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) shocked the men in her division with her brain intelligence, gifts, and talent mind that did complicated math calculations.  I loved her determination and drive that she didn't let the run across campus to the bathroom stop her from doing her job. Her job was crucial and the men did learned to respect her, her job, and talent.  Katherine is a hero who has inspired women across the country of all ethnicities.

Mary Jackson showed determination to go after what she wanted at NASA.  The scene Mary (Janelle Monae) had with the judge was awesome.  "Why not be the first at something instead of dreaming about wanting it?" Mary had that attitude of power called I will show you.  She had no fear during a time period that didn't see women in important job especially a female engineer.

Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) loved how she taught herself how to program the IBM machine that will make her an asset instead of being replaced by a machine.  Dorothy was persistent with her pursuit for supervisor role.  She was determined to rise up and bring her girls with her as she left no one behind.  This is the sisterhood among black women that was strong during an era where support was important and is needed more in today's time between Black women. 

Each of these women's roles taught us about sisterhood, determination, drive, talent, purpose, and education is important for a black woman.  Some may say the focus was not on black women but one must understand that sisterhood is extremely important among black women that has been lacking in the work place.  These women displayed a sisterhood outside of the workplace as their friendship that was impeccable. 

Another lesson in the movie learn to be an asset so that you are never seen as a liability.  Hidden Figures is a story that I am glad was told about the gifted and talented black women at NASA whom just so happened to be college educated Black women.  Even though the story focused on the three main characters in the movie there was an entire department of black women working at NASA West Computer team. 

Thanks to Margot Lee Shetterly for writing and sharing the story about these amazing women who are heroes today and yesterday. I am definitely getting her book to read the full story of Hidden Figures. 

Photo Credits :  Amazon

Did you see Hidden Figures this past weekend?  If not, this is a movie you want to go see and add the book to your list.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year everyone.  Welcome to 2017!

It's a new year and a great opportunity for you to pursue your dreams, write a book, walk into your purpose, and forgive others so that you can be blessed.  Are you ready to jump into your dreams and make them real in 2017? 

Take the leap of faith and trust your passion and your heart.  It's a new year and it's time to live your life to the fullest.  Are you ready?

I sat down thinking about my New Year Aspirations for Sistah's Voice Blog and what I like to accomplish in 2017.  I thought about how I can have a powerful impact using my platform to have a real impact.  My goal for Sistah's Voice is to have a positive impact on people's lives that will be informative, empowering, entertaining, and inspirational.  Did you think about what type of impact will you have on someone's life in 2017?   Now that would truly be an inspiration that will make the heart smile.  Let's not make New Year's resolutions, but make New Year goals and aspirations that will have a impact on people's lives in 2017. 

Did you reflect on 2016?  If you did, then you should think about the blessings you had over the mistakes and disappointments.  Life is meant to teach you lessons that will make you stronger, better, wiser, and hungry to be a better version of yourself.  Your legacy that you will leave should be the type of impact that you have on people's lives not any material things that one cannot take with them. 

For some of us, there have been angels watching over us and guiding us onto our purpose path.  Have you discovered your purpose path?  Well, get ready because Sistah's Voice will be sharing her thoughts on various topics that affect real lives, inspirations, and recommendations.  This blog is re-branding to be better than it's been since launching in July 2014.
  • Sistah's Book Choice (Will be moving to it's own blog stay tuned)
  • Sistah's Voice Inspirations
  • Sistah's Opinion about news or entertainment
  • Sistah's Motivation
  • Sistah's Business feature
Are you ready to have an impact on people's lives?  Are you ready to be great?

Friday, December 2, 2016

December's Editor's Book List Choices

December is a great month to find new literature to read whether it's romantic, mystical, dramatic, or action filled.  There are some great authors telling some amazing stories that have made my top 20 book list.  My list is a combined list for two months and what better way to wrap up December than with some best kept secrets from some great writers who inspire stories within. 

With the Christmas holiday 23 days away, have you given someone a good book as a gift?  Cuddling up reading a great mystery, drama, romance, or even science fiction novel in your favorite blanket and a hot cup of tea. 

Book cover from Amazon

  1. She's No Angel by E.N. Joy
  2. Assumptions Abound by Sage
  3. He Calls Her Blue by Sheryl Grace
  4. The Liberian Agenda by L.J. Taylor
  5. Anybody's Daughter's by Pamela Samuel Young
  6. Forgotten by C.J. Carmichael
  7. The Dog Catcher by Lloyd Johnson
  8. Never Trust A Stranger (March 2017)
  9. The Sisterhood by Nicole Bradford
  10. The Million Dollar Destiny by RM Johnson
  11. Down Home Blues by Phyllis Dixon
  12. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  13. Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile
  14. The Rancher Returns by Brenda Jackson
  15. Secret Service by Brenda L. Thomas
  16. To Find Me by Cerece Rennie Murphy
  17. And Then There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson
  18. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
  19. The Doctor is in by Carl Weber & Brenda Hamilton
  20. Phantasm: A Paranormal Romance by JL Campbell
Do you see a couple books above that you like to read?  Give the gift of literature this holiday.

What am I reading?  Over the next three weeks I will be reading two new author's that I was introduced by EDC Creations/Black Pearls Magazine Seducing the Pen Book tour. Honored to have advance copy of these novels.  
Book Cover Credits: From  Amazon

  1. Cerece Rennie Murphy- To Find You
  2. Kimberly Lawson Roby- Copycat  (released January 31, 2017)
  3. Sadeqa Johnson -And Then There was me. (release April 2017)

Book Cover: From Amazon

Follow Author Letrise Carter on Twitter and Facebook.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Author spotlight with Cerece Rennie Murphy- Ellis and the Hidden Cave

The next author spotlight for the storytellers on the Seducing The Pen Book Tour with Cerece Rennie Murphy children's novel Ellis and the Hidden Cave.  She writes children's books and Sci-fiction that will keep you turning pages. 

Book Excerpt:

Ellis Monroe has always been curious about the world.  When his father brings home an ancient mirror with the power to reveal the truth about the people and things around him, Ellis begins to see the world in a whole new way. 

But things get more than a little strange when Ellis brings the mirror to school.  While playing with it on the playground with his best friend, Toro Quispe, Ellis discovers that someone – or something – is hiding out at Harriet Tubman Elementary and trying to stop children from learning.  Determined to solve the new mystery, Ellis, Toro, and his little sister, Freddye go on a secret mission to find out the truth about the troublesome Buddy Cruster and stop whatever he and his friends have planned.

Visit Cerece's website for a chance to win a giveaway mentioned in her blog article Black Speculative Fiction giveaway to read a great story from one of the many African American authors. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Author Spotlight with Lynn Emery novel Into The Mist

Our first author spotlight for Seducing The Pen Book Tour is Lynn Emery.  Her novel title is Into The Mist.  Sharing the stories by African American women and men of all genres.  I am excited to feature the spotlight this week with Lynn Emery's "Into The Mist". 

Have I sparked your interest with a new read?  Read more about the author in the link below and book excerpts:

Book Synopsis/Excerpt:

Children are missing in ever increasing numbers. LaShaun Rousselle and Deputy Chase Broussard have to make sure their child isn’t next. After a series of gruesome murders, LaShaun has to answer one critical question to stop the bloodbath: are the children victims or weapons?

LaShaun Rousselle finds herself and her young family at the center of a devious and deadly series of crimes once more. A girl goes missing, bad enough. Yet when LaShaun follows the threads, she discovers the six year old is only one of many. What’s the connection to a string of attempts to get at LaShaun’s own child, JoĆ«lle? She must help sort through the facts and evidence to convince level-headed law officers that supernatural forces are at work. Her life and the lives of those she cherish depend on LaShaun making a way out of no way.

Purchase books from the LaShaun Rousselle Mystery Series Amazon:

About the Author:

Mix knowledge of voodoo, Louisiana politics and forensic social work, and you get a snapshot of author Lynn Emery. Lynn’s recent titles include murder mysteries set in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana featuring a Creole psychic and a Cajun deputy. The titles in this series are: A Darker Shade of Midnight (#1), Between Dusk and Dawn (#2), and Only By Moonlight (#3). Into The Mist (#4) continues the harrowing case files of LaShaun Rousselle and Deputy Chase Broussard. Into the Mist will be released in fall 2016.

Photo & novel details courtesy of Black Pearls Magazine

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Seducing The Pen Book Tour Kickoff with Black Pearls Magazine

It's a pleasure to participate in the Seducing The Pen book Tour with Black Pearls Magazine celebrating African American storytellers.  It kicks off today and I will be featuring an author each week on Sistah's Blog.  Be sure to check them all out as we celebrate them from October thru November.  There are so many genre's to choose from that are great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.  Sit back and enjoy the talented men and women on the #SeducingThePenBookTour.

We will be promoting these authors across our social media platform.  Like us on Facebook to see more authors and interviews. Are you ready to celebrate with us?