Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Keeping quiet and keeping Secrets about their abuser, who is that helping?

I decided to write a series talking about abusive relationship in hopes to inspire someone that I know and any woman who is reading this blog article to get help getting out of an abusive relationship.  I want women to understand that you don't have to keep a secret nor do they have to stay quiet.  Most importantly, I want them to know that they are not alone.  From personal experience, I personally know family, friends, and associates who are keeping secrets about the abusive relationship. 

Keeping quiet and keeping secrets about abuse, who is that helping?  How many women are living a lie right now?  How many women have a secret that no family or friends know anything about?  There are so many women who are living in fear and keeping a secret by staying quiet in an abusive relationship. According to statistic, 85 percent of domestic abuse is to women while only 15 percent is to men.  Women are more prone to living with their abuser because they live in fear, low self-worth, and low self-esteem has been ripped apart by their abuser.

I find that you can talk to a woman in this type of situation until you are blue in the face.  She has to get tired and I pray that she wakes up sooner than later because I don't want to bring her flowers.  Life is too short and you cannot get back time. 

You Don't have to keep quiet nor continue to keep a secret. You can tell someone and get the help that you need to feel safe mentally, emotionally, and physically.  You can walk away from that relationship and it's okay to start over.  Your life means much more than what he is telling you.  The seclusion away from your family, the financial burden that you are enduring, the verbal abuse can stop, and the physical abuse will stop.  All you have to do is pick up a phone and someone from the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

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