Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Should a Woman ask a Man out?

You recently found out that he is single and you are interested in getting to know him.  The question is should you approach him?  Is it okay for a woman to ask a man she is interested in dating out on a date? The question boggles our mind, How would he perceive me if I approach him?  All of these questions go through your mind as you contemplate whether or not to ask the fine handsome gentlemen out.
Photo credits: courtesy of Pinterest

In today’s time, women are more independent, out spoken, and financially secure so placing their eye on a targeted male of interest puts the chase in full pursuit for happiness.  Some black men are old fashion and prefer to be the chaser and not be chased.  How can one approach a potential candidate if he is old fashion?  Maybe ask him out for lunch or after work drink as a friend to feel him out.  We never want to make the man feel less than a man.  I believe some men find it flattering that we approached them, but when we are persistent it turns into a turn off instead of a turn on.  So, how should we handle the situation and still appear to be a "Lady". 

That  is the open topic question for today and we would love to hear from the men in the audience as well as the ladies.  Leave your comment.  Let's interact today with this bold question.  Let' hear from you, especially the Men? How would it make you feel if a woman (Sister) asked you out?  For those of you who are married, share your thoughts with us, who approached who when you and your spouse was dating?