Friday, August 8, 2014

Fall 2014- Triple Threat Thursday on ABC

Where are my Shonda Rhimes fans?  She has done it again and this time it's a Triple Threat all on one exciting night. 

Are you getting excited about Thursday's this Fall yet?  It's going to be a Triple Threat Thursdays with the line up starting with Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get away with Murder. I will be turning off my phone so that these three shows get my undivided attention.  I have not seen anyone launch three hit drama shows on the same network airing on the same night.  She is most definitely on the right network as she has shown it in the numbers of viewers on Thursday Night's. 

Do you think Olivia Pope will return?  What happened to Harrison?  Is Mya Pope really dead or is she in the B16 hole?  We will have to tune in on September 25th with all eyes, ears, and mouth dropping for the shocking twists that Mrs. Rhimes has in store for this super night! 
Greys Anatomy
Well we said good bye to Cristina Yang and that was beautiful and I was hoping that her going off to Switzerland would be a spinoff of a new show, but I don't think we should hold our breathes on that one! It was a GREAT send off of her character, she will be missed!  April and Jackson are expecting a baby.  Meanwhile,  Is Meredith staying in Seattle or will she go with Derek? Does Richard Webber have a love child?  Now would this be Meredith's half sister?  You have to tune in to find out.
How to Get away with Murder
Now this show looks so good with actress Viola Davis.  She is a great actress and I expect nothing but the best from her so we will have to set back and watch the plots and twist unfold.  Tune in to ABC on Thursday nights for Triple Threat dramas from Shonda Rhimes!  

Will you be tuned in on Thursday's?  Did you catch up on your season of Scandal and Greys Anatomy over the summer?  You don't want to start the Fall 2014 lost and confused because I promise you, if you are in my house we would make you be quiet.  Triple Threat Thursday's start September 25th with new times slots starting with Grey's Anatomy at 8/7c, Scandal 9/8c, and How to Get away with Murder at 10/9c on ABC.  We are excited at Sistah's Place2!